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  • Hi All. This is my first time in Dublin and it is a beautifull city. We all had a really nice dinner together last night and there was a consensus that today would see no bad ... more
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  • At the end of day2a team888 poker is doing really well and I am feeling so proud of the guys. Jolmer has battled his way back to 53k Darren has Chris Moneymaker to thank for his 90k, ... more
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  • Day 2a will start in a few hours, everyone got an early night last night in preparation of today, it is confirmed that a total of 7,319 players registered for this years WSOP main event. ... more
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  •   At the end of the day, the score is 1-0 to team888.   Well done guys all of team888 have made it thru to day2. There has been some great poker played during day1, notably ... more
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  • Day 1c will start today and I think everybody is really excited and focussed. I am expecting at least 5 of the team to make it to day2, not sure yet who to put my money on as last man, ... more
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