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Posted by: on Sep 9, 2017 at 07:34:13 PM
This is what aggravates me with online games
1-a few game that i played i noticed in the begging of a tournament,all players start with an equal amount of chips,but there is always one player with the double amount.
2-the button never follows,if there is an empty seat the button is on that seat,button is suposed to follow a player and not an empty seat.
3-when the tables are balanced,you are not suposed to lose your position.
its not because its a Micro stake game that you could do whatever you want,if you want respect at the table,Demonstrate some respect towards poker players who are starting,and make it a fair game,please,because its disgusting and agravating,i deposit money to play, and to have fun,and not to get robbed.Yell...
Posted by: on Aug 12, 2017 at 09:28:37 PM
WELCOMING the NFL Preseason while brushing a few gamesCool