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07.07.10 Halbfinale im Hofbräuhaus - doch nicht   Wie üblich waren viele deutsche Pros dort. Gesehen habe ich zb. Kang, Danzer, Keiner, Spindler und Langmann. Da wir keine vernünftigen Plätze mehr bekommen ...more
Created By: Dirk
Created: Jul 9, 2010
Event 54 July 1st. My first entry in WSOP. A very short one...indeed. After about 3 hours I hold AA and manage to get it all in preflop HU. Opponent shows KK, flop rag, turn also....nice..., river a king and b...more
Created By: Pertinax
Created: Jul 9, 2010
Day 2a, the fun is about to start Day 2a will start in a few hours, everyone got an early night last night in preparation of today, it is confirmed that a total of 7,319 players registered for this years WSOP main event. This means th...more
Created By: beto
Created: Jul 9, 2010
WSOP day 1c WSOP day 1c.  i came to my table.. and i was like what is going on there.. lots of camera's and people. then i saw what was going on.. i was sitting next to Daniel Negrano. ( one of the fam...more
Created By: jolmer
Created: Jul 9, 2010
DooshCom - 12th chip leader of the day.. Finally, the Main Event is here and Team 888 has got off to a great start!  Somehow I am 12th chip leader entering day two.  Wtf, is going on here? The day started fairly boring.  Fiel...more
Created By: Darren
Created: Jul 9, 2010
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