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call or fold? or anyway.. he had surely qq+ 5 Replies
call or fold? Of course you foldHe had kk 5 Replies
Todays Racing Todays Racing is atFLATPontefractJUMPSSouthwellTramore 18701 Replies
$100 Moderators Melee The 3 winners from the Mod Hunt game last week Sunday 12th August 2018 were 1. bluffing420s 2. TemuRRR 3. ayllu13There... 3042 Replies
Seize the Crown Hi all, i played a Crown freeroll one evening and won a hand with pp JJ but no scratch card, just an e mail saying due to an error on that day, No scratchcard, just a bonus... 1 Replies
Todays Racing Todays Racing is atFLATChepstowDoncasterNewburyNewmarketRiponDoncasterTramoreJUMPSMarket RasenPerth 18701 Replies
My888 community games monthly Roll of... July 2018 Forum Games Roll of Honour.In July we had 25 winners of the 40 forum games played. Here is a list of the winners and what games they won. 95 Replies
inspiration "Complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you could do for your health or your wealth"T.Harv Eker 0 Replies
cat treats Copying and pasting things from the internet will not count towards posts required to claim bounties or prizes.Please post original content Thanks. 1 Replies
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