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    FT of the $1000 bounty game

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    Sitting 5th at the mo if anyone is about.... more

    Slims Journal

    Last Post By: slim

    Well i have just reached the 700 mark in games on the $3 sngs and what a horrible last 50 games i have had, even this afternoon session have had every hand cracked, Having Aces cracked the last 4 times when on the bubble is a bitter pill to swallow.... more

    cryptic's Blog Competition

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    Hey my888'sAs I still have some merchandise to give away I thought for a little fun I would give all our members a chance to win a nice new 888poker t-shirt and cap by telling us about a holiday or adventure they have been on. I have sizes small, med... more


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    Hi, if you read through the posts in this section you will see there is no longer a league at the moment.... more

    $1.000.000 God of the Arena Main Event

    Last Post By: Reraise999

    I really really really really really hope they are actually going to be progressive KO's and not this current "KO" nonsense that's been going on. Like tomorow's KO events in the XL Eclipse series, less than 1/3rd of the buy-in goes to the "bounty". A... more

    Cant cash in gold coins

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    reload software... more

    hi my name is tom and like the win :D

    Last Post By: alison

    goodluck... more

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