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  • Stars you are a bad joke and not very USA real money for stars?They blew it again, greedy mofo's.The truth all comes out in the end.Can 888 get the stars REGS to play here? Does 888 want them here?Will our regs leave 888 when their ... more
  • Whats up with the broken blog section?

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    I am having issues as well and am not getting the free-rolls 24/7....I sent the pics of tourneys i played and buy-ins but they keep reporting only some buy-ins and not all or they have the amounts now I am wondering if the time-change has something to do with it i am in Canada not GMT time :)) I deposited and played yesterday as well spend the required buy-in amount for the free-rolls but no message again....not yet

    July 29, 2014
    10:26 PM
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