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        The Free Spin Wheel & Cards going against You
        Just another moan but a rightful one i think.I'll start with the Free Spin...
        June 8 at 12:38pm
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        Well...thesedays the 888 cards just have me smiling.
        This is TRUE...
        Just played the Casino Mix Up game again & because I feel that the 888 cards dealt to me are now totally AGAINST ME....but wait...that just can't be I hear you say...I know, your right...random cards can't be against a person & yet having played the casino mix up game against type, so not really PLAYING POKER as it should be played because quiet frankly, I know what cards I am likely to receive & even more...

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        June 8, 2019 6:38 PM BST
        You can go on long streaks where you will be card dead, this where you nee to use your notes and play against players who are playing Lag.
        I have had many sessions where the cards havent fallen my way, but as long as you are playing solid poker it will all come good. Study your last 5k hands and see where you are winning and losing pots.

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        June 9, 2019 4:03 PM BST
      • Paul C posted to his forum thread.

        June 4 at 1:40pm

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