Probably...the best online poker site.. ever.

    Thursday, July 21, 2016, 7:23 PM [General]

    If i had a poker site? Let me think...there would be many things and ideas! It would have leaderboards of all kinds and sorts, because every player - small and big - should have a chance to compete in something. Of course there would be nice designed tables, lots of funny and useful features and also a big variety of games and limits. Every player should be able to find quickly his favourite game. Maybe i would integrate in the client a training session once a week with a site professional.

    The site should be loading fast, because i do not want to lose impatient players. I would not allow all sorts of helping software, because i think it is like a "legal way of cheating". But i would agree to note taking. A lot of tournaments would be running and at the start a voice would say: Shuffle up and deal! Who violates the chat terms and conditions, would get a yellow and then a red card - like in soccer. Maybe i would make contests of the best avatar pics.

    As a business man i would insert tiny advertisements at the table, and players who do not want to see it, can do this and pay a little bit more rake instead. My site would also have a forum with contests like here. My site would sponsor chess players etc., and hopefully transfer these other gamers to my poker platform. I would create a lot of funny, instructive and motivational videos for Youtube, to show the site as a friendly and lucrative place. There also would be happy birthday freerolls in my online poker room.

    When other sites have big tourney series nobody can really afford, i would offer cheap ones. People can create their home games with playmoney or real cash. Players can grind their way up", because my site offers Cent games as well as huge highroller tables. My VIP program or rakeback would be unbeatable and attract more players. The bonuses would be easier to clear than on other sites and i would promote it hard. And of course i have quick deposits and cashouts, because that topic is very important for most online poker players. A player to player transfer is allowed.

    I would give my old loyal customers lots of respect and promotions, not only to newbies. My costumer support is available on live chat all the time and in 10 languages. I would also try to include a staking system (from players for players). Sometimes i would send personal messages (as the CEO) to the players. The client is playable with and without a download, and also mobile. Cool sound effects increase the playing experience. Would hire the best poker software programmers of the world to beat the competition and always improve the client. And i would also hunt the bots, multi accounters, colluders and cheaters.

    I hope that all this would make my online poker site the best of the online poker world ever.

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    Hole Cards That History Makes Hard To Resist

    Saturday, October 31, 2015, 8:46 PM [General]

    My favourite poker hands are of course some of the premium ones. But there is also another memorable hand i love to remmber. (More about these special hole cards later.) I like the AKs in hearts and spades most, because they look so nice and are very strong hands too. And AKs doesn´t fear almost no other starting hand. Of course i also love AA and KK, but JJ and QQ not so much, because they disappoint me so often :) I have another favourite hand: i can`t resist ro play the lovely hand JTs, because it has so much equity. This hand is even a favouite against pairs up to 99.
    I also like all these tiny pairs like 22-77, because i try to hit those well hidden sets with it, which often means, that i get the whole stack(s) of my unsuspecting opponent(s).
    Hands i dislike are baby aces (offsuit) and suited crap hands like J3s - lots of donks still play these nowadays in the freerolls, micros and low stakes tourneys.
    But a really crazy memorable hand for me was 92o, a bad hand that ranges between 72o and the famous but bad Brunson hand T2o. It was in a $109 satellite for another $800 sat for the EPT Dortmund many years ago. I won my seat for the $109 in a $5.50 rebuy sat and i did not know at the time, that i could take the tournament dollars instead of playing. For a micro player like me $800 would be a great prize and bankroll boost. This $109 tourney was really a roller coaster ride for me. The bubble came and i had only one blind left, and the blinds and antes were huge. Now this huge big blind arrived me. I really hoped somebody would bust before me, but no. As you know in a satellite, you can win with 1 chip or 1 million chips, it doesn`t matter how much chips you have. But now i was auto-all-in! Damn, i will be the bubble boy, this was my thought as soon as i saw my weak starting hand 92o. Im done. Two players were in the pot and they checked it down like real professionals. But the miracle flop gave me big hope: there was a 9 and a 2 in it! Unbelievable - and indeed, my hand held and i made it to the money one hand later. And I finally learned, that i can unregister from the next target satellite and use the $800 for my bankroll instead of betting it again in a $800 sat. Happy end! :)
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    Poker, Personalities and Perfection

    Friday, July 31, 2015, 10:04 AM [General]

    What do the games i play say about me? I am a very competitive player, thats why i prefer tournaments. Sit-and-Go´s, MTT´s, satellites and MTT-SNG´s - these are my games. But i like more the regular (and some turbo) tourneys than all the crazy formats. Obviously the masses love the craziness, a simple example are the k. o.  tourneys, where thousands of players take part and - at the same time and buy-in - only a fraction plays in the "normal" mtt. I am more a conservative guy, and if that sounds boring to you, i have no problem with it :)

    I play tourneys since 2007 and they never bored me. Cash games i played too, but these are like a never ending game without any "importance" (no rankings, no fame and glory, no final results, no pressure when deep, no leaderboards, no big money for little buy-in etc.). I love the final standings, the screen shots i take, if i was successful - as a souvenir. I want to master No-limit Holdem first before i consider any other variant, and it requires a lifetime they say.

    The crazy PLO game never beats Holdem and also no other variant is able to do it. NLHE still rules the poker world, and no other variant has a chance against it. And i see the NLHE MTT´s as the royal discipline, because you have to be good in everything: playing deep stacks in the beginning, 20 or 30 BB later, push and fold, short handed, ICM, final table play, and the very important heads-up play (where the big money is). But as i said, not only the money is important to me, but also - if not more - the sport aspect. I am happy if i win a $0.55 tourney with 5.000 players like i´m happy with a win of a $25 MTT with some hundred players for instance.

