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888 and the need for us to keep in touch, here. I guess to start things off I have to admit that in my narrow vision I have missed many things that are posted here as I was busy putting up my own views. The one thing I did notice this last time was...more
Created By: Len
Created: Feb 8, 2019
VIP GOLD STATUS I'm still waiting on recieving my rewards for upgrading. QWTF!...more
Created By: alison
Created: Feb 4, 2019
whats the 100 cardschat password today?  Will some one please take some time out there busy day to answer me please?...more
Created By: alison
Created: Feb 3, 2019
CASH PLAY I have played at the cash tables mostly today, tried one tournament because the ticket was about to expire but didn't really want to get into a long session as I had to be in and out a lot. I gue...more
Created By: Len
Created: Jan 31, 2019
$16.50 BIG FISH TOURNEY Well another payoff for sitting through 5 hours of tourney pay, $56 and change after being bumped out in the high 40ies or low 50ies, the Final table would have been sweet and was almost insight but i...more
Created By: Len
Created: Jan 28, 2019
PLO Grind Poker is a funny game sometimes. It has been a couple of months since I posted about some reasonable progress I'd made playing micro PLO cash games.   In that post I described how I was encou...more
Created By: Finent
Created: Jan 26, 2019
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