Thursday, August 9, 2018, 11:54 AM [General]

    Battle of Malta 2018

    The Intercontinental hotel, St Julians, 26th – 30th October 2018.

    888poker is once again a proud sponsor of Europe's biggest Poker Tournament, the Battle of Malta. 
    With gorgeous beaches, phenomenal architecture and amazing history, the archipelago of Malta is a true jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean. And for one week in October, it's going to get even better.

    The Battle of Malta is back! Now in its 7th year, this hugely popular annual tournament is bigger than ever, with a staggering €1,000,000 Guaranteed Main Event for a €550 buy-in!

    The 5-day tournament is packed with a large selection of side events and cool parties, promising to be an awesome experience for all participants. 
    Now you can win a luxury package to Malta and a coveted seat at the Battle of Malta Main Event via 888poker.

    How to get there:

    1. Work your way to the top!Enter a series of satellites with buy-ins starting at just 1₵.


    2. Get straight to business!Register directly to the $109 Qualifier to win a $1,700 Battle of Malta Main Event package.

    Tournament Info


    1M Battle of Malta 2018 ME Qualifier


    “Tournaments” tab >”Live Events” tab

    Buy in:



    A $1,700 Package to the Battle of Malta 2018

    • €550 buy-in to the Battle of Malta Main Event Playing Day 1C.
    • 4 nights’ accommodation at The Intercontinental Hotel 26th – 30th October
    • Travel money $250 paid into your 888poker account)
    • 888poker LIVE kit


    Open now!

      More Info

    Tournament Info

    Battle of Malta Main Event structure:

    • Starting Stack: 25k
    • Day 1 Level Time: 40 mins
    • Day 2 (& Onward) Level Times: 60 mins
    • Re-Entry: Unlimited

    Go to tournament schedule

    Check out full 'Battle of Malta' information .


    Casino Malta

    Eden Place, St. Augustine's Street, 
    St. George's Bay, St. Julian's, 
    STJ 3310 

    Phone: +356 23 710 555

    Intercontinental hotel Malta

    St George's Bay,

    St Julian's,

    STJ 3310,

    Phone: +356 2137 7600

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    Dominik Nitsche wins WSOP Europe | Event #10

    Monday, November 6, 2017, 2:29 PM [General]

    The WSOPE €111,111 High Roller for One Drop attracted 132 entries and a total prizepool of €12,980,000.

    The charity event generated €977,768 (about $1,134,210) for One Drop.

    I started watching the live stream yesterday after I saw that #888Ambassador Dom (@DominikNitsche) was in the list of the 10 remaining players. I had thought he would do well in at least one of the WSOPE events after his 3rd place in Macau recently.

    I wasn’t disappointed at all, he was playing very well and hitting cards when needed, sometimes even when they weren’t.

    Keeping his strong poker face motionless against a constant barrage of questions and chat from other players he soon made the final table and looked determined to do well.

    There was a massive amount of tanking on the final table which made the stream a little boring at times but David Tuchman did his best to keep us entertained and it must have been hard work to solo the commentary. It is always easier when you have someone with you to bounce your comments off so I think he did very well.

    Tanking aside there were some interesting hands and play, a full replay of which can be seen by clicking here

    Some dubious (IMHO) face covering from was often seen, judge for yourself by watching the replay.

    After a very brief sit Charlie Carrel was first to depart the final table collecting €295,131. Martin Kabrhel was 8th (€366,762) Ahadpur Khangah 7th (€466,421) Christoph Vogelsang 6th (€606,694) Brighton based Steffen Sontheimer was the top UK players finishing 5th (€806,758) Thomas Muehloecker who was very entertaining went out 4th (€1,096,206) Mikita Badziakouski did well to take 3rd (€1,521,312) which left us with an all-German heads up.

    Dominik Nitsche v Andreas Eiler.

    Eiler had played very well and had certainly justified his place heads up but it was Nitsche who continued to hit when he needed, steal when he could and eventually grinded Eilers chips away to take his 4th WSOP bracelet. A huge hand was when Eiler was representing the hand that unfortunately for him Nitsche was holding. A costly bit of bad timing it seems.

    After a slight comeback, Eiler was again in an all-in or fold position when he looked down at Kc 9c, his all in was insta-called by Dom with Qd Th and as if the 10 on the flop wasn't enough the dealer kindly put a 3rd one out there on the river to ensure Dom's win and place in poker history and sending Eiler home with €2,155,418

    Congratulations to #888Ambassador @DominikNitsche for winning the €111,111 High Roller for One Drop and €3,487,463 and now joins the likes of Mike Matusow, Scotty Nguyen and Huck Seed who have also won 4 WSOP bracelets over the years.

