The Free Spin Wheel & Cards going against You

    Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 7:57 PM [General]

    Just another moan but a rightful one i think.

    I'll start with the Free Spin to spin, free to lose, i remember stating once that i went on the worst run of loses on such a wheel when there were ONLY 1 segment upon it where you could NOT win...think i went something like 23 spins & ZERO wins.

    That's not fair, 888 know it's not fair, i've read some of the terms awhile ago & it seems this spin is ANYTHING BUT FAIR, it's not random, it's based on YOU, it's TARGETED at you...hance another god knows ZERO Wins on this thing.

    I like 888 & have defended it plenty over the years i've been here & i don't ask for or require prefrential treatment...just a FAIR crack at the whip.

    Everytime i spin that thing...i know it's heading on to the 1 lose section & head off before it even settles on the thing...the thing is a JOKE & nothing like the old spin wheels of old, i haven't been keeping perfect score but i'm already well over DOUBLE FIGURE SPINS with 0 wins.

    I simply find this thing FUNNY now.

    The thing is the 888 RANDOM cards are yet again GOING AGAINST ME (and i bet some of you decent player folks?) i've been playing the usual tornaments & low buy in games & frankly as with the above SPIN GAME run i've been on the CHANCES of these FOLKS getting what they need to beat my hands (when played) must be astronomical but AMAZINGLY they get there.

    In the back of mind (and it's only natural i sometimes wonder if i've been Targeted by these cards? it certainly feels so, some of the chancy (not logical) calls have been made when the flops down & that player up against me needs  TWO Specific Cards to land next...of course they get them & this has happened not once, twice, thrice it's happened multiple times AGAIN.

    I've played POKER many years, i have good grasp on what's likely & what's almost damn near impossible & i always try to play the ODDS (as i see them on the table before me) when clearly in my favour or mostly with a good chance of so being...So when the ONLY 2 different cards needed to beat me appear on the Turn & River (not now & again but numerous times, well pardon me if i have a good long think about THIS OCCURANCE)

    Over the years here on 888 i have CHANGED my Poker Style of Play (your almost forced to do so thesedays with there being SO MANY CHANCERS now) GOOD POKER PLAYERS never play every hand unless they are just chancing their arms (like Negrano) on low cost games but even then?

    But i've found i've had to change my style yet again to one i don't like playing but quiet frankly the name of the game in POKER is to get as high up the leaderboard & the winnings as you can, i didn't bother about time & just played POKER freely with my logic & cunning Wink but they types we have here on 888 FORGET IT...So...

    Set yourself in a GAME...waste time, sit some more, laugh at the plays made & the LUCK many achieve & just WAIT...wait for many of them to get caught out (of course some of these chancers will by now have made it high up the leaderboard with a large stack & they may continue chancing it OR they'll now restrain from doing so having got themselves in a good Money Paying posistion) i used to play all types of HOLE cards (mist decent players do if not forced ALL IN or with HUGE raises) Flush & Straight possibilties? sure, Conenctors? Yup especially middling to high one's, Face Cards? of course, Pairs? to be sure, even gapped cards 7 9 used to be a favourite as to was 10, Q for fairly obvious reasons...Now whilst i still play some of these i have DROPPED many!!! 
    Simply because of the DONKS & BAD PLAYERS who only know BINGO POKER.

    My advice...SIT TIGHT...And wait mainly for a high pair set given to you, ACES, KINGS or QUEENS & depending on how you feel having judged the table? GO ALL IN or play them in the hope for eg: You play QUEENS that NO KING or of course ACE shows on the flop (so many ACE CHASERS thesedays but they are even more ALL IN Ace Chasers Laughing which is hilarious & what's more they win the hand with A5 played before the FLOP because they have an inklng as do we all that ACES seem to show up more often than they should)

    OF COURSE such things should not occur on 888, the game is a random thing but it's funny how many times KINGS played get beat by an Ace who catches an Ace...or a pair of QUEENS gets done with someone who plays a KING & another King shows on the flop.

    I guess what i am saying is i have lost confidence (not in myself & my play...i'm rather GOOD if i don't say so myself) but in the 888 cards!
    They MUST be random, they have to by LAW by random, i cannot be TARGETED & yet it really does feel like that on the POKER TABLES as for the FREE SPIN WHEEL i believe they are allowed to do such things & it's clear to me everytime i spin the damn thing (just for laughs now again & has been for quiet sometime) that it's going to land on....


    I hate BS & this is BS...perhaps they only now reward their RUSSIAN Players? Who as most here on 888 would know by now have taken over & are AWFUL players...they are the BINGO / CASINO Grannies & Grandads who have probably never or rarely played the game of POKER in their lives.

    But needs i shall be the crap, NOT playing, TIME wasting one from now on & if you have an issue with that? just send me your FOOD on the TABLE Wink although personally i prefer the SNOWBALLS Laughing

    One fairly cheesed off thesedays 888 player.
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    Sunday, February 24, 2019, 12:49 PM [General]

    This is addressed to no one.

    It's been awhile since i've had a week like this on 888.

    I know i am a good poker player.

