The 2016 my.888poker Community Bash

    Sunday, October 9, 2016, 11:52 AM [General]

    Hey my888's

    It is just under 3 weeks until the 2016 Community bash gets underway so I thought I would share a few memories from previous years. 

    So far this year we have 30 members who say they will be attending but I expect the numbers to get to the normal 50ish before we kick off on Friday 28th October.

    The poker takes place at the Broadway Casino but the fun takes place wherever we end up, be it at the Hilton Hotel Broad street where most of us are laying our heads or at a local bar or restaurant.

    You can be assured of plenty of fun, chat and laughter over the whole weekend and even the odd cuddle Wink

    There are always prizes on offer including Ken's coveted "Teapot" which some jammy beggar won last year...

    Mind you the same guy won the "donkey" award for winning with the worse hand Tongue Out

    It would be the longest blog ever if I continued to post about just how great the atmosphere is at the bash so I will sum it up with a few more pictures. If the weekend gets a bit too much for you then we really don't mind if you take a short break from the festivities.

    above are my.888poker's "3 amigos"

    Below are 2 my888's sharing a beer and a smile.

    The casino staff are rather friendly Wink

    Always plenty of prizes on offer. 

    So get yourself along to the bash this year, all you need to do is post your 888 player name and when you are attending HERE  and make sure you have an active 888poker account and that your my.888poker account is in good standing.

     See you there my888's 
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    Team888poker's @DominikNitsche Wins BIG in Super XL!

    Monday, September 26, 2016, 12:07 PM [General]

    German-born Dominik Nitsche who now resides in Edinburgh has added to team 888's run of big cashes in 2016 by taking away over $200K in last night's 888poker's Super XL main event.

    Streaming the final table live on 888poker's Twitch channel Dominik was obviously having lots of fun talking to the stream followers and his Skype friends who were all rooting for him to take down the massive $295.800 first prize.

    It is always a pleasure to watch his unique style and now he is streaming we are able to hear the reasoning behind his plays and bet sizing. 

    You can expect some very exciting of play you can expect to see from the 3-time WSOP bracelet winner.

    You will be able to play against Dominik at the upcoming 

    London Festival October 13th -23rd
    All 3 remaining players agreed to a deal and the payouts were as follows.

    Just after the deal was done Dominik shoved with his pocket 5's and after getting called needed to win the flip against A8. 

    I suppose if you are going to get eliminated on 888poker it might just as well be with trip 8's Wink

    It is a great stream to watch and you can relive all of it HERE 

    Well done Dominik and the best of luck in London.

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    Cryptic’s Blast Strategy

    Thursday, August 4, 2016, 6:08 PM [General]

    Cryptic’s Blast Strategy

     Firstly let’s get 1 thing straight, well maybe even 2 Wink

    1. This is how I play and it works for me
    2. I play 95% $1 games and 5% $5 games.

    OK let’s begin.

    As the games are split into various x prize pools I handle each as follows.

    I just want to add here that I treat these games like a value slot machine.
    With a slot if the spin doesn't give you a win thats that, with Blasts you do at worse have a chance to win twice your stake back every spin. 

    $1 BLAST Sit & Go

    Prize Pool Multiplier

    Prize Pool




    10 in 1,000,000



    40 in 1,000,000



    400 in 1,000,000



    31,750 in 1,000,000



    402,300 in 1,000,000



    565,500 in 1,000,000


    Game Games Played Average Profit Average ROI % Total Profit Buy-In ITM % Wins/Loses
    Blast $1 445 $0.01 0.79 $3.50 $1.00 40 178/267

    X5. Now we have 2 places paid and a small profit for 2nd place so I tighten very slightly and will fold to raises unless I have a reasonable hand. Medium to big PP’s and big aces are still all-ins for me though. I have also won and placed in numerous of these games.X 2. we are at best winning twice the stake so I play very aggressively with any PP, suited cons or ace high. I just can’t see the point of playing the whole clock down to be gambling every hand anyway so better to take it down quickly if I can. I have won numerous of these.

    X10. 3 places get paid so I become very more selective in my starting hands but will still bully weak players with marginal hands. I don't get a lot of these but have cashed in all but 1.

    X100 and although not a massive amount the $60 for 1st is a great return so I tend to play like a normal S&G and tighten right up. I have only had 1 of these so far and managed 2nd for $25.