    Every player has another personality and another style & taste, and that is good for the games and makes it interesting.

    The game of poker has changed my life...

    Monday, June 29, 2015, 10:36 AM [General]

    The game of poker has changed my life, because this great game became my new hobby number one. In the year 2006 i read my first little book about the rules and all the hand rankings, after i randomly bought an espn dvd on eBay with the famous Moneymaker WSOP 2003 victory. This dvd was fascinating, the commentators great and i saw all the big names in poker like Scotty Nguyen, Phil Hellmuth and Dan Harrington. And I saw tournament pots of millions (which I thought was real money lol). Until then, i played only chess and believe me, if you really are interested in chess, there is no other time or room for additional games. The training possibilities are endless and there a lot of books, games, videos and competitions. But i finally got hooked and played my first little live table (wasn´t for money, there were other prizes). I had no clue, for instance how much to bet in the pot in no-limit holdem, because i only played limit playmoney games on Yahoo so far. At first i noticed: Poker has a completely different clientele than chess. You find even some girls playing the game. And a lot of gangsta style people, but nerds too. And nobody says: Silence please! (like in chess). A more relaxed atmosphere and also more money to win. Especially in the online games, where you can play more at a time. I found the real money online games 2007, so I am a kind of a late starter. Since then i won way more prizes in poker than in chess in my whole life. But i still love both games. Chess is deeper and has more beauty, and poker has the thrill, excitement, money and also a component of sport in the tourneys. The game of poker also has changed my life because i learned to know many people live and online (for instance in forums). And i did many other poker related things like translating poker and casino articles into the German language or creating some blogs. I was staked and staked other players, i played freerolls and some big buy-ins too. I watched a lot of training videos by great players, which was almost stimulating as chess. I think I will never lose interest in poker and hopefully I can play it online still many years. We are nowadays really blessed with the internet and all the things, even when the so called Golden Times with the “easy money” are over. Poker is still my number one and i hope there will happen a lot more in the future!


    If I was a poker mentor...

    Sunday, May 31, 2015, 9:18 AM [General]

    If I was a poker mentor, i would insist that the student studies a lot on his own. As a mentor i can test her or him and answer questions afterwards. I am not there, to explain every little thing, which easily can be found in the internet, books, articles, videos or forums. This is the good thing about having a coach or mentor: You can ask questions. In training videos you don’t have this opportunity as a student. And of course you can also ask a lot of questions as a mentor.

    There are so many great learning resources and free poker information out there nowadays, but i think most players don’t value it enough. The laziness and some other factors still guarantee the presence of bad players at the online and live tables. If I was a poker mentor, i would teach my students the important concept / influence of variance in poker in the first place, which most people don’t understand or underestimate, especially the tourney players.

    I would teach them the importance of making good decisions, the pettiness of the concrete results of single poker hands and the big importance of volume in poker. I would show them, how to use their time very well, recommend useful videos and books based on my own learning and teaching experiences. I would try to find out the strengths of my student for the choice of the right poker format or variant. If I was a poker mentor, i would have some wishes too:  I wish they would be always prepared, show respect for me and my time, listen to me carefully, show big interest in poker and long term willingness to hard work for the success. And i would like to be paid high and/or coach a good looking female celebrity :)

    Beginner’s luck and Dan “jungleman12” Cates in Rozvadov

    Monday, April 13, 2015, 6:48 PM [General]

    My prize poker story is the following: A year ago I played my first “big” live poker tournament. I play mostly online, so I have not much experience in live poker. Because in Germany are not many opportunities, a friend took me to the largest poker room of Europe - in Rozvadov (Czech Republic). We arrived and it was still time, so I walked around a bit. So many poker tables, wow! Also the inevitable slot machines and classical table and card games. And then I saw a player, who i knew from some poker videos. I couldn´t believe it, there was Dan Cates at a separate table, playing heads-up with the owner of the King´s Casino Leon Tsoukernik! Of course I watched some hands from two meters distance or so.

    The tournament had a buy-in of 75 Euro. There was a second bullet allowed for the players, but as a micro player i had not the intention to reload if I bust. As usual, I played tight in the beginning and observed my table. This is the way I play all my low stakes online poker tournaments. Then came my first good chance to double my stack, I hit a set and my opponent indeed paid me off! I think he reloaded, but he was then at another table. The blinds went up and players after players were eliminated. Two times I had to win a race (50:50) with TT vs. AJ and similar cards. I won both and stole also blinds and antes from time to time.

    There were 91 players in the field and the casino announced 10 prizes. It was a long tourney. Then we had the last two tables, and later a player proposed a prize for the bubble boy. All agreed to give 10 bucks. My goal at this time after so many hours was honestly only to cash. But the blinds were so high, I had to win another all-in. I pushed on the button with A6s, and the big blind woke up with two 7s and called me. Now I really needed luck! And it came: the board showed a Q, K, J, and a T! Unbelievable, no Ace - but I made a miracle straight! Now I had a final table stack and the nerve wrecking bubble stage was behind us. At the final table I had no good cards in the beginning, so I waited and 3 people busted quickly. Then I busted two players with AK.

    Soon we were three players and it was a hard fight, back and forth. Another player busted, and I was in the heads-up! My friend busted in the middle of the tournament and railed me, he couldn´t believe it. My opponent was tough. We had almost the same chips, and because of the big prize jump we made a deal at four in the morning. I had slightly more chips and received 1400 Euro or so and my opponent a little less. The floor woman declared me as the official winner of the tournament, and I was proud and happy!

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