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    Benefits of Potassium Silicate

    Thursday, July 19, 2018, 3:14 PM [General]

    Why You Should Use Potassium Silicate.
    Many benefits can be gained by using a good Potassium Silicate product in your feeding program. Increased tolerance of environmental stress, heat, cold, drought, water and soil toxicity or deficiency, improved growth rate both in the root zone and in the plant it foliage. By using Potassium Silicate with clones can increase the rate of roots kicked by as much as 80%.

    Potassium Silicate is a natural fungicide, it helps build the plants defense from attacks by insects, fungi. Potassium Silicate helps the plant growth by depositing it self epidermal cell walls, enhancing the plant's ability to keep the leaves pointed towards the light source. It also increases the stem strength, making it easier to hold up more weight. As the plant builds it self up with Potassium Silicate, it helps with balancing nutrient uptake and distribution, and increased concentration of chlorophyll and RUBP carboxylase in leaves. (AKA the Calvin cycle)

    How Potassium Silicate Increases Resistance to Pathogens
    Potassium Silicate is impregnated in the epidermal cell layer acting as a barrier against penetration of fungal attacks from powdery mildew, black spots, pythium and phytophthora and many more fugal problems. Silicate also increase the mechanical strength of the plant to help it in extreme heat and cold swings, salt build up in soils or increased TDS in water, and controls the rate of transpiration of plants.

    Potassium Silicate plays an active role in combating fungal growth by the production of polyphenolic compounds, this is a main part of the plants natural defense against fugal and insect attacks.

    The plants leaf system will rapidly bound potassium Silicate in the tissue and cell walls with in 24 hours of uptake. Therefore a continuous source of Silicate is very important. When silicate uptake by the plant it will start with the older growth and work is way into the newer growth to help build up the mechanical strength of the plant.

    When adding Silicate to a foliage spray program, it will help lower the rate of disease attack and helps protect the plants new leafs from spider mites, aphids, and many other sucking type insects.

    How Potassium Silicate Increases the Metabolic Rate of Plants
    It has been shown that silicate improves resistance to wilt, resistance to water stress, can help fight heat stress up too 105 deg F. If your plant has excessive transpiration, the plant will cease it metabolic function and stunted or no growth will occur.

    Use if silicates in cloning or new seedlings helps speed up the rate of growth by as much as 90% (University of Florida and Minnesota). Also the study showed that 18% top 80% increase of dry weight of fruit and herbs.

    It also increases reproductive rate in plants (Bud Growth). Increases tolerance of Zinc deficiencies, excessive phosphorus, manganese, sodium and aluminum toxicity.

    My favorite is Dyna-Gro's Pro-Tek it is the most refined and concentrated there is on the market. 5 ML per gallon to start and 1ML per gallon add back with top off water.

    EPA- Potassium silicate is the potassium salt of silicic acid, and, in formulation, is readily absorbed by the plant. Silicon comprises 32% of the Earth’s crust, and silicic acid salts (silicates) are the most common form of silicon. Consequently exposure to silicates is widespread in activities involving contact with soil and natural water. The other part of the chemical, potassium is a required element for survival of both plants and animals, as is silicon.

    Potassium silicate is an active ingredient to be used as a fungicide, insecticide and miticide. Potassium silicate will be used as a broad spectrum, preventative fungicide with optimum control obtained when used under a scheduled preventative spray program. Potassium silicate also provides suppression of mites, whiteflies, and other insects. It is approved for use on agricultural crops, fruits, nuts, vines, turf and ornamentals.
    Most common used in hydro is Potassium Silicate.
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    Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 1:28 PM [General]

    I am hearing a lot of bad stuff about wheat .

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    nice to see Londoners protesting trump

    Sunday, July 15, 2018, 1:20 PM [General]

    trump made to feel unwelcome,mission accomplished.

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    Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 5:14 PM [General]

    Research from the Walk Free Foundation based on its Global Slavery Index 2016 estimated that there were about 45.8 million slaves around the world in 2016, with 58% of them living in the top five countries—India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan.We had slaves in Canada,Indians and Irish,it was never mentioned in school.

    In Sussex the auction advertised was held on the last day of the year. Here is what was advertised in the 1884 Saint John Daily Sun;

    The Board ,Lodging and Clothing of Bernard McCann, Hannah Boles, Martin Condon and John McLaughlin, Paupers, will be let to the lowest approved bidder for a period of time on Wednesday the 31st December instant at the Railway Station at 2 o’clock P.M. The overseers rounded up the four paupers from their owners homes and brought them to the train station. Here shivering in their thin garments and clutching their few possessions, they climbed up onto the station platform. One by one their fate was decided. What was their value? The services of Hannah Boles went for $72.00, and no one wanted Martin Condon who had long been a parish charge. Though opposition to the sales of the paupers increases ,the practice did not stop until the overseers of the poor realized that it was an expensive way to care for the destitute. 

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    GuestToGuest home exchange

    Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 4:44 PM [General]

    GuestToGuest is the largest home exchange network. It has 270,000 residences listed in 187 countries. It is an example of the barter economy; there is generally no money exchanged between the host and the guest.Recently we had 2 guest from France,Agnes was a retired Family Doc and Paul a retired Prof and Dean ,they were on a 4 month vacation.One of the things I enjoy about travel is meeting people so this was a convenient way to meet people from the comfoert of home.
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