    Obviously the x1000 and x 10000 are a different ball game and I will be very selective with my hands indeed if I am lucky enough to get involved in one. They both pay 4 places so at least everyone gets a share. Smile

    1 thing to note is that you get players preselecting the fold quite often as they are playing a few at once so small raises can bring rewards.

    Good luck in your "Blast" games.

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    Twitch, Twitter and a rising poker star

    Friday, July 8, 2016, 10:38 AM [General]

    Twitch, Twitter and a rising poker star


    We all see our Twitter pages full of the latest poker news from all over the world but what some of you might be missing out on is the great entertainment that can be found on Twitch.

    For a long time Twitch has been used to stream video games but its popularity in the poker world is growing fast and some players are helping promote some of the bigger poker sites and themselves there every day.

    1 player in particular has caught my eye over the last few weeks, his Twitter alias is @RustRockGaming and you can watch his streaming 5 days a week Monday to Friday on 

    When I tuned in the very first thing I saw was this young guy with wild hair rubbing his nipples through his shirt while loud music was being played and I wondered what the hell was going on. It turned out to be the jovial way he shows his appreciation to his followers when they subscribe to his Twitch channel.

    It’s all part of his character and certainly adds to the entertainment while watching him play. His poker is entertaining too; he calls himself a “semi-fish” which actually sums up his play perfectly. Not scared to search for the odd card and aggressive in the right places I have had many hours of pleasure and endless entertainment watching Rustrock play and he even has some good quality music playing in the background.  I have played poker 9 years longer than Rustrock but I have learned a few things while watching him play the last few weeks.

    Who is Rustrock? Well he is a 28 year old from Slovenia and will be 29 on 29th July who lives with his girlfriend. His English is great and he has been playing poker for just over 12 months and until lately played mostly on Pokerstars. Since they removed their offerings from Slovenia he now plays solely on 888poker. He tells me that he enjoys playing and streaming very much but even though he has been winning constantly he has no immediate plans to give up work.

    He has had a lot of big paydays, several over $1K and more final tables lately than any other player I have seen in a long time. His bankroll management is very good and I think a lot of players could improve their game by watching him play.

    If you ever have time to watch a stream then Rustrock is defiantly the guy you need to watch. Go and follow him now on  and join in the friendly chat.

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    Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 2:31 PM [General]



    Vegas is a place I would like to revisit and I will list the reasons why including what I would do different and how I would live the game this time around.

    This time I would be prepared. Although there are a mountain of things to do in Vegas I would plan any non-poker activities for after the Crazy Eights game. Rest after a long flight is very important so to give myself a fighting chance of playing well it would be straight to bed for me on arrival after ensuring I have a day 1 flight D entry.

    After my rest I would be ready to start “Living the Game” 888poker style.

    With 5k starting stacks and 30 minute blinds there would be plenty of time to get a feel for the type of players at my table and get into full swing.

    Those of you that have played live with me know I like to “play a little different” if not with my cards then with other things like silly hats and I do still have my strawberry hat which the media folk seem to like so I am sure it would come into play sometime soon after the start.


    How I do in the game will determine what adventures I get up to in Vegas. The early morning cash tables tend to be very soft as players have literally been sat all night playing and are tired but I think I might “live the game” a different way and take in some of the sights I might never get a chance to see again.

    My wife June has a soft spot for the count out of the counting cars TV show so I would definitely have to go and ask him if I could have a selfie with him and get his autograph. Good brownie points Wink

    After that it would the Grand Canyon, I should have gone there last time but foolishly spent a lot of time playing the stupid idiot in the casinos. Lesson learned. I have always thought it looked such a lovely place and with so many options on how to see it I think I might take the helicopter option as although I flew in lots of weird things while I was in the RAF I never got to go in one. I think I might have to do the ground level tour too as I am starting to look a lot more at pictures lately and enjoying the memories from them so walking around would allow me to take loads.

    I also want to get better pictures of the Bellagio fountain but I certainly don’t need to experience the Stratosphere as my head for heights is non-existent. 

    I have walked the strip, been in the big hotels and as time will probably be tight I expect that will it for my sightseeing but I will also find time to watch other 888poker players “living the game” and “playing different” in any WSOP events that are running at the time.

