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    21 hours ago by wiggy I logged in for the first time in a few weeks to be met by a PM from an old friend looking for advice/coaching, something I've had to turn down! but I have some spare time today so thought what the heck! why not try to help and see if I can help others with their understanding of bankroll management while I'm at it? So here goes Firstly what is bankroll management and why do we need it? It is exactly what is says! the correct management of your available funds (bankroll) and we use it to ensure we have the abillity to ride out the ass-kicking that is variance and emerge on the other side still able to play the games we enjoy, with enough bankroll to recover the losses or increase the profits, and it really is that simple How do we decide what correct bankroll management is? This one is a bit tougher as it depends on what game format player you are and how many tables you play, so lets have a look at the formats with some minimum required bankroll advice (and this really is minimum requirement) Cash table bankroll We'll start with cash tables as this is the more complicated format for bankroll management The bare minimum on any cash table should be 10 x the full buy in! so for example you have decided to play 1c-2c cash tables, the full table buy in is $2 which you times by 10 meaning you need a bankroll of $20 to play this level, at 5c-10 the minimum becomes $100, full buy in $10 x 10 = $100, now at the minimum level you have 10% of your bankroll in play! your goal should be to get this down to between 2 and 5% long term depending on your skills/confidence and to be completely honest I would prefer to see people start at just 5% of their bankroll in play! so $40 for 1c 2c buy in Where most peoples understanding of cash table bankroll management falls down is bankroll to tables, they understand bankroll to table but completely miss the point that it is bankroll per table, what this means is if you have $20 to play 1c 2c cash tables you have a bankroll for 1 table sessions, if you want to play 2 or 3 tables you need 2 or 3 times that bankroll because you are playing multiple tables, and each table should have a minimum bankroll of 10x the maximum buy in for the following reasons (a) you have 10 chances to recover losses before you go broke (b) you have 10 chances to increase profits and decrease the percentage of your bankroll in play at any time SNG bankroll The bare minimum at a sng tables should be 30x the buy in (with a view to increasing this to 50 x buy in and above long term) so to play $1 sng's you need a minimum bankroll of $30, where this is different from cash tables is that is the bankroll you need wheather you multi table or not MTT bankroll The bare minimum required to play a level of MTT should be 50x the buy in (with a view to increasing this long term to 80-100 buy ins) so to play $1 mtt's you need a minimum bankroll of $50 Now I understand some people will look at this and think it's the wrong way round, and you need less for tournaments than cash tables, but variance is much higher in a tornament than a cash game, in a cash game if you lose a buy in you can re-buy and try to recover, in a sng or mtt if you lose your chips you are out and have to find a new game, and if you are any kind of player you will lose less cash table sessions than mtt tournaments, the advice above reflects that, re-buy tournaments are a mugs game unless you have a proper strategy in place before entering so have not been included in this post I'll post some level increase decrease advice later, but you should read Aaron's bankroll management post for a cashing out strategy to run alongside your bankroll management

    August 9, 2015
    12:09 AM
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    Your stats for the game read Voulantarily put money in pot 34%, pre flop raise 13%, Aggression 44% I would like to see the pr to vp around 60% so with a vp of 34% I would be looking for a pr of around 20%, but the figures may be being skewed by the short handed portions of the game so I need to go through them properly The ag of 44% could be higher but I think you were facing a lot of all ins and pf re-raises so again until I check everything out it's hard to say, but you don't need to worry too much if you can keep up the standard of play you had tonight/this morning Just never let the money take over, if you are going to be a tournament player then remeber you are going to face massive swings, keep the faifth, trust your game, and keep a good possitive attitude and I'm sure you'll do fine The verdict is in The aggression frequency has been lowered by the 3 handed/heads up situations so isn't a problem atm, however this could be improved over time as it would seem to suggest that it may have been a bit low in the first place, but it's not something to get overly focussed on right now, it will improve with time Your VP to PR was running below 50% throughout the games, this would seem to suggest you are either speculating too much or are not playing hands confidently, but I'm going to post about this in tips and strategies so I wont go into detail here There are a couple of things you can improve on there, just don't try to change everything at once because that will mess you game up, slowly slowly learn in stages, but remember whichever way you play enjoying the game matters most

    August 2, 2015
    5:16 AM
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