888 and others set to crush PokerStars, lol.

    Saturday, April 9, 2016, 5:44 AM [General]

    Stars you are a bad joke and not very funny.


    No USA real money for stars?
    They blew it again, greedy mofo's.

    The truth all comes out in the end.

    Can 888 get the stars REGS to play here? Does 888 want them here?

    Will our regs leave 888 when their old rakeback ends?

    Who knows, what? What's the odds that stars runs a clean game?  lol:1

    Gee I can't  wait to hear DopeyDan spin it off.

    We shall see.

    Yeah go on shoot the fn messenger, lol.

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    Monday, March 21, 2016, 2:10 AM [General]

    Whats up with the broken blog section?
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    Free at last

    Saturday, December 26, 2015, 11:16 PM [General]

    Emptied my account.
    Will enjoy spending it.

    No more bs.Cool
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    Strange poker, Extremes and Confessions.

    Saturday, August 29, 2015, 9:14 AM [General]

    Sorry it's so long, I hope it provides a few smiles and isn't too boring.

    I'll start with a confession.
    I've said many times my first experience with poker was only a few
    years ago. Well that's not quite true, close enough but not quite
    It was actually many years ago. I

    was playing some 8 ball for beers (nudge, nudge) when I ran into an old mate (name witheld) who invited me to play darts against some dart experts for beers.I explained that I'm hopeless at darts and he said don't worry I'll cover any losing bets.  We played many games and we both lost nearly every one.

     I told my m8 to save his money and come play doubles at 8ball and I'll cover all bets and beers. I couldn't understand what was going on as we were in a game we could never win. My m8 was worse at darts than I but could earn a few $'s with a cue. He insisted that we stick at it so we lost a small fortune to those guys.

    At closing time my m8 invited all the winners to a home game of poker. I said m8 I've never played a hand in my life. It's ok champ I'll teach you as we go, he said. I'm like yeah ok but we will be playing for money right? Of course, big money but don't worry I'll shout your chips, you keep your winnings minus those chips plus 20% of what you win.
    It was an offer too good to refuse and also too good to be true but I
    thought I had nothing to lose.

    We sat at a professionally felted table, to this day I don't know what variant we played, m8y cashed me up and money was flying around. A few hands in my Buddy leaned over to explain some more about the rules and tried to slip me an ace from his pocket. Suddenly I realized what was going on, why we played darts and why he was happy losing so much money to those guys.

    Wow I'm in a tough spot now.
    I'm no Angel but the thoughts of smiling at these new friends as we robbed them was too much and never going to happen. I pushed the card away, looked him in the eyes and told him to wake the f up.
    I protested, they would have been happy losing at 8ball after darts.
    Why are we here if the only way to win is to cheat?
     My m8 encouraged me to play on and said he wouldn't cheat again but
    he kept trying to swap cards with me. He was also splashing pots,
    dealing bottom cards and only god knows what else. The cards were
    probably marked too, who knows.

      I Lied and told him I was too drunk to play and refused to play another
    hand. He begged me to stay so he could recover our losses from darts at the pub. I said stuff you m8 I offered to roll us all night at the pool tables and shout all beers, win lose or draw. He wasn't happy and refused my offer to repay my darts and poker losses if he plays fair or calls it a night. I refused his refusal and stuffed the money in his pocket, I couldn't get out of there quick enough.

    I was sure it had turned me off cards (WRONG) for life.
    For far too many years, whenever anyone mentioned a card game I would
    cringe at the thought and I avoided them.

    About five years ago I went to play 8ball in my local pub competition but I saw my 1st Texas holdem poker tournament. The pub replaced the pool comp with a poker tournament. The poker guys wouldn't play pool for money so eventually
    I had to learn how to play poker.

    That wasn't  at 888.

