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    Thursday, April 30, 2015, 11:48 PM [General]

    it was a dark winter day again in germany when my brother and me decided to take over a small hotel direct to our public swimming-pool. the main idea was to sell ice and stuff during summer to the pool but we had open all year and let rooms for workers aswell. the "normal" pub was open every day, too, and we always had some nice partys when some privare persons wanted to celebrate and rente the "big" room. my brother and me had a long history in running some "normal" pubs but never had any kind of saisonal bussiness and the reason for taking this one was because a friend of mine from chessclub asked me to take it over to save his home for the club. at least we knew we will have visitors from some clubs like chess, swimming, tennis and politics so we werent on a big risk anyways. at the end we wanted to try and till today i have to say we have done right. for us(special for me) it was fun to serve to some kids at kiosk instead of selling drinks to some alcoholics lol. everyone who knows me knows that i dont spit in my glass neither. long story short, i missed some of the late night action and the days became boring. i never was someone who wanted to get up early to make breakfast for others, instead i liked the nights, days became realy boring for me. the days despite summer time got me in, pure boredom. than one day it changed, ..., a friend of mine known to many of you as Yvonne(yps33), knowing i liked to play cardgames like poker and other german ones like doppelkopf or skat asked me why i dont play poker online to get over my "free time". i said oki, we could try but i dont trust online-games, i thought there will defo be to much cheaters. ok, she showed me 888, think it was pacific that early days where she was playing and they had an invite a friend bonus. of course we never got that bonus lol.... because i asked her to show me how to do everything and she of course did at my place on her account, kind of sick but that would be another story. but from now on my boredom was over, i started playing poker on 888 and was from start on kind of succesfull. i joined the forum, think i was one of the early ones here. one day there was a forum game on a thursday, where you could win a seat to a "888-bootcamp" the following weekend, i joined and won lol. after i won i had a problem, never had been on the isle, dont had any idea over prizes to fly or fairy and stuff but still wanted to go. at end i got a flight over and meet some nice peeps, like jeanette or chris, rick,....., many others who are still around at some times. since that weekend i became an adicct to 888 and its forum. i missed my flight home lol but it was still one of my best weekends to remember. of course i stayed on 888 since that time, like i said, i was an adiccted now.  next i remember was that i won a packete to UK-open,  was hotel all payed and a seat worth 6k. i was very nervous when i arrived because i never had played live tournament and i knew some of the other players i only saw on TV before. there was for example michael keiner(fish), devilfish(kind of shark), padraig(i realy like him) and few more. the party going on and hotel and and and, well done 888, was suberb. i could tell you much more about that event but i am short of time atm, so will close this blog by saying that i meet james leebody there(best player in my mind), tony, ...., others... when i prepared myself for the game i had a look for my opponents, think thats what i learned by chess. i made myself a plan, it was 6-handed, fast blinds because televised, first day i lost to a "real" donk but irish profesionell in HU, so had to go to loosers round. thats when i meet devilfish, he played very agressive. i remembered the books i read and what he thought about online-players that time. we had a hard hand together and he played me hard, after river i showed him my bluff after he folded and i will never forgett how he throw his lucky chip(he always had one) in the studio by shouting and moaning lol. i have had many other nice storys to remember but that one is realy one of the best. btw i made it to the money at end ;)    ....hope some of you liked my first blog ever
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    Sunday, July 13, 2014, 3:48 AM [General]

    any news or we have to look somewhere else!? i think we are now in day "5"!? whats going on?
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