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    It’s time for recreational players to start fighting back.

    Saturday, April 16, 2016, 10:26 AM [General]

    Tracking software giving others an unfair advantage?

     It’s time for recreational players to start fighting back and here’s how.

    I read article after article about how to improve your chances of winning and all of them tell you to hunt out loose or losing players. Players with those types of stats might be like me a recreational player who plays purely for fun and to be honest I don’t want to be hunted by professionals looking to add the few bucks I set aside for my fun to their bankrolls.

    This is how you can avoid it happening.

    These “professionals” use various tracking software to hunt you out so if you opt out they won’t be able to tell what type of player you are and you just might get some peace and more fun from your poker games and who knows you might also win more. Wink

    Sites like 888poker are becoming more and more socially orientated and targeting new players and offering them lots of chances to play in live events around the world and there is lots of fun to be had if you can avoid the pros.

    OPT OUT POKER PRO LABS This is your first step to gaining your online poker anonymity. Click on the link and OPT OUT!

    OPT OUT SHARSCOPE This is your 2nd step. This is how you opt out from Sharkscope tracking your 888 stats, you can also opt out from other sites 1 by 1 from the linked page.

    Register for the opt out tournament with password optmeout. See the link to find out how to opt out from other sites.


    RESET YOUR STATS  Next reset your stats so that players have no old information on you.

    Now you have taken these few quick and simple steps its time to start enjoying your poker but remember that some players will still have notes on you or have you tagged so this is a great time to bring some changes into your game and confuse the hell out of them. Suddenly they cannot track you and you are playing different to how they have you tagged, this my friends will send them running looking for easier targets.

    GL and have fun out there my888's 

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    New to Poker Stage 2

    Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 11:27 AM []

    New to Poker Stage 2


    So you have checked out how to play NLH, maybe looked at some videos of poker hands, read a book or 3 and feel like you’re ready to dip those brand new toes into that whirlpool pond of poker.

    You have made your first deposit and are now wondering where to start.

    The first thing to check is what free stuff you have in your poker account. On 888poker you can do this by clicking on the “Tournament Tickets” just under your balance in the main poker lobby.


    Some tickets can be used in more than 1 game so check out the drop down option against each ticket. You'll get 7 tickets to the daily $500 Depositors' Free tournaments at 19:30 GMT. That's $3,500 for you to play for, completely on the house so its a great place to start.

    Use these games to get a feel for the software and how it works. Choose a table layout that you like and scroll through the many avatars to find one that suits you. All these options and more are easy to find in your main poker lobby under the “settings” tab.

    Starting your first game.

    Hopefully after doing your pre-game research you will have found out about blinds, antis and other things that will happen during play so it is time to concentrate on winning a few hands. Playing ABC poker is always a good way to start and should help you get a real feel for the game.

     Use the chart below as a guide. (Chart and other useful info can be found HERE)

    Chart of Opening Hands By Position – Hold'em 9-Max

    The following Texas Hold'em 9-Max hand chart by position is a good default guide for starting hand ranges, and how you should play them. Hand ranges widen as you get nearer to the button and narrow with a lot of raising.

    All hand charts take into account the relative strength of opposing hands that you could be facing. This chart is for novice players and intermediate level players only, but more advanced players can also use it as a good gauge. As a beginner, you should really fold any hands not listed on this chart, as they're probably all junk!

    Early Position (UTG (EP1), UTG+1 (EP2)

    If folded around or first to act – Raise AA-TT, AKs, AK, AQs, AQ

    If callers – Raise AA-TT, AKs, AK, AQs, AQ

    If raised – Raise any raise AA-QQ, AKs, AK and call JJ-88

    Middle Position (MP1, MP2, HJCK (Hijack)

    If folded around – Raise AA-TT, ATs+, ATo+, KJs+, KQo

    If callers- Raise AA-TT, ATs+, ATo+, KJs+, KQo and call 99-22, KJo, QTs+, JTs

    If raised – Raise any raise AA-QQ, AKs, AK and call JJ-88

    Late Position (CO (Cut-Off), BTN (Button)

    If folded around – Raise All Pairs, A2s+, A9o+

    If callers – Raise AA-TT, ATs+, ATo+, KJs+, KQo and call 99-22, A-2s+, KJo, QTs+, JTs

