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3 years ago  ::  14 Dec 15 10:32 PM #1
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I feel like comedy is dying and I am not sure what exactly the reason is. Is there an over saturation? Is there too much politics? Is it harder to be funny and harder to laugh? I don't know what it is. I have noticed throughout the years that there is less laughter. Maybe sometime around when people started saying SNL isn't funny anymore. It seems like there is this steady decline. The amount of good comedy movies and stable of funny people seems to get rarer and rarer. Comedy used to mean almost everything to me and this is 100 percent fact. Comedy/sports/family/friends. In that order. hehe. All through my younger days the only thing that made me not hate everything was watching some sort of comedy and it meant so much to me. Maybe it was the perspective it gave me or the way everything made more sense and better. I don't know what it is but I always remember thinking to myself "This world would suck if not for comedy". Maybe I am much more jaded. Maybe this world sucks more. I dunno what it is. Maybe I just perceive it this way now and others don't. Or maybe it is this way and our souls are dying. Maybe we all hate eachother. Who are the best comedians nowadays anyway? There is like none. All I see is jerks and idiots everywhere. God this sucks.
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3 years ago  ::  02 Jan 16 12:51 PM #2
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Sometimes I think you are right when I see 'comedy' that I think is weak, usually sketch shows. But I guess other people will find them funny.

I do enjoy Live at the Apollo, Big Bang Theory, Red Dwarf, Not Going Out but I'm sure some people can't stand some of those.

Each to their own I guess Undecided

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3 years ago  ::  02 Jan 16 06:00 PM #3
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I'm very much of the opinion that political correctness has ruined comedy. Much of the things we used to watch years ago would not be allowed on t.v. now for fear of upsetting someone. People seem to have lost the ability to laugh at themselves or are too easily offended. Monty Pythons Life of Brian has upset lots of people, but as many if not more find it very funny,( I'm in neither group because it doesn't offend me nor do I find it particularly funny). Comedy is a personal thing but I wouldn't decry something just because it is not to my taste. I think that unless you go to see someone perform live all you will see on t.v. is some watered down sanitised version that they hope won't offend too many people.
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3 years ago  ::  08 Jan 16 09:04 PM #4
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You can't beat a bit of Peter Kay, has to be the funiest commedian alive!

I also love Nina Conti, especially when she gets her Monk out Laughing 

I think commedy clubs are partly to blame, they are overpriced in my opinion and do nothing for grass roots comedy. I used to go to commedy nights that were £5 on the door and 2 4 1 on drinks all night.

Political correctness is also a problem, you make a joke and before you know it you are facing a law suit, or its plastered all over the news.

I do like the last leg on Channel 4, some of the stuff on that show is hillarious.
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