Hole cards that history makes hard to resist

    Saturday, October 31, 2015, 1:16 PM [General]

    Hello again. First I would like to say that I really enjoyed last month’s tournament. It was my first one with you guys and I hope to see you again in the next one.

    For this month you proposed a very interesting subject. It is a good opportunity for us to find out the way other people play. I think that everyone of us, after thousands of hands played, has a favorite hand that it is tempting to play, no matter what. For my favorite hand, I would describe two different categories:  the strong hand and the lucky hand.

    Considering the strong hands, like A A, A K (same color) or K K, I can tell you that it doesn’t work very well for me. I lost with this type of hand so many times… maybe even more than I won. Preflop, it is a very tempting hand and I find it hard to resist. After you see the flop maybe you still have some hopes. Even if you don’t hit anything, it is hard to stop playing. So, you continue. The turn is not very good either, but you cannot throw your card yet. You are hoping for the saving river card, which may come or not.  At the end, if you consider the number of players and the real chance to win a pot, I realized that the chances are not as high as I considered before.

    On the other hand, if you take into account the lucky hand, which has nothing to do with chances to win, but for me it is a hand that helped me win many pots, I can say that Q 2 is the one hand that brings joy to me every time I get it. I often don’t play with Q 10 or even Q  J, but I play Q 2. It works for me somehow, especially because the other players don’t really expect me to play such a hand.

    See you guys on the next tournament where hopefully I will do better J



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    The Poker Hand/s That Haunt Me

    Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 1:01 PM [General]

    I am happy to discover this blog session for the people who are passionate about poker, like me. I would like to tell you about my poker experience. To play poker and to be dedicated to the game, it is impossible not to have unpleasant memories about some games and especially some hands, where you can go from excitement to anger and the other way around.
    For my first posting, I will tell you about a hand that haunts me. It happened three years ago, but is imprinted in my memory as if it happened yesterday. I and other four friends met on a week-end to play a Texas Hold’m tournament. We usually meet very couple of week-ends to play some games and catch up. I thought this was going to be just another game. After about 30 minutes of playing, something memorable happened. Yes, I am talking about the hand that haunts me. Basically, I had two sevens in my hand, hearts and clubs and I was in the big blind position. When it was my turn to play, I raised the pot and two people left in the game gave me check. The flop was seven and nine of spades and eight of diamonds.
    I asked for half of my chips (I was cheap leader) and I had one raise for about two thirds of my stack. His hand, I found out later with surprise, was eight and jack of spades. On the turn, I got another seven and I was really happy. I thought even if he has flush, I will still take his money…. When the river comes and the card shown is ten of spades. I think you know what occurred. He had a straight flush…
    I could not believe it. It was the first and last time you saw or heard of such a hand.
    So… expect the unexpected. I wish you good luck. Keep playing.

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