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    Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 11:50 PM [General]

    My top poker table players are : number 1 will go to david Bowie , I grew up listening to this man, me and my friends used to sit in my m8s room with Bowie blasting on the ghetto blaster lol while playing mario cart and drinking our md2020 or half bots of voddy before hitting the dancing, good tunes and will always remember that part of my life. Number 2 goes to THE ROCK dawyne jonhstone ( gimme some pie) this goes back a while aswel though I used to be a huge wwe fan and this man was the best , he brought comedy and great skills to the ring , it was always entertaining , I looked forward to seeing him in the ring. By far 1 of the funniest people in the wwe. Plus at the tables he might give u the stare down with the peoples eyebrow , number 3 I'm sticking with when I was younger , this man was my football hero , Mr Alan shearer , because of this man I was a huge Blackburn rovers fan , I thought he was God, I used to head out down the pitches trying to score goals like this man , he was outstanding , I remember when Sutton joined him upfront and they called them the SAS , they were just incredible. Goal scoring machines . Number 4 I'm choosing a poker player , why not eh , I'm choosing some1 that when I've seen on tv  has made the table relax , had a laugh and is just as daft as a brush , it's Jennifer Tilly , I think she lights the room up , who wants a dull boring great player on your final table , u need a laugh and she's the woman to do it , her presence would lift every1 . Number 5 is denzil Washington , he's 1 of my favourite actors , I find his films brilliant, I always know if he's in a film 9 out of 10 times its gonna be good , he always seems like a nice guy when I've seen him on chat shows, maybe he'll be a good bluffer at the table with his acting skills , number 6 is Bruce lee , what a fighter , the man has some moves , he created the impossible , great films , great fighting and I would luv to see him slowroll the rock on the final table and see what happened , hopefully a fight outside after lol. Number 7 I'm going with a comedian from Glasgow , hes called Kevin bridges , I don't no how big he is everywhere else apart from Scotland but he made it big here a few years ago , I like his comedy , maybe it's because he tells jokes about from where I'm from so I can relate and find it funny. I hope he makes it huge , maybe he is already , I don't no , he would bring good jokes to the table , number 8 is Mr Coldplay Chris Martin , just luv his music , been to so many concerts and enjoyed every1 . I've been a big fan for Many years , I remember parachutes when it first came out all those years ago and remember being blown away and it's just been great music ever since . He's a great musician and entertainer and I'll hope he would give us a few tunes at the table number 9 is guess is me , donnie what can I say about me , I'm 36 , married with 2 girls 9 and 7 , I've played poker for a few years now , still never played live :( , over the years playing this game I've had great ups and downs like every1 else . I don't think I would bring much to this final table as I would be star struck and nervous as hell , maybe be ok after a few beers and 30 mins playing , I'm a slow starter. Well I hope u enjoy reading and look forward to reading others :) 
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