888poker “Push or Fold” Tables Gain Momentum
By Gareth @ 888
Mar 21, 2011 1:30 PM CDT
As 888poker continues to expand the “We Play Different” strategy with several features, such as, Teams Tournaments, PokerCam tables and 3D themes, they have recently added a new game structure called “Push or Fold”.

The new “Push or Fold” structure has been incorporated into 888poker’s cash game tables and the concept is simple. When choosing a “Push or Fold” labeled cash game you enter a standard 6-max cash table, however the maximum buy-in is only 5x the big blind instead of the usual 100x. This structure creates a fast paced, short stack table which causes players to make aggressive decisions to push or fold in order to stay in the game.  Since the “Push or Fold” tables have been added to the 888poker offering, the popularity and reviews have been extremely positive.

 “Push or Fold” tables are great for fast and fun play, but they have also received feedback as being good  for polishing up on your short stack strategy. With games ranging from 1¢/2¢ to $100/$200, players of all skill levels and bankrolls can get a piece of the action.

For more information about “Push or Fold” and 888poker’s other “We Play Different” innovations, please go to www.888poker.com.