    If raised – Re-raise AA-QQ, AKs, AKo and call JJ-22

    Small Blind

    If folded around – Raise All Pairs, A2s+ A7o+

    If callers – Raise AA-TT, ATs+, ATo+, KJs+, KQ and call 99-22, A2s+, T9s+, T8s+, KJ

    If raised – Re-Raise AA-QQ, AKs, AK and call JJ-88

    Big Blind

    If folded to you – Automatic win and pot ends

    If callers – Raise AA-TT, ATs+, ATo+ and check everything else

    If raised – Re-raise AA-QQ, AKs, AKo and call JJ-88, A2s+. ATo+, KTs+, Kto+

    After your first game take a moment to reflect on the hands you played and check them against the chart to see if you played them correctly or could have done something different. You can also pop into the my.888poker community and post hands here for help and advice.

    Try to take in all of the above before moving on.


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    New to Poker Stage 1

    Monday, April 4, 2016, 7:50 PM [General]

    New to Poker Stage 1 

    If you are thinking of playing poker online then you need to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

    There are several things to think about before you stick your toe into the pool which is full of all types of players and to help you get started here are a few pointers.

    Learn the basic rules of the game.

    I see lots of new players jumping in with both feet and a fist full of dollars. It will be obvious to more experienced players that are you new by how you play and there are plenty of them out there that prey on new players and their lack of knowledge. You can find out about all the poker hands in Texas Hold’em    HERE  and start to get to grips with the strategy   HERE

    Find a community where you can pick other players brains.

    Knowing the basics is only the start of a very long journey but at least armed with a little knowledge and somewhere to go to learn more is a solid place to start. The my.888poker community is as good a place to start as any as it is not so big that you will struggle to find the things you need and there are other players there that are willing to help you. You can open your free community account and introduce yourself    HERE 

    Decide how much you can afford to lose.

    Yes I know you are not planning to lose but it is best to realise that at first you will be playing mainly with more experienced players than yourself and often getting outplayed by them. With that in mind only deposit an amount you are comfortable losing that does not affect other things in your life. That way if you do lose your bankroll then it will not create any issues.

    Where to play.

    Online poker is getting more and more sociable with several live streams now very active on sites like Twitch. With that in mind you won’t find a site that rewards social players better than 888poker and they have various first deposit bonuses depending on where you live. They also have a lot of freerolls which can be a good place to start learning the basics of how others play. That said if you become good enough to move up to the higher levels you will see a much different game played. You can deposit from a little as $10 depending on which deposit method you use. If you need help with your deposit option then there is an online help page   HERE 

    I hope you find the above useful and look out for New to Poker stage 2 soon.

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    $888 Crazy Eights 8-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

    Sunday, March 27, 2016, 10:16 PM [General]

    Hey my888's

    888poker is hosting a brand new event at this years WSOP.

    Friday, July 1 2016 sees 888poker hosting a brand new event at this years WSOP it is Event 54: $888 Crazy Eights 8-Handed No-Limit Hold'em which will feature re-entries over four starting flights, is guaranteeing a $888,888 first-place prize. So it's no surprise it's one of the most popular additions to this year's schedule.

    You can qualify online from as little as 1¢ to the main qualifier

    What to Expect

    The $888 Crazy Eights event, which was named one of the five best tournaments for first-time players by USA Today, marks the first time in WSOP history that a sub-$1,500 buy-in event will be run eight-handed. 

    Here's a look at the event schedule:
    • Flight A – Friday, July 1 at 10:00 am.
    • Flight B – Friday, July 1 at 4:00 pm.
    • Flight C – Saturday, July 2 at 10;00 am.
    • Flight D – Saturday, July 2 at 4:00 pm.

    The plan for each day is to start players with 5,000 in starting chips and play 18, 30-minute levels. If a player is eliminated, they may elect to re-enter any remaining flight (max one entry per flight). 

    Survivors from all four flights will then return for Day 2 on Sunday, July 3 at 2 pm. for 10, 60-minute levels. From there, two more days of action will take place with the event expected to conclude on Tuesday, July 5.

    Want to know more??

