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5 years ago  ::  15 Dec 13 10:21 AM #31
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15 Dec 13 04:02 AM , Markus wrote:

Hello all  !!!

I play many Years Poker and had made the same experience like yours. Its on every Poker Site with Small/Mini Stacks the same. The Bad Hand-every-Time-all-in-Players or Low-Blind-rider are the Lucky Guys. 
When its for Nothing you also lose your Taktik and skill, but thats not funny that sucks a lot!!!

 I hope I can find same better tournaments/Tables with experienced players and not just all or nothing players.

But its allready a gamble...that whe now.

wish a nice day and good luck


Hello Markus and spazzer7,
Welcome to the forum
If you wish to play in the forum restricted games then you need to use the link and join the group.
You will find links to the passwords there.If you have any problems then please PM any moderator and they will help you find your way.

Enjoy your games

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2 months ago  ::  10 Oct 18 09:49 AM #32
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we should get VIP tourneys
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