Just my 1c

    Sunday, April 19, 2015, 3:35 PM [General]

    My prize poker story ...

    begins, of course, with a 1-cent qualifier in the Live Events lobby on 888.

    I triple up first hand with A8s against 2 donk all-ins, after which I just shove with KK and AQ - get paid everytime - to get a $0.10 ticket. I managed to transform it into a $1 ticket, then into a $5 ticket. I play this one really scared, what if I don't get this chance again ? Shorstack, I push all-in with QJs, only to get paid by aces in the big blind! End of story.

    Just joking! Actually, I suck out like a boss and make a straight on the river, to get a $30 ticket. Now that's a cool one, is it not? Just looking at it in the Tournament Tickets it gets me warm inside, I'd keep it there forever... Quite a long way from 1c! However, the $160 qualifier is on Sunday, so I decide to smash my work of art by playing it today. But I'm more confident now, I know that I cannot let myself shorstack again. And I actually manage to make it this time as well. Some steals, trapping the bully player with a set, and I'm there!

    The big Sunday comes. I work my stamina up by playing a few sit'n-gos and it starts! And I'm scared as hell, but cards are with me and I'm winning! - I feel good, I knew that I would now :) Time passes away, and suddenly I realise I'm actually just a few players distance from the package, I still have around 15 blinds. The immense chip leader opens and I get the rockets! Now what do I do ? "Of course, go all-in!", you'll say. Well, I actually threw them away, and good thing I did, because the bully made his jacks into a set and eliminated another small stack. Just one player away, my stack is smaller and smaller, the blinds grow and grow... Luckily two shorstacks get fighting in the blinds and Yes! Yes! Yes! Malta, here I come!

    Long story short, I get on the plane, ready for the big one! Guess what do I find at the airport? 12 girls all in Maltese traditional dress, cheering Mr. Tudor up! Oh well, 888, you're full of suprises! They accompany me to my ride, and I manage to get a few laughs with Katarina, the sweetest one. No luck in getting her to show me around, though!

    I get to the Hilton, quite tired, but smiling like the Cheshire cat. In my room, the 888 welcome package is waiting for me in a backpack. Knock knock! A miniskirt and apron maid brings in a food cart, wishing me a pleasant stay! Well, 888, you're doing it again! The Maltese rabbit stew and the desert are awesome, and soon I'm sleeping away, dreaming about the next day.

    I'ts already 11 o'clock when I get up, the same maid is gently massaging my back with circular motions. She smiles, 'Good morning, Mr. Tudor, have a good day today!' No kidding! I get down to the restaurant to eat the breakfast of champions, and, well, I kind of feel like a champion. Sitting by the side of the pool, sea in the distance, with a choice of Mediterranean specialties on my plate and good coffee by my side, not a bad start!

    I register for the big tournament, my heart pounding. Kara Scott is chatting with the players, I do like her nose and I start feeling better. I also find I already know some other guys there from online, and I do get more confident. Now let's play some poker! Oh well, my body is still shivering with an unknown fear. Seeing Jungleman at a nearby table does not help. I get something warm but it really does not get away, hope I play my best. And I don't know what happens, either it's beginner's luck or crazy concentration, my stack is slowly getting bigger. After a short dinner at the casino, where I practice my foreign language skills with the people I met, just a few more hours and Day1 is over. Not quite a big stack, but I'm still in: Groovy, baby!

    Time for party! My best shirt on and off to the blue temple, or at least what the party place looks like. I'm happy and chatty, and feel even better when I see Katarina around, her traditional Maltese dress replaced with a hot clubbing one. I'm smiling and chatting her away, she's smiling and playing hard to get, I'm telling some stories, she pretends she likes them... I'm drinking some more vodka and laughing... the film stops somewhere between the 4th and 5th glass... Oh well, to be continued, I guess.

    Next day a bright sunray opens my eyes, I wake up feeling sorry for losing track the night before, my head feels and acts like a tasteless watermelon. I get scared as hell when I see a pile of hair moving next to me, only to discover Katarina smiling with morning eyes. Did we.. ? Of course not, but I feel instantly like a star, watermelon upgraded to exotic love fruit. She actually likes me, and wants to show me the island. Old buildings and secret beaches, Malta is really crazy beautiful. What a day! And night! And day! and night!

    Just joking, I actually "have to" play Day2 the next day, Katarina taking pictures of my 66 cracking some aggressive Swede's QQ. I did get into the money, but didn't make the final table, because this is not the perfect story. I'ts just a story about poker, love and making friends overseas. And it all starts with 1c.

    Now imagine if I had 2c!
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