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  • I have posted this within the forum but post here following the suggestion that posting as a blog might get seen by more new forum members and encourage them to come and say hi on the ... more
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  • Just a quick note to say once again what excellent tournaments My 888 organise. Tonights was over 2 Hours of pure entertainment -   could only have been bettered if I had ... more
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  • Ran deep in this - finished 22nd out of 1003 beating last weeks best place of 65th.   $7 for free. Was running well then dealt AQ -  min raised b4 me and flat called. ... more
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  • Help Help HELP !!Is anyone else experiencing site problems -  PLayed my first game today and the cards were dealt so slow that i ended up sitting out on most hands apart from when I ... more
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  • Dear 888 Santa Please gie m what i want for Xmas - say $1000 in my bankroll.   Todays present of another entry to the Xmas freeroll is not what i wanted - I already have thnext ... more
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