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    $7,500,000 XL Inferno

    Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 1:08 PM [General]

    Welcome to the $7,500,000 XL Inferno Championships!

    Hot on the heels of our hugely successful Super XL Series, we’re back, BIGGER and better than ever with our XL Championships 2017. 
    Three separate XL Championship Series will run over the next year, kicking off with the XL Inferno:

     Check out the schedule here. 

    what's changed?

    In a nutshell? We’re going LARGE. Our Championships have been extended to 14 days of non-stop action – with a range of buy-ins suitable for ALL our players. 

    In addition, we’ll be massively increasing the number of events in each of our Championship Series, as well as the total guaranteed prize pool amounts. 

    Our Main Event Tournament in each Championship Series will continue to offer one of the largest prize pools in the industry, with a whopping $1,500,000 up for grabs. Not bad, ey?

    Chip in for Global Poverty!

    We’ve got some awesome special features this time round, including three exclusive tournaments where ALL fees will be donated to a worthy cause without impacting the prize pool. Buy-ins will, as usual, make up the guaranteed amount - so we’ll chip in, whilst you cash out! 
    REG (Raising for Effecting Giving) will be 888poker’s partner throughout this project and will help us ensure that all funds will be donated towards REG’s ‘Global Poverty Charity Portfolio’. 
    This Special Event will include 3 tournaments; an Inferno ‘Chip-in’ Super High Roller Tournament with a $5,200 buy-in, in addition to a $109 Mini and $55 turbo.

    YOU are the Champions!

    Following its success in the XL January Series, we’ll once again be running our Champion of Champions Event – and this time even MORE players will make the cut. 
    Instead of a Leaderboard, winners from each event will automatically be registered to the Tournament, which will award the top three players a once in a lifetime package to the WSOP 2017 Las Vegas. For more info, check out our Champion of Champions tab
    Stay tuned…

    You can follow all the latest action from our XL Inferno events through updates in our News tab
    Qualify via our XL Inferno online Satellites for as little as 1¢ - or even for FREE, through taking part in our XL Inferno Promotion.

    Ready to turn up the heat?

    Let's go!

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    Barcelona Festival May 11th – May 22nd

    Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 1:04 PM [General]

    Barcelona Festival May 11th – May 22nd

    888Live Festival is on its way to Casino Barcelona!   

    Hot on the heels of the incredibly successful 888Live Kings Festival, 888Live Series is heading to its next destination – the enchanting Spanish city of Barcelona! Join us for 12 days of non-stop poker at the cosmopolitan Catalan capital of art and culture, where we’re upping the stakes with a staggering total guaranteed prize pool of over €700,000!

    How to qualify:

    Get straight to business! 
    Play in our Qualifiers for your chance to win entry.

    • Main Event Qualifier $30 buy in
    • Opening Event Qualifier $12 buy in

    Climb your way to the top  

    Win your way there via our round-the-clock satellite tournaments with buy-ins starting as low as 1¢.

     Go straight to Barcelona & buy your seat directly from Casino Barcelona. 

    More about the 888Live Festival:  

    In addition to our current world renowned 888Live Events, we’ll be holding poker Festivals throughout the year, so that our players can enjoy the ultimate 888poker live experience at fantastic worldwide locations. We’re talking new tournaments, new buy-ins and bigger and better everything – including our even BIGGER guaranteed prize pools!

     Click here to view the full schedule.
    Start your journey now!
     888poker Terms & Conditions apply.

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    The 2016 my.888poker Community Bash

    Sunday, October 9, 2016, 11:52 AM [General]

    Hey my888's

    It is just under 3 weeks until the 2016 Community bash gets underway so I thought I would share a few memories from previous years. 

    So far this year we have 30 members who say they will be attending but I expect the numbers to get to the normal 50ish before we kick off on Friday 28th October.

    The poker takes place at the Broadway Casino but the fun takes place wherever we end up, be it at the Hilton Hotel Broad street where most of us are laying our heads or at a local bar or restaurant.

    You can be assured of plenty of fun, chat and laughter over the whole weekend and even the odd cuddle Wink

    There are always prizes on offer including Ken's coveted "Teapot" which some jammy beggar won last year...

    Mind you the same guy won the "donkey" award for winning with the worse hand Tongue Out

    It would be the longest blog ever if I continued to post about just how great the atmosphere is at the bash so I will sum it up with a few more pictures. If the weekend gets a bit too much for you then we really don't mind if you take a short break from the festivities.

    above are my.888poker's "3 amigos"

    Below are 2 my888's sharing a beer and a smile.

