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888 sucks 888 sucks ,no respect at all for as,no internet connections(only when they take money is good) and no winings here. They take all and nothing for as....more
Created: Mar 17, 2018
Pretty much a month away, back refreshed :-) level 39 #Bitcoin My quest was to get to Level 40, we start that quest today at level 39 - 600 pts between me and a 3.10pm after $2000 game :-) I dotted between $3 and $1 tables but lately, I've enjoyed the 6 man ...more
Created By: Ricey
Created: Mar 13, 2018
Random Color Blocks In Posts I will make an html black jack game --------------------------------------------------- - - - I GOT BORED WAITING ON THE NEXT PORTION OF MY 88$ GIFT SO HERE ARE SOME HTML MINI COLORFUL B...more
Created By: Kiel
Created: Mar 12, 2018
Was playing at the competition and... Was playing at the competition and was in the middle of a $1 spin game.Before the game was started the site crashed.I was refunded $77 instead of $1.I tried to contacting them but, they were not respo...more
Created By: Mark
Created: Mar 6, 2018
SERIUOSLY 888 I dared to complain that the latest treasure chest Challenge, was encouraging  irresponsible gambling!   Today, I have received an email saying that they were closing my accoiunt! ...more
Created By: Rhonda
Created: Feb 16, 2018
For the love of the game #CaribbeanStudPoker LiveCards Not been overly active on the BLOG front for a while, but after steady bankroll building and the nice calm game that is Caribbean stud poker. It's nice not to be raised all in with rags and get binned...more
Created By: Ricey
Created: Feb 10, 2018
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