    Some extremes.
    I've read a shipload of books and bought heaps of training software. I"m a slow learner but I have several times even been gifted some brief but very much appreciated private, personal coaching. Generously donated by a few of my hero's with minds so far above me it's a real honor to have brainstormed life, poker and the Universe with them.

    The strange.
    There is a pro named Stevie Wong who would entertain (smack)the micro
    stakes players with a special 1/2 cent table going whenever he was playing his regular games. I had been playing online for a few months (maybe 600 $1 sng and 150 mtt) and decided to try my luck and learn cash table play from him.
    The waiting list was extreme too, almost two weeks of about eight hours
    a day. I studied Stevie hard as I waited for a seat. By the time I sat I had seen him play more hands than anybody else I had watched.

    I think I owned him hahahaha.  He's a really nice guy so I'm still not totally sure if he allowed me to do better than I should. If not, I suppose it's possible he could remember our one session, it was short but pretty crazy.

     It started at his regular solid abc pace but quickly switched to xyz intense. One of those sessions where you see two maniacs going at it so hard and large that everyone else is just kinda holding back a little (adjusting their deep stack ranges? to almost push/fold?) more than they usually would before getting involved.
     He seemed a bit safe and nitty by my slightly nutjob standard of the day. Cough cough, lol.  He would punish others mistakes by usually having the better starting hand and milking weaker hands if the flop was good for his. He's really more tag than nit but I never saw him get caught 4 or 5 bet bluffing or doing stack off light type of wilder plays.

     I forced him to open his range up a bit and upped the table standard bet sizing so we could both be a little uncomfortable, rather than just me because I was in Awe of him. He's capable of playing a wider range, he just never needed to play anything like loose to cover the blinds at that table before.
     It's not a tournament.

     If I'm honest, He actually forced me to force him as I had so many
    times seen how effective his usual game was vs us micro players. He never lost for long and I wanted to beat him, first try. The way he played this table was slow and steady low variance for sure. He couldn't give our table his focused attention, yet he might cop snickers from his higher stakes m8s if he lost more than a few sessions at this table.
    It was the only game I was playing and I was fully focused on him. He was probably ten tabling $1/$2 cash tables at the same time, I'm not sure.

     He and I went on a molten lava like heater, we were playing heaps of hands, isolating each other and or reading the other players well whenever they did reluctantly enter a pot. I guess by then they were entering face up. Defining there range so they won mostly small pots and stacked off to us when they lost.. We had unbelievably large stacks and and endless player waiting list. Then Stevie shipped a few big pots, coolers? (I had outs bro) my way near the end of the session too.

    .  To top it off I had to rat-hole it, I had a tourney starting at another site.
     Sorry Stevie, I did say I'm no Angel.

    Some more extreme.
    I can't remember how many times I've had to set my alarm clock for 3, 4 or 5am to play in my favorite 888 online tournaments.

    An old pic but I like it.Laughing

     I've also been late to work, dinner and completely missed important appointments due to running deeper than expected at times.


     Okay I'm finished, I hope some of you didn't fall asleep.

    Good luck to all the 888 August bloggers.

    Poker, Personalities and Perfection.

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 5:13 AM [General]

    I imagine this months subject will provoke a lot of thought and consideration.

    Poker, Personalities and Perfection.
    I left some of the guidelines in to show why I'm writing about that area.

    What does my poker game say about me?

    I have no idea, maybe this blog will provide that info or somebody can tell me later?

    What we want to know is what games have you tried?

    I've tried every game that I have seen offered on the major sites. Played my first game of razz without ever reading the rules, same with omaha. I used the replayer as the tourney progressed to learn how and why the hands that won were winning. Not bragging but I cashed in both.

     Which ones have you disliked and which style/pace is your favorite?

    The only games I dislike are the ones aimed at real gamblers, (no offense) the more luck required the less I like them. If it's not beatable over the long-term I'm in only for a laugh or pass some time between my more preferred games...

    Do you play certain games depending on your mood or circumstances? Why?
     Are you after a chill time or a buzz?

