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Blog of the month game I wonder if this next game will be canelled...more
Created By: triger14
Created: Nov 25, 2016
oct after saying all about freebees i didnt do bad i won a t,shirt and a card box wich had two packs of cards veary nice happy as pie lets see wot this november brings **** ...more
Created By: andrew
Created: Nov 15, 2016
MOVEMBER Its that time of year again where i get to look like an extra in a porn film or village people.I am hoping to raise a few quid, i will be donating 25% of any tournament or sngs from this month, so hop...more
Created By: slim
Created: Nov 7, 2016
blogs nothing is up to date on passwards so how can i get themand blogs is the same two and 3 mouths old wot two do thaxs...more
Created By: andrew
Created: Nov 6, 2016
Created By: Fabricio
Created: Nov 4, 2016
2016 Birthday Bash For the past couple of years I have read the Birthday Bash forum posts, never daring to think I could possibly go.  This year I followed the posts and did not think I would be up to playing live....more
Created By: Rhonda
Created: Nov 3, 2016
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