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CASH PLAY I have played at the cash tables mostly today, tried one tournament because the ticket was about to expire but didn't really want to get into a long session as I had to be in and out a lot. I gue...more
Created By: Len
Created: Jan 31, 2019
$16.50 BIG FISH TOURNEY Well another payoff for sitting through 5 hours of tourney pay, $56 and change after being bumped out in the high 40ies or low 50ies, the Final table would have been sweet and was almost insight but i...more
Created By: Len
Created: Jan 28, 2019
PLO Grind Poker is a funny game sometimes. It has been a couple of months since I posted about some reasonable progress I'd made playing micro PLO cash games.   In that post I described how I was encou...more
Created By: Finent
Created: Jan 26, 2019
BAD BEAT Do bad beats annoy you? You aren't alone if you answered yes. While it is fine and in some cases even natural for bad beats to get under your skin, it is important to move past them as quickly as poss...more
Created By: Haykel
Created: Jan 15, 2019
TILT? I hear a lot of talk about Tilt and what one should do to avoid it. To walk away from the table either for awhile or for the day, depending on how much a certain loss bothered the person who may be on...more
Created By: Len
Created: Jan 12, 2019
THOSE OF US WHO HOPE TO BECOME PROS The idea of becoming a pro player in poker is obviously in the minds of many who play here. Why not? A life that requires steady study of a very interesting game and some very colourful people. M...more
Created By: Len
Created: Jan 12, 2019
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