    The casino staff are rather friendly Wink

    Always plenty of prizes on offer. 

    So get yourself along to the bash this year, all you need to do is post your 888 player name and when you are attending HERE  and make sure you have an active 888poker account and that your my.888poker account is in good standing.

     See you there my888's 
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    Team888poker's @DominikNitsche Wins BIG in Super XL!

    Monday, September 26, 2016, 12:07 PM [General]

    German-born Dominik Nitsche who now resides in Edinburgh has added to team 888's run of big cashes in 2016 by taking away over $200K in last night's 888poker's Super XL main event.

    Streaming the final table live on 888poker's Twitch channel Dominik was obviously having lots of fun talking to the stream followers and his Skype friends who were all rooting for him to take down the massive $295.800 first prize.

    It is always a pleasure to watch his unique style and now he is streaming we are able to hear the reasoning behind his plays and bet sizing. 

    You can expect some very exciting of play you can expect to see from the 3-time WSOP bracelet winner.

    You will be able to play against Dominik at the upcoming 

    London Festival October 13th -23rd
    All 3 remaining players agreed to a deal and the payouts were as follows.

    Just after the deal was done Dominik shoved with his pocket 5's and after getting called needed to win the flip against A8. 

    I suppose if you are going to get eliminated on 888poker it might just as well be with trip 8's Wink

    It is a great stream to watch and you can relive all of it HERE 

    Well done Dominik and the best of luck in London.

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    Cryptic’s Blast Strategy

    Thursday, August 4, 2016, 6:08 PM [General]

    Cryptic’s Blast Strategy

     Firstly let’s get 1 thing straight, well maybe even 2 Wink

    1. This is how I play and it works for me
    2. I play 95% $1 games and 5% $5 games.

    OK let’s begin.

    As the games are split into various x prize pools I handle each as follows.

    I just want to add here that I treat these games like a value slot machine.
    With a slot if the spin doesn't give you a win thats that, with Blasts you do at worse have a chance to win twice your stake back every spin. 

    $1 BLAST Sit & Go

    Prize Pool Multiplier

    Prize Pool




    10 in 1,000,000



    40 in 1,000,000



    400 in 1,000,000



    31,750 in 1,000,000



    402,300 in 1,000,000



    565,500 in 1,000,000


    Game Games Played Average Profit Average ROI % Total Profit Buy-In ITM % Wins/Loses
    Blast $1 445 $0.01 0.79 $3.50 $1.00 40 178/267

    X5. Now we have 2 places paid and a small profit for 2nd place so I tighten very slightly and will fold to raises unless I have a reasonable hand. Medium to big PP’s and big aces are still all-ins for me though. I have also won and placed in numerous of these games.X 2. we are at best winning twice the stake so I play very aggressively with any PP, suited cons or ace high. I just can’t see the point of playing the whole clock down to be gambling every hand anyway so better to take it down quickly if I can. I have won numerous of these.

    X10. 3 places get paid so I become very more selective in my starting hands but will still bully weak players with marginal hands. I don't get a lot of these but have cashed in all but 1.

    X100 and although not a massive amount the $60 for 1st is a great return so I tend to play like a normal S&G and tighten right up. I have only had 1 of these so far and managed 2nd for $25.

    Obviously the x1000 and x 10000 are a different ball game and I will be very selective with my hands indeed if I am lucky enough to get involved in one. They both pay 4 places so at least everyone gets a share. Smile

    1 thing to note is that you get players preselecting the fold quite often as they are playing a few at once so small raises can bring rewards.

    Good luck in your "Blast" games.

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    Twitch, Twitter and a rising poker star

    Friday, July 8, 2016, 10:38 AM [General]

    Twitch, Twitter and a rising poker star


    We all see our Twitter pages full of the latest poker news from all over the world but what some of you might be missing out on is the great entertainment that can be found on Twitch.

    For a long time Twitch has been used to stream video games but its popularity in the poker world is growing fast and some players are helping promote some of the bigger poker sites and themselves there every day.

    1 player in particular has caught my eye over the last few weeks, his Twitter alias is @RustRockGaming and you can watch his streaming 5 days a week Monday to Friday on 

    When I tuned in the very first thing I saw was this young guy with wild hair rubbing his nipples through his shirt while loud music was being played and I wondered what the hell was going on. It turned out to be the jovial way he shows his appreciation to his followers when they subscribe to his Twitch channel.

