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5 days ago  ::  14 Feb 19 01:04 AM #171
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16 Jan 19 02:57 AM , cryptic3(888mod) wrote:

I was up very early today as my feeling of not being able to breathe while laying down has come back 

So I read the news pages for 2 hours which made me totally depressed as there is never any good news it seems.

Brexit looking even more stuffed than it was this time last week if that's possible, people killed in a hotel, McDonalds loses a legal case against Irish rival, lots of snow in Europe... Oh, hang on if we leave does that mean we won't get their snow? 

Ultrasound you can get for your phone, I suppose the NHS will be giving it away soon then.

A third of the bat population died in 3 days 

MP delays C-section to make Brexit vote?? What?? really??

Cern plans even larger hadron collider for physics search, maybe they will end the world then 

Upskirting made illegal, OK I have to agree with that one but no looking up my shorts now ladies.

Entertainment pages, surely there was some good news there?

Rihanna takes father to court in trademark dispute

Lady Gaga and Glenn Close share best actress, not sure how that works....

The Cranberries release new Dolores O'Riordan song on the anniversary of her death, OK some good and bad I guess.

Time to go look for some proper good news, there must be some surely??   

Cryptic you must have caught on by now that the reason the news is usually bad to worse instead of good to great is because bad new sells many more papers, many folks see how bad things are else where and they feel better as it is not nearly as bad at home. Folks would rather read about a bombing in a public place instead of a local group pulling together to whitewash the trash of spray painted logos from nearby street gangs. Sad but true. It should be the other way around as good news at the start of day makes the better just by that alone, a friend, Len.

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