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    guys tell me about your experience in freerolls..mine are kinda exiting in one day i can make from zero to 110 dollars and lose it at the same day.. sometimes i win only cents, and sometimes nothing.. but for me this is a good way of practice to finaly join a big live event in the future... poker is a good mind exercise ,, tell us about your stories on freerolls .... thnx guys !!!

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    he he the all in curse ## thats an evil force riding thay freeroller activity:D OHHoooHoo And can drive any sane man to madness. High betting I get, but All inn - thats madness directly from stupidtown aint it? I get its a statement and a fearmonger. Also it hightens the frustration putting people off. But your goal being the money an hour ahead or so.. Going all inn as a strategy is more likely to rip your head off since the concekvens is termination from the tourney, and so aborts your goal. My newbie thoght about all-inn is that it changes the game from being a game of skill to one of chanse.. so therefor the all-inners are in the wrong arena. Hazard is their game, so they are probably just as happy playing sluts or B-Jack. wish you all a smooth and wonderfull morning.

    January 8, 2014
    2:02 PM
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    I just wish there were more Freerolls and fewer players would just jump 'all-in' right off the bat.

    December 15, 2013
    12:28 PM
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    hola me gustaria saber donde consigo las contraseñas de los torneos..graias

    April 11, 2012
    8:40 PM
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    i realy like freerolls. certainly because the factor luck is so high on this site. the times i lost with a dominating hand in a row is unbelievable. if u loose at a freeroll like that there s no men over board and it is a good way for building a bankroll. does anyone have a stategy to dodge that luckfactor? i know thats part of the game but loosing money to people who bet on a straight at the river and then hitting it time after time is killing me and makes me not want to play with my own money anymore.grtz johan holzken

    March 6, 2012
    5:09 PM
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