    But this week it wouldn't have mattered had i been the greatest poker player in the world for the last week has seen me on the end of some of the most incredible calls, decisions, chance takers, donks & the most incredible BAD BEATS i have ever had on 888.

    So much so, it feels like 888 has it in for me!

    And i'm one of 888's greatest supporter, i don't expect extra good treament, just FAIR cards or luck for EVERYONE.

    I've had one of those weeks in which it seems far from fair & with little to no luck. Of course everyone playing poker somewhere along the line needs a little luck but i feel i am a reasonably good enough player to eliminate with luck (for the most part) and put the odds in my favour when choosing which hands to play....but sometimes LUCK plays it's part (against me this week, incredibly so) but generally the way i play i would win more of the hands i would normal play out than loose.

    THIS WEEK...pretty much lost every hand i've continued with that i thought & the odds confirmed (were in my favour) only for somehow almost impossible cards to show up & turn a winning hand into a losing one.

    Example of Bad Luck (BAD BEAT) but one that could happen but which is just damn bad luck...playing the Casino Weekly game approaching the money with only 30 players before getting to the money i am handed ACES.
    I sometimes play them out depending on the opponents on the table (having got a feel for how they play...this table had been cautious) so i figured let's get have an ALL IN, getting maybe one caller.
    Got two, so of course i'm wondering is one AK (good for me, mainly) with perhaps having a pair of anything (not so good for me...luck could play it's part)

    What happens was just wickedly bad luck (but they type i have all week, this was an understandable, exceptable hand of luck that went against me) so both had pairs...QUEENS & JACKS.
    As soon as you see these before the flop is made you just know there's a good chance one could take you out with the turn of a Q or J...both got their three of a kind & i was OUT.

    This type has happened all week but what's worse is when i know i have pretty much got a hand tied up (odds again show it...i like they've added this little part to the tables but it's annoying when you go from 90% chance of winning to 0% in the turn of 2 cards)
    Yup the opponent has had a hand of god chance of beating me, some times the only 2 cards that could have saved them...turned up.

    This is happened a lot this week.

    Makes a player like i feel cheated, sure amazing LUCK & you can probably guess the nationalities of the opponent that played the frankly stupid hand through but which got amazingly lucky.


    You bet.

    Seems i've had enough BAD BEATS this week to cover 2 or 3 months worth!!!

    Perhaps i'm overdue some good luck, although as i previously stated i do try to put the odds in my only hands but hey who don't love a bit of good luck but having so much truly bad luck is annoying.

    We'll see how the following week or two goes but if the same happens it would feel just a little wrong to me, i know 888 is fair, the programme must be, although i think we all know ACES seem to turn up a hell of a lot on 888 which is a little strange? another problem i have with modern online poker players, they get an ACE & go ALL IN regardless of their kicker...and they get there :) 

    Modern Poker...CRAZY...have had to adapt but it's a different type of Poker i play online thesedays.

    Anyway...just wanted to get my ANGER out as it just hasn't felt fair this week, a few times OK, it happens but in various torneys it must have happened nearly 20 times this week (of which i would have expecte to have won 75% of them (15) allowing for the crazy BAD BEATS you get sometimes...but nope 20 lost when 20 win was on the cards)

    As you can see that's some BAD BEAT.
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    17769 days until the next Tournament :)

    Tuesday, September 11, 2018, 8:00 PM [General]

    888 has been HIT far more seriously than i had thought.

    As it stands, this is DAY 3 for me without being able to log in but i did manage to access the 888 poker sight without longing in and...

    Virtually no one's like a GHOST TOWN.

    When you clicked on some of the poker tournaments there were some in the waiting lists ready to play but what did raise a smile was seeing how long until the tournament started & one was showing...

    17769 Days to Go

    That's just short of 50 Years ONLY to wait to play this Game Laughing

    Well i thought i would try & CHEER UP some of you members & those that work here at 888.

    Hope this lighthearted posting might have proved a smile or two in what is a rather SERIOUS EVENT.

    Let's hope 888 have everything back in place soon & SECURE.
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    Ever have one of those days when...

    Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 7:44 PM []

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    BOXING DAY free Game

    Tuesday, December 26, 2017, 4:50 PM [General]

    Noted there was a FREE poker game on BOXING DAY.
    Decided to plump for the afternoon one whilst listening to the FOOTBALL (as i write this it's Man U 1-2 Burnley...i can't wait to hear from miserable Moanrinho if it stays like this!)

    I was going well in the game, close to cashing & then GLITCHES started up all over the place, i was disconnected but my router was saying things were OK, when i did get back to the table & getting closer to the bubble i was AUTOMATICALLY folded or sat out...JOKE of a game (and it was happening to others too)

    It got to the point were i was left with NO CHOICE but to go ALL IN regardless of what i had...not the type of play i usually play (i'll leave that to you Russian players Wink) & of course no such Russian LUCK...OUT just yards away from cashing!

    I don't mind losing at poker especially if to a genuinely well played or better hand, it's those stupid, lucky, thoughtless hands i hate losing too but this kind of thing is without doubt annoying!
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