    I really like playing plo8 because it can usually (with most structures) be played correctly as a total maniac (if buzzing) and just as correctly as a full on Nit if chilling out.
    What I like most about no limit holdem is that when the trap is sprung (say nuts vs 2nd nuts etc) we could get max return on that hand by forcing their whole stack in regardless of how deep stacked we may be.
     Sometimes my mood gets me to play a gambling mans choice, an all in husng or two before signing out for the day. That's usually after I can't win a tourney hand for ages.
     80% roi on a quick 50/50 chance feels like an improvement on the flow of a bad 12 hour day.

     Do you think certain personalities are drawn to or more suited to a particular type or form of the game?

    Yes true gamblers don't care too much about their true long-term chances (it's here and now) so will play almost any game and the faster the better. They should play all in style husng.

    What does your favorite style say about you and your character?

    I'm not sure what it says about my character.
    I do prefer safe hard work rather than risky get rich quick schemes. I don't like gambling in the dark much unless it's for fun. I like playing games that I can improve my chance of winning long-term via study. Unfortunately for me I'm a slow learner. I suppose that says I'm willing to do hard work to get better results.

    And finally, we would like you to finish your blog by defining a poker game that would combine all the elements you enjoy; from the different forms of poker you have played or watched.
     Stamp your personality and concept on it, then give it a name. In other words, create your perfect poker variation!

    Okay I might go a little off topic here as I try to show how my thoughts evolved into my latest creation.

    From the first game I played I could see huge value in knowing what hands other players were playing and what they did with them.  At live games I would sit behind players to see how they played the same hands in different ways. Mostly I wanted to see what the good players were doing that made them better and visa versa.
     I had to battle through those early days without any games structured to teach us or help us learn faster in any way.

    Some time later I wrote online about a game that I had created
    (out of the blue) to help new players learn faster. It could be used with most types and game structures. The main difference from any game I had seen was that players involved had to show their cards after the hand. This would allow players to know when they had been bluffed off a hand etc etc. They could then adjust to opponents personal tendencies and their own distributions to improve much faster at any game they tried.

    I also recently wrote a blog about how we sometimes need to be able to win without looking at even our own cards.
    That concept is hard for noobs to get their head around but it's vital they try to understand it if they want to be the best player they can be, especially for tournaments.
     I guess most noobs hated that article because it seemed like false information. I suspect most regs hated it for the exact opposite reasons.

     That shows how wide the gap is between the two schools of thought.
    OT again..I won $50 as a judges favorite for writing those few hundred words on winning at poker without looking at your own cards.
     Yea I lolled too, thank you very much, judges..

    Back to this 888 blog theme.

     My latest festering problem with the whole online poker scene was//is that new or recreational players prefer not to play more experienced opponents and sometimes the noobs drive regs crazy with their illogical unreadable plays. I've created another quite amazing game.
     Designed so new players and seasoned veterans won't mind playing together, even if HU. It's a game of skill but will be unsolvable for longer than it will take us to solve deep stacked full table plo8, though o8 isn't part of it, nor is it limited to hu.
    It's one of those ideas where you go wow why didn't I think of that (so simple) but I doubt anybody is thinking (crazy like a fox) along these particular lines at the moment. I've certainly never seen or heard of anything even vaguely similar, although I also had never seen a show me your cards style of game before I wrote about it so just about anything is possible. Great? minds? think? alike??? lol?
     Player segregation is (lazy?) attempting easy (quick fix) over-simplification of the rec vs reg situation and IMHO not the long-term solution to this difficult ongoing and growing problem..

    One of my personal favourites is Crazy Pineapple. Whoever made that one up was most certainly Crazy, but also wanted to add a lot of fun to the game. What type of poker game would your creation be?

     Whoever made that one up was most certainly Crazy...??

