My Favourite Poker game is Texas Hold-em because

    Saturday, March 21, 2015, 11:27 PM [General]

    I discovered poker quite early in life, I was age 7 when I got my first poker set complete with cards, instructions, and fake dollars. I wish I still had it for no other reason than the nostalgia. The game I cut my teeth on was five-card draw, playing with my older brother for 1p and 2p stakes from the change jar one of my aunts would give us to share. I never did keep much of that change, but then again my brother always has been an excellent mathematician so really what chance did I stand at such a young age.


    Another memory from this time is that my Granddad was a big gambler, and would visit the bookies everyday, and on the days he couldn’t he would send my Nan along to place his bets. As a result I got to see the highs and lows of backing the horses, thanks to my Nan’s careful bankroll management the lows were never financial but you could always tell when my Granddad had had a good day or a bad day at the races (so to speak). This to me is why people should be made gamble aware at a young age; it is from being around this ethos since childhood that has made me as sensible as I am with my bankroll. I have never bet more than I could afford to lose, I have never chased a win, and I have never suffered the massive mood swings I used to witness with my Granddad.


    We now skip forward many years to 2005 where I became a classic member of the online and TV poker boom. Fascinated by the exciting highs and lows of the Texas Hold-em “The Cadillac of Poker” I just had to join in. I joined 888 straight away as they were one of the biggest brands on TV at that time, and a British company to boot (something that is always important to me when choosing any brand). I knew the basics of how to play from my childhood and soon found myself getting the hang of hold-em and enjoying the game as much as I did growing up. Although not hugely successful at first I lucked a few wins playing 6 seat sit n go’s and through careful bankroll management started to see by account slowly grow. After a while though my beginners luck started run thin and this when I discovered this community, yes I have been around that long!


    The 888 community is what has kept me playing for so long, the advice I have received, the friendships I have made, the fun and enjoyment I have had. Whilst the advice from the forum has been helpful, the experience playing you all in the community games has been invaluable, it is in these games I have learnt my own game, and learnt how to “play” poker, by that I don’t mean what hands win, or what cards are good to hold, or even pot odds and when to and not to bet. I mean I learned how to play the table, the players as much as if not more than the cards I was dealt. It has taken years of practice, confidence building and regular forum games giving thousands of hands against the same players, which has taught me how to play the game and not the cards I have been dealt.


    I have found this skill invaluable as my maths is ok, but not as great as my brothers, so being able to read the game and the situation is what helps me win games, finish in the money, basically play as a winning poker player.


    So in short, no limit Hold-em is the game I love, 6 seat is the style I play, I play the player/table/situation, not the odds. I win more than I lose, I am happy in my own game, but always know I can do better.


    The final thing I do want to add is the biggest reason I play poker. I have a stressful job, I have busy home and family life, I sit down at the table and have no choice but to put it all out of my mind, you bring any of that to the table and you lose. Poker is my escape, that fact that I can hold my own is a bonus.

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