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  • It is important for all of us, male & female alike, to stay in touch with our nurturing side. Imagine that you are drinking water from a well_ a traditionally feminine symbol. The ... more
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  • let your hook be always cast in the pool where you least expect it, will be fish... OVID...
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  • The language of the unconscious... By offering us the chance to eavedrop on the nightly conversation between our unconscious & conscious minds, dreams can help us understand ... more
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  • A good relaxation exercise is to imerse yourself in the vastness of an imaginary sea & let its power cleanse you of anxiety. this exercise works well for those who find visulation ... more
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  • some people use crystals to help absorb low -level electromagnetic radiation produced by computer and TV screens.experts claim that the most effective crystals are smoky quartz and black ... more
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