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jackpot winners wondering why 888 so keen to flash up jackpot winners yet as far as i know ive never seen 'promotion winners lauded.'...more
Created By: john (DENick}
Created: Mar 17, 2017
out of date were are all the new 2017 passwords...more
Created By: darien
Created: Mar 14, 2017
royal flush Had been playing all week, bank roll going up then down, Until i hit a royal fush, It was a very bad call but i was low staked and just went for it, since then it been win wn win, my bank roll has bee...more
Created By: ralph
Created: Mar 13, 2017
888 Hello All!!!!!I Alexander, I am 34, I conduct the active way of life, like to develop in everything and in all directions, I consider that life must приность useful garden-stuffs from everything!!!I W...more
Created By: Oleksandr
Created: Feb 26, 2017
level playing field add ons at the start of tournements creates an unlevel playing field,allowing some players to to practically buy there way into the pay list,without actually playing a hand in my opinion this defeats ...more
Created By: brian
Created: Feb 24, 2017
team players hi been playing pokerstars for a few weeks its not that good  888 will nock spots off it 888 the best around...more
Created By: andrew
Created: Feb 20, 2017
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