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1 year ago  ::  20 Apr 17 01:39 PM #1
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Campaigning is under way after the House of Commons backed Theresa May's call for a general election on 8 June.

MPs voted by 522 votes to 13 - with Labour and Lib Dem helping secure the two-thirds majority needed to bring forward