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  • Confuseass say:Protect 'P' understand ‘OKE’ forget ‘R’ If you do not understand the dynamics of the game and are focused solely on the prize, everyone will take the P.
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  •    I lived, worked and studied in Las Vegas during the late 80’s, where I gained my Commercial Pilots Licence at 20.  Although, under age, I used to visit Casino’s to look for tourists ... more
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  • I've just had my nuts cracked for the numpteenth time...........Next time i'm a gonna lay then down and walk away from the table.....Nuts intact!
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  • Is it software? Is it unexplored bad play by YOU?  OR  Is it Bad play by your opponent/s?  OR  Is it just a pre-determined hand you were dealt  The hand is pre programmed into the ... more
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  • I had a structure and point when writing this...........then it all went pete tong...     Hud’s and sharkscope effect on a Poker players sixth sense – THE ABILITY TO READ  1.         ... more
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    Thanx for the info pal. I was only half way down the acrticle when i relised i had read it before :-). Your right in saying that over time my game will develop and improve on its own. I agree with your view on knowing when to fold em and playing good cards in position. I must now try harder to evaluate my decisions more on the table and try to get a better read on my opponents. Take care mate, good luck on the felt.

    May 11, 2011
    9:49 PM
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