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luck I have'nt had much luck lately, hope it changes soon....more
Created By: triger14
Created: Sep 20, 2016
DONKS Why do people get upset with THOSE (  so called donks )...Not only do thay play badly  and luck can only last so long. and normally end up giving away there why get upset.We all wa...more
Created By: gregory
Created: Sep 19, 2016
Times for Tourney's Hi 888 CommunityI am finding the times for tournaments especially for the super XL series unfair for the Australian players. I won my seat into the 50k summer series tournament it was for 2.30am ...more
Created By: Catherine
Created: Sep 10, 2016
hand of the day is anybody else having problems with this hand of the day promo? as far as im concerned i won it both yesreday n today but nothing happened no tickets granted. support no help they told me i played th...more
Created By: john (DENick}
Created: Sep 5, 2016
Minimal Mistakes of Poker The first sounds of a bell ringing is something of a memory when i was in High School.The sound of it going off as a reminder for many things like the begining of school,changing at the end of a ...more
Created By: Johnny
Created: Sep 3, 2016
The Blog of the month renovation idea The Blog of the month renovation idea888 poker offers in its forum a nice little format  for users that want to get their bankroll boostet.Its the "Blog of the month".users have, in conformation ...more
Created By: Klaus
Created: Sep 2, 2016
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