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Bit more about #54 My WSOP experience was a lot like everyone else's!  3000 chips with 1hr blinds is not a structure I have played before and didn't really suit my style as I usually prefer deepstacks.  I stuc...more
Created By: Judith
Created: Jul 3, 2010
C'est la vie! Arrived in Vegas 2 days ago and took the opportunity to do some power touristing on the way here with stops in Paris and New York. Long days because of the time difference and not much time for sleep ...more
Created By: Per
Created: Jul 3, 2010
Busted at WSOP Event Nr. 54 Leider heute beim WSOP Event ausgeschieden. Anfangs nicht wirklich gut gerunnt und immer mit einem mittleren Stack spielen müssen. Zwischendurch immer wieder ein bisschen rauf und wieder runter ...more
Created By: Martin
Created: Jul 3, 2010
So far so good ! Dear 888 friends, First of all, I'd like to introduce myself as it is my first post on my888Poker. My name's Claire, I'm French - but I live in London - and I discovered poker a little bit more than ...more
Created By: Claire Renaut
Created: Jul 3, 2010
Moving forward despite of a terrible jet lag Hola, The event 54 started off pretty well as I was able to grow my stack to 5,5k or something without much hassle. But then the pain started. I was completely card dead and every time I was making a...more
Created By: kalle
Created: Jul 3, 2010
Dream over too early   Day 1b of the WSOP Event # 54 was my starting day, trying to make a dream come true and making day 2, 3 and so on... Well, to make a long story short, it didn't happen. I played for round ab...more
Created By: Alex
Created: Jul 3, 2010
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