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  • wp yels for winning but i had to say greens still rule the felt as you seen short stack ninja me wiped the floor tonight anyway ulucky greens we nearly made it 4 in a row lol
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  • well folks have to say i enjoyed tonight thx for the game sorry for knock 2 greens out
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  • hi was looking to see what the forum pakage win consists off for the weeekly 370 weeekly champ game can any1 alight plz
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  • hi i dont know if it is me or the 888 software not running properly but can anyone see the weds lge tournament in any tabs as i cant see it this seems to be a regular thing accuring on ... more
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  • hi can some one tell where i can find the tourney in the tabs for the My.888poker $100 Moderators Melee as cant see it  
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