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  • hi been playing pokerstars for a few weeks its not that good  888 will nock spots off it 888 the best around
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  • hohoho merry christmas to all poker players hope u all have good christmas and have a good new year hope next year brings u good luck
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  • i love playing pokercam seeing them get nockt out then go mad lol thay called me few names just let them get on with it the one how called me bad names we was heads up didnet call me ... more
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  • after saying all about freebees i didnt do bad i won a t,shirt and a card box wich had two packs of cards veary nice happy as pie lets see wot this november brings **** 
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  • nothing is up to date on passwards so how can i get themand blogs is the same two and 3 mouths old wot two do thaxs
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