Poker,Personalities and Perfection!

    Friday, July 31, 2015, 12:05 AM [General]

    Poker, Personalities and Perfection!

    b85b94c096a6499eb556a1c805405028.jpg?v=50246Cash is king, and cash games are ace, so they're my prefered poker format by a long way. You sit down, 100 b/b deep, no antes, no pressure from the blinds and you try to take each others money. To me, it's the purest form of poker and a good measure of ones true ability as a poker player. This is obviously open to debate, because many players have made a successful career from playing strictly MTT's, but I believe they are no match for a good old game of cash.

    52cf78c74bc24a4ebf6f3447c70705aa.jpg?v=50375My favourite non-holdem poker variation is most definitely the low-ball games, especially Razz. I'd never heard of Razz until I played in a H.O.R.S.E tourney, but instantly grew fond of the game. Mixed games have grown more and more popular in recent years, and I can see why. Everytime the tournament switches to a new variation it feels like a fresh start, and as such, keeps me really engaged in the game. Whenever 888poker have sent me a survey to complete, I have always suggested they implement a H.O.R.S.E tourney. Hopefully, one-day, my request is fulfilled. Unfortunately, there's never a genie around when you need one.

    67f9217411e9c4456ddcce7cf25187dc.jpg?v=50298Ninety-nine percent of the time I'm an easy-going, laid-back, and carefree individual. However, every now and then my mind drifts into the one-percent part of my personality and has a tendancy to self-destruct - this flaw befits my poker handle as the Celts have a romantic link with this notion. My major leak tends to rear it's ugly head whenever I run quite deep in any MTT, where I seem to catch a disease referred to within Rugby circles, as 'white line fever'. Basically, I make a complete mess of things as I approach the closing stages which would explain my complete lack of presence at a final table. Luckily, cash games tend to curb this element of my personality whereas MTT's seem to enhance it. So that's another reason I prefer cash games as opposed to MTT's.

    b249fb9c819076e697a905840187a4d0.jpg?v=59400Fortunately for me I do have some qualities, most notably my Stakhanov like work-ethic. I tend to sleep the minimum each day so I can indulge in my other interests which range far and wide. This would explain why I enjoy mixed games so much. Unfortunately, it does have a negative impact on my poker game as I can find it hard to concentrate at times, which is probably why I prefer a slower, deep-stacked, format of poker - as it gives me more time to focus and make a sound-ish decision.

    So far in my blog I've given MTT's quite a hard time which is kind of hypocrytical as I do play them way more than cash games. Hopefully this will change as I learn to develop a more consistent style of play. One major plus about MTT's though, is that feeling of delight as you see hundreds of players being knocked-out while knowing you've "bested the lot of 'em". Therefore, my perfect poker game would be a mash-up of some elements from cash, and some from MTT's. So I shall call my perfect poker variation an MCMTT.

    f299785650b8ae8c61da2ad33df4d13c.jpg?v=50505Lets say you buy-in for $2, just as you would in any other 2N/L cash game. During the whole tourney the blinds will remain the same at (0.1-0.2) with no antes, and you'll still pay rake as normal. Also, you can't leave the game. If you do sit-out you will just pay the blinds - this would prevent players from rat-holing. If you do get to the final table you can make a deal, which would basically mirror the "top nine get paid" MTT that currently runs on 888poker. The tournament would also be limited to say, one-hundred players, just like a regular Sit and Go. This tournament would be a test of patience, stamina and skill. It would be my perfect game of poker.

    Good luck at the tables! Laughing
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