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wheat I am hearing a lot of bad stuff about wheat .
Created By: Ralph
Created: Jul 17, 2018
nice to see Londoners protesting trump trump made to feel unwelcome,mission
Created By: Ralph
Created: Jul 15, 2018
Created By: francis
Created: Jul 9, 2018
Growing Pains Hello everyone!Hope your having or had a wonderful Tuesday, 3 of July, 2018. I know that tomorrow is 4th of July, which is of the holidays that I enjoy the most, or at least I did, since I now live in...more
Created By: Marco
Created: Jul 4, 2018
It's Monday morning, I'm wide awake and ready to play some poker! Hello everyone! I used to hate waking up on Monday mornings and having to get ready to go to work, but I am now dedicating myself to playing poker fulltime and even though I am still not making truck ...more
Created By: Marco
Created: Jul 2, 2018
Made it to another Tournament final table! Yes!!! I just made it to my 3rd Tourname final table in a row. I didn't win a lot of money cause it was only a $0.50 buy in, but I got over 8 bucks. I gotta keep improving before I move up....more
Created By: Marco
Created: Jun 30, 2018
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