    Lololol aren't we all?
     Why should an ace high flush be worth more than a 6 or 7 high even though the Ace hi is so much easier to to achieve?
     poker is heavily littered with incorrectly rated hands, lolololol. It is what it is, it's far from perfect but we appear to love it anyway..

    What type of poker game would your creation be?

    What Mine?
    Well using two words, For Sale.

     In one word,   Priceless.

    I hope some noobs, regs and of course all the voters and judges enjoyed reading my blog..

    GL and GM All, see you at the tables, hopefully not when I'm spewing..

    Thumbs up?

    The game of poker changed my life, blog.

    Monday, June 29, 2015, 8:31 AM [General]

    I guess it has changed my life in positive and negative ways but the positives would far outweigh the negatives.

    There is no more boredom, that's a huge bonus.
    I have bought new household items, lappy, tv, toaster, phone etc with my winnings. Poker has also paid for many books and software that I otherwise couldn't afford. I've won some great clothes too.
    I can log on at any time and have fun or seriously compete for some cash.
    Sitting in the comfort of my home I can play mind games and chat with like minded people from all corners of the globe. The games constantly challenge me and demand that I improve.

     Like everything else the more I learn about poker the more I  realise how much more there is to learn. One of the best parts is knowing I will never know all there is to know about poker so it won't get less challenging as I do improve my skills.

     I'm much more comfortable with maths now and see that is one of the most
    important things in life. Without math we would all still be living in simple housing etc etc. I, like the rest of us should be able to keep playing poker even when we are so old we can no longer walk unassisted.

    Some of the negatives are that I sometimes neglect other parts of my life
    (health and family) because I'm  playing or studying too many hours. I like to play vs the rest of the world so my alarm clock is set at 3, 4 or 5am too often, lol.
    I don't prepare proper meals sometimes as the five minute breaks and overlapping tournaments don't allow it. I can get super frustrated (really lose control) by seemingly clockwork beats and they can effect my attitude to the game, 888 and other areas of life.

    Well I hope that's 300 words.
     Sorry I kept it quite shallow but I'm still in a  downswing and not feeling too pumped at the mo.
     They say results shouldn't matter but when I'm super favourite with one card to come but I lose, well it can still shatter me if it's a few in a row, near itm, hu and or one of my bigger buy ins.

    I'm positive poker has done me more good than harm.

    Good luck and good math to you all.

    May blog mentoring

    Sunday, May 24, 2015, 4:20 AM [General]

    If I was a poker mentor my student would probably be in deep trouble.

    I have very little to offer as most of my opponents are beta than me but here we are, lol.

    Why am I writing this blog? only because I can't shut up I talk too much.

    I'm on my worst downswing since I started playing, I'm tilted and hating my play lol.  I don't feel like I have much to offer other than a weird twist on what's generally accepted as right and correct play and practice.

    I'm going to ask you all to play without considering or even looking at  your own pocket cards, lol? nope no lol here mates, I'm deadly serious. If you are an ABC type of player it should improve your understanding about how poker works and increase your win-rate with hands like 72o etc...

    Books etc can teach you the chess like parts of poker. That's the perfect or near perfect information situations like if The pot is x size it's going to cost me x to see the river card and I have x% chance of hitting my nut hand. Pretty simple to know what the best play is in those situations, usually if I hit my hand I will win and I believe I will be behind with my ace high if I don't hit my nut straight or nut flush draw on the river. Bla bla bla bla bla bla one more in case you didn't get it blaaaaaaaaaa.

    Phil Ivey says you get to a certain level and it comes down to if your opponent has what he is representing or he doesn't. I tend to agree because some  players will only ever open from utg with AA, KK, QQ or AKs while others might make the same action with any two cards. Versus non abc players our job is to work out who is capable of what with every strength of hand and situation possible.

    We can spend several years and millions of played hands to get the experience required to be reasonably confident we are right calling down big bets with J high or folding AA for value pre-flop in an omahahaha game etc.
    Personally I'm a slow learner and everything takes a while to sink in.