    It’s all part of his character and certainly adds to the entertainment while watching him play. His poker is entertaining too; he calls himself a “semi-fish” which actually sums up his play perfectly. Not scared to search for the odd card and aggressive in the right places I have had many hours of pleasure and endless entertainment watching Rustrock play and he even has some good quality music playing in the background.  I have played poker 9 years longer than Rustrock but I have learned a few things while watching him play the last few weeks.

    Who is Rustrock? Well he is a 28 year old from Slovenia and will be 29 on 29th July who lives with his girlfriend. His English is great and he has been playing poker for just over 12 months and until lately played mostly on Pokerstars. Since they removed their offerings from Slovenia he now plays solely on 888poker. He tells me that he enjoys playing and streaming very much but even though he has been winning constantly he has no immediate plans to give up work.

    He has had a lot of big paydays, several over $1K and more final tables lately than any other player I have seen in a long time. His bankroll management is very good and I think a lot of players could improve their game by watching him play.

    If you ever have time to watch a stream then Rustrock is defiantly the guy you need to watch. Go and follow him now on  and join in the friendly chat.

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    Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 2:31 PM [General]



    Vegas is a place I would like to revisit and I will list the reasons why including what I would do different and how I would live the game this time around.

    This time I would be prepared. Although there are a mountain of things to do in Vegas I would plan any non-poker activities for after the Crazy Eights game. Rest after a long flight is very important so to give myself a fighting chance of playing well it would be straight to bed for me on arrival after ensuring I have a day 1 flight D entry.

    After my rest I would be ready to start “Living the Game” 888poker style.

    With 5k starting stacks and 30 minute blinds there would be plenty of time to get a feel for the type of players at my table and get into full swing.

    Those of you that have played live with me know I like to “play a little different” if not with my cards then with other things like silly hats and I do still have my strawberry hat which the media folk seem to like so I am sure it would come into play sometime soon after the start.


    How I do in the game will determine what adventures I get up to in Vegas. The early morning cash tables tend to be very soft as players have literally been sat all night playing and are tired but I think I might “live the game” a different way and take in some of the sights I might never get a chance to see again.

    My wife June has a soft spot for the count out of the counting cars TV show so I would definitely have to go and ask him if I could have a selfie with him and get his autograph. Good brownie points Wink

    After that it would the Grand Canyon, I should have gone there last time but foolishly spent a lot of time playing the stupid idiot in the casinos. Lesson learned. I have always thought it looked such a lovely place and with so many options on how to see it I think I might take the helicopter option as although I flew in lots of weird things while I was in the RAF I never got to go in one. I think I might have to do the ground level tour too as I am starting to look a lot more at pictures lately and enjoying the memories from them so walking around would allow me to take loads.

    I also want to get better pictures of the Bellagio fountain but I certainly don’t need to experience the Stratosphere as my head for heights is non-existent. 

    I have walked the strip, been in the big hotels and as time will probably be tight I expect that will it for my sightseeing but I will also find time to watch other 888poker players “living the game” and “playing different” in any WSOP events that are running at the time.

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    It’s time for recreational players to start fighting back.

    Saturday, April 16, 2016, 10:26 AM [General]

    Tracking software giving others an unfair advantage?

     It’s time for recreational players to start fighting back and here’s how.

    I read article after article about how to improve your chances of winning and all of them tell you to hunt out loose or losing players. Players with those types of stats might be like me a recreational player who plays purely for fun and to be honest I don’t want to be hunted by professionals looking to add the few bucks I set aside for my fun to their bankrolls.

    This is how you can avoid it happening.

    These “professionals” use various tracking software to hunt you out so if you opt out they won’t be able to tell what type of player you are and you just might get some peace and more fun from your poker games and who knows you might also win more. Wink

    Sites like 888poker are becoming more and more socially orientated and targeting new players and offering them lots of chances to play in live events around the world and there is lots of fun to be had if you can avoid the pros.

    OPT OUT POKER PRO LABS This is your first step to gaining your online poker anonymity. Click on the link and OPT OUT!

    OPT OUT SHARSCOPE This is your 2nd step. This is how you opt out from Sharkscope tracking your 888 stats, you can also opt out from other sites 1 by 1 from the linked page.

    Register for the opt out tournament with password optmeout. See the link to find out how to opt out from other sites.


    RESET YOUR STATS  Next reset your stats so that players have no old information on you.

    Now you have taken these few quick and simple steps its time to start enjoying your poker but remember that some players will still have notes on you or have you tagged so this is a great time to bring some changes into your game and confuse the hell out of them. Suddenly they cannot track you and you are playing different to how they have you tagged, this my friends will send them running looking for easier targets.

    GL and have fun out there my888's 

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