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Getting over excited :-) Calm down calm down I'd crashed out the $3 snap the day before after trip jacks v river trips kings. the money was in ahead so felt like a victory #TrapFail It's OK to get excited and push h...more
Created By: Ricey
Created: Jan 22, 2018
what is the purpose of this site can someone please tell me what the purpose of this page is?...more
Created By: sam
Created: Jan 21, 2018
Playing with no focus #Pointless your just wasting your time Are you like me, I enter a game and then start faffing about? making a cup of tea, eating lunch, watching live sports etc. I'm not fully focused and it shows in your bankroll 100% like most stuff...more
Created By: Ricey
Created: Jan 19, 2018
Blast trial welcome to the lottery :-) & Level 30 Part of the moving up levels is to keep active and with so much suck out lately I'd given up bothering so invested in one game of blast per day for 6 days to get 250pts by being active. Total inv...more
Created By: Ricey
Created: Jan 13, 2018
Meditation and new system #Works Amazing how things change, a few days back I was totally frustrated with how DONKS were slamming in and getting lucky. But a simple change of attitude and a little less frequency of play has turn...more
Created By: Ricey
Created: Jan 11, 2018
Back to real life and less poker. Right time to get back to real life, fitness and golf. the winter break #Holiday is over so less poker. Like most things I do I get a bit involved and hit it hard, luckily with the 4k challenge i...more
Created By: Ricey
Created: Jan 10, 2018
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