    We all know or should, that given enough time we will all see the same distribution of starting hands (in a straight game) from every position as our opponents. Over a lifetime of play, winning or losing long-term will come down to how we extract more value than our opponents. Re when we have the best of it and how we do the same with the bottom of our playable range. Who thinks about 32 53 or 72o's value over a lifetime? I sure do, do you?

    There will be times we need to win on the river with unimproved 72 vs a hand we know has us crushed, say unimproved JJ, TT 99 etc etc. Knowing how individuals play certain spots helps but if we have no history with that particular player we must revert to how most players play that situation and hope our opponent plays that way. Hope he can fold 99 to an x sized riv bet on a 6K43A board when we hold 72 etc. Some will fold every time some will call every time, others will mix it up, maybe re-raise shove as a total bluff etc.

    Given that we only hit the flop about 30% of the time with our AKs and 72o the cards can matter but if we all (9 handed) saw every flop the best preflop hand would win less than 30% so we should try to narrow the field regardless of our starting hand. AA does better vs one opponent, the same way 72o does. Should AA be better than 22? no not really, both are exactly as likely to come as each other but the rules mean AA is much better than 22.

    So what's my point? well the stronger the players are the less rivers we will see so we often don't really know if the best hand or the best man won.
    How can we fast track learning what's required to win with the worst hand. It's quite simple but I'm sure most of you will struggle to get your head  around what I'm about to tell you. It sounds like it goes against all that we are taught about the maths of the game but in fact it's an extension on abc  poker maths, please enjoy.

    Forget your cards for a while, play a few sng without looking at your cards unless someone forces you all in. WHAT the? I hear you think. Is rod really crazy, hmm you tell me after your next few sng. Think long about it before you sign in.
     I say if you can't cash once in those few games, poker probably is not your game. Go play chess or checkers they are both much simpler even vs a master. Now if you can workout what's required to cash you've learned the first  part about how to win without hitting the top of your distribution like God. We've all had games where every hand is favorable to us and we almost can't lose.

    When you can be almost as confident about winning those cardless games as if you were  looking at your cards and or running like God you are ready  to play Ivey or any other great no limit player for rolls.
    I hope this helps at least one player who is ready for this form of lesson.

    Please don't like or dislike this blog until you have played a few cardless sng. I bet nearly every player here can often do better than last place and some of you can win 1st place a few in a row. I think some players like Xray for example could win even an omahaha mtt card-less such is his reading ability.

    PS yes I have cashed and won a good % of cardless holdem sng and 27 player games.
    If I couldn't honestly make that statement you wouldn't be reading this as I wouldn't have written it because bs really is a waste of every ones time.

    Would it be possible to somehow turn Phil Ivey into the worlds biggest long-term online loser? Yes ABSOLUTELY without any doubt what so ever, him, Durrrr, isildur or in fact anybody (I would instabet my life savings on that) but that's another longer story which most of you would prefer not to read anyway SO GLuck and GMath all.Laughing

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    My prize poker story

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015, 9:13 AM [General]

    My prize poker story begins about five years ago,  my local pub stopped 8ball comps and introduced poker tournaments.
    Grrrrr I knew I would have to learn poker or call that night an expense every week.

    The poker lineup was a mix of keen young Uni students, some regular online grinders and quite a few tough MMA fighters. They were all serious and precious about their poker and had played each other many times at other venues nearby.
    Hmmm what's a guy to do? they wouldn't play me for a cent or a beer at 8ball (too smart, I guess) and I didn't know anything about poker. I knew the best hand was a royal something and there's another hand called 4 of a kind, lol.
    During the first game I played (drunk)(I asked lots of questions, 500?) they team schooled me hard and insulted my intelligence (lol good read guys but bad move and just what I needed) or lack of it so it wasn't really game on until after my first loss.
     The games were on my one big drinking night of the week but I focused my mind on the poker through beer goggles and watched every hand each week until the tourney was over.