    Then check it out in 888pokers online magazine  HERE  

    Written by Chad Holloway you can guarantee it will be worth a read especially with insights by two of 888pokers team pros Sofia Lövgren and Bruno Kawauti into how to approach the 8 handed game.
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    Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 2:17 PM [General]

    888poker’s 888live local series returned to Aspers Stratford (@AspersPoker) for their 50K GTD event which ran from March 3rd-6th to celebrate the addition of the lovely Kara Scott to the 888poker team. Kara kindly consented to an interview for the my.888poker community which you can view HERE

     With 3 day 1’s and 1 re-entry each day and only a £220 buy-in players were soon queuing at the poker desk in what is one of the smartest casinos I have seen in the UK and the poker room has recently been 888 branded and looks very smart.

    The poker room manager John Scanlon and all the poker staff and dealers made everyone fell very welcome and run a very professional set up. You should be proud guys.

    This dealer insisted he wanted a mention and you know old cryptic likes to oblige so here he is. Smile

    The first day saw a fun media event with ex pro footballers Andrew Cole and Danny Mills making guest appearances.

    888poker team members Dominik Nitsche and Sofia Lovgren also flew in for the action to make the team 3 handed. The Friday was Sofias birthday so the team toasted it in style.

    I arrived on the Saturday to an already packed poker room and felt sure I was going to be GTD lots of fun and action pack hands. The day was exactly that with players using the good structure of the event to settle in and play good solid poker.

    The end of day 1c saw 31 players joining the 47 from days 1a and 1b to go through to the final day on Sunday.

    Final Day.

    The £50K GT had been smashed and there was now a massive £116,820 prize pool generated by the 590 entries.

    With 63 places paid there was some very serious faces knuckling down to try their best to win the £22,500 a nice trophy and a £2K+ Vegas experience offered to the winner  including 888pokers Sofia and Kara who had both made it through.

    The First player out was Margarita Stoycheva who unluckily ran queens in to kings.

    The my.888poker community welcomed both the team888 ladies with a blue rose, lucky old cryptic got to present them Embarassed

    I had also made some celebration cakes for Karas inaugural 888live event.

    With action all over the poker room we were soon on the bubble but even though online qualifier Danny Rohrbasser left without cash the 888team ensured he left with a smile on his face as they generously gave him Sonos Play:1 speakers.

    Sadly we lost Sofia just after the bubble but she went on to crush the casinos cash tables and also won a very nice bonus for her quad aces  

    Kara was playing really well and also having lots of fun along the way.

    It had become obvious after several hours play that most players were sitting tight as they had their eyes on the whopping 1st place prizes and it took some bad beats to start eliminating players. I saw Aces busted 5 times during the final day, twice to flushes and I was told of other busted aces that I didn’t get to see for myself. Athough some did hold up too

    Kara also lost a pot to a 4 diamond board when she showed the king and the other player had the ace.

    It took a while to get down to the final table but when we did it was a mix of chip stack sizes but did include Kara who sat down in seat 5 with 1.485.000, the chippo had 2.820.000. Gary Lipman had busted 10th with Ac8d v AdJh to Ralph Baylor all-in pre: QcKdJs6d6c board Ralph had also eliminated the previous player and has played well all tournament.

    Some FT action.

    French player Hugues Lavieu who I had seen being quite aggressive throughout the day was noted raising a few pots again. He was made to fold twice in a row to re-raises and seemed deep in thought afterwards.

    Enzo Del Piero shoved 5bbs w Ac8c and bust in 8th place to Kara w QhJc. Board 2c8dQsJdKs

    This was followed by Robert Norman out in 7th (£3,790) and Shah Raza in 6th (£4,570).

    Amar Al Hussona went out in 5th after he shoved from the sb with Ac9s and Ralph Baylor in bb had AdAs. Board runs out 7s7h9c5h54h

    Hugues Lavieu out in 4th for £7,600 w 10d8d vs KcQc of Ralph Baylor. Board 4c8s7dKs4d.

    We then sadly lost Kara in 3rd with this hand.

    This left us with Ralph Baylor and Ralph Baylor and heads up, Ralph Baylor and Bernard Okyere-Sasu had survived a few all-ins to get to this stage.

    With a dominating chip stack Ralph soon took the title with AQ and to be honest I had liked his play all through the tournament and was not at all surprised with the result. Well played sir.

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