My.888poker Holiday Special ‘Open Blog’ Competition

    Thursday, December 3, 2015, 1:26 PM [General]

    I had a premonition I might write a blog this month.  Well no actually I didn't but I did want to join in the fun and festivities.  So inspired by cryptic3's revival of an old thread I am sharing a few of my "instincts", "feelings" or "experiences" of this topic.

    Years ago in my first job I had a long bus journey home every night.  I had been travelling this route for months and months passing the same landmarks and scenery.  One particular day as we passed a wood I found myself entranced and focussed deeply in to the same unchanged wood.  At that point I thought to myself there's a dead body in there.  It creeped me out so I quickly drew focus elsewhere.  A short while later the local news stated that a body had been found in those woods.

    Previous to this as a teenager I woke up one morning with a very strong and positive feeling about horse racing.  I asked my dad if there were any big races on that day to which he replied that the 2,000 guineas was running, and yes he would put a bet on for me.  He passed me the racing details and straight away I was drawn to a horse called Roland Gardens, ridden by Frankie Durr.  As it happened it was also Frankie's last ride as a jockey.  As racing enthusiasts will know he won.  At 25 to 1, I got a lovely new jacket out of that.  My dad also had a big smile on his face that day coming back from the bookies.

    Did my dad know a thing or two about listening to my "instincts"?  Maybe, as years earlier as a little girl playing out with friends I suddenly ran in to the house asking my parents if they had seen grandad and telling them they had to go to his house and see him.  I then went out to play as if nothing had happened.  My dad said he would go check on him.  Grandad was unwell and had actually had a fall, although he did recover from this.

    There are lots of instances of thinking about family and friends just before they ring or text.  Also numerous instances of buying the same cards or buying presents they had actually wanted but never said anything to me about.  Coincidence maybe.

    Now I'm not a great gambler other than enjoying poker and occasionally racing.  I rarely do the lottery but have had flutters on it in the past.  One time it was a Euro lottery rollover which had not been won in the designated timescale so this particular week it would roll down to the next level if there was no outright winner with all the numbers.  I had a strange "feeling" as numbers were coming to mind.  I also recall being temporarily distracted from my thoughts then being unsure whether to use 21 or 22 in my number choices.  No one hit a full house of numbers again that week so it rolled down to the next level.  When I checked my numbers later, I was one digit off sharing with 8 others, and yes, I would have been a millionaire.  It was the 21/22 scenario and I chose the wrong one.  I didn't enjoy the £70 win as much as I could have as the loss was greater.

    Would I have been a better person for the win?  The answer is no.  I would have been richer and have been able to help out family and friends but I dont believe it would have changed the essence of me as a character.

    It is a fascinating subject.  I'm sure many of us have had some "experiences".  If only we could tap in to them as and when we would like to.  But remember next time your opponent hits his miracle river and you knew he would, ask yourself, did I really have a premonition? 

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