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        AN APOLOGY
        I would like to take a few minutes to apolagize. I had been trying to get...
        March 24 at 4:50am
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        Thank you Rhonda, you basically opened my eyes to this little crusade I was hoping would get things back to times when many put up posts. Those that cheated in the Blog contest must have crawled out from under their rock where most lowlifes live. I can see not much has happened and after reading your comment that is okay with me. I think I would rather put up a post when I can and I also think I would rather read the posts from those here that are my friends. If others want to stop by and read...

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        March 24, 2019 9:50 AM GMT
        Yeah Rhonda's right Len.
        We live in different times these days, people use social media far more (and that keeps them busy) so you get few posted on a betting site like 888, even I don't post that often! can be every day for awhile & then I can go missing (for various reasons...a bit like yours Len) for months but I do try to post something when in the mood or feel particular moody :) after a number of BAD POKER beats...still getting those ACE chasers going all in with the likes of A3...

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        March 26, 2019 4:08 PM GMT
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  • I would like to take a few minutes to apolagize. I had been trying to get many of you to start making posts here once again in an effort to try and create the hussle and bussle that used ... more
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