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    Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 7:44 PM []

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    BOXING DAY free Game

    Tuesday, December 26, 2017, 4:50 PM [General]

    Noted there was a FREE poker game on BOXING DAY.
    Decided to plump for the afternoon one whilst listening to the FOOTBALL (as i write this it's Man U 1-2 Burnley...i can't wait to hear from miserable Moanrinho if it stays like this!)

    I was going well in the game, close to cashing & then GLITCHES started up all over the place, i was disconnected but my router was saying things were OK, when i did get back to the table & getting closer to the bubble i was AUTOMATICALLY folded or sat out...JOKE of a game (and it was happening to others too)

    It got to the point were i was left with NO CHOICE but to go ALL IN regardless of what i had...not the type of play i usually play (i'll leave that to you Russian players Wink) & of course no such Russian LUCK...OUT just yards away from cashing!

    I don't mind losing at poker especially if to a genuinely well played or better hand, it's those stupid, lucky, thoughtless hands i hate losing too but this kind of thing is without doubt annoying!
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