    A few weeks later I final table cashed (quite drunk)and said I had learnt enough to win it. The regs were rolling
    on the floor laughing so much the game was put on hold while they took turns mildly insulting me further and to recover from their fits of laughter.  
    As they were ready to recommence play, I staggered to collected my winnings and asked the director "how much for first?" Then calmly, quietly stated next week its mine, I will walk off with all that 1st place prize money".
    That was it, the game almost broke up again as none of them could contain themselves. I sensed some wanted to school me in mixed martial arts too but none made it unavoidable so no blood was spent there that night.
    The well seasoned Tournament Director said we all must have dreams Rod, then quickly rejoined the orchestra of disbelief.

     Most of the players and railers had tears pouring. I casually smiled and said it's mine next week guys, if you're here you will see. I was a little stunned at how disbelieving they were. I could hear them still snickering as I walked out the door. Somehow I felt quietly confident and buoyant about the next tournament. I honestly thought I had seen enough, a few hundred hands,lol.

    Next week came soon enough and I wish you could see the eager crowd. My self inflicted extra pressure was overpowering as we sat to play.
    All wanted to see if I could do it and were ready to berate me (maybe even punch me) when or if I failed. They were ready to wager London to a brick before the first hand.
     To cut a very long funny story short, I reached the ft fully focused and right in the zone.
     Soon there were only two of us left. One was near the top of the series leader board the other a maiden, me.
     As I played my first few live hu hands ever, I could see a little fear in many eyes. Not that they feared my game yet but the
    champ was short stacked. For the first time all night I was shaking with fear myself.
    A few hands into hu the reg shoved his short stack into my 5:1  stack and T3o. I thought about it for a long time as it was a new spot for me, (1st place resting on one hand etc)eventually I called and dumped my raggy cards towards the the reg. The crowd smiled as they spotted my garbage. The air was thick with fist pumps and silent cheering as the reg flipped over 99, I hit and won the tourney. The look on their faces is unforgettable.

     The Director who said I was dreaming wasn't there that night but his face as I approached him the next week was priceless.  I'm positive he will never forget the wide grin on mine as he whole heartedly congratulated me on the win.
     I LOLLed a bit after it soaked in again, I still do every time I think of that night.

    Seven final tables from my first 11 live starts there before the majority started adjusting.

     By then I was mostly online trying to specialize in sitngoes $1-$10 stt. I stopped those after that site (FTP) closed and took my whole roll. I was shattered. Eventualy I remounted the horse, looked over the Net before I discovered a free $8 offer at 888 so I switched to mostly micro (12 month roll gone) MTTs and have played (struggled) here almost every day since.
    I used to think I was a good snooker and 8ball player until I met my two coaches.
     One was 5 times world 8ball champion from  seven attempts the other A Kiwi snooker champ. Both took me under their wing and showed me almost everything they knew. Suddenly I realised I wasn't good at all, just better than most of my regular opponents.
    I didn't really know what good was until training with those champions. $500,000 winnings later and my dream car Porsche in my garage convinced me I could play 8ball better than most.

    I'm usually quite a slow learner so I'm almost happy learning poker and playing micro stakes at the mo but not forever. I hope to be good at poker some day and move up a level or two.
    When will that be? who knows? I surely don't. I know it will be a long road and time might beat me (I'm ill) but we are all on own our own road, that's life.

     I'm like everybody else often believing I'm the unluckiest poker player in the world.  I plan to keep improving until my last breath, regardless of the seemingly unreal perpetual, break, bubble and ft bbeats, lol.

    If you would like to help a loser improve? Give me a thumbs up and ask all ya m8s to too. Any prize will be used for improving my poker here at 888, maybe a shot so it will all be recycled back into the 888 poker player poole.

    Now go and write a blog for me to read, cheers.
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