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thanks 888poker Happy New Year to all......Just want to say I have a great time at 888poker ..Ive chatted while playing poker to some great ppl. username brenda2069ca...more
Created By: brenda
Created: Jan 1, 2017
todays password Hi the password for the freeroll today 1/1/17 is 888pass good luck to you all and a happy new year...more
Created By: ralph
Created: Jan 1, 2017
Ezhiki stuff! Hey. The head of your blog. I will celebrate the victories and defeats. Writing about happy events, or on the mountain. Sometimes the interesting things from other worlds: fishing, cooking, raising ch...more
Created By: Igor
Created: Jan 1, 2017
Late reg or not late reg that is the question One of the things i often think about is when is the right time to late reg and when is it not?Being a low stakes and freeroll player I dont have any authority on bigger stakes and hope someone can re...more
Created By: Andrew
Created: Dec 30, 2016
Created By: igor
Created: Dec 28, 2016
points How do I earn points???...more
Created By: Christopher
Created: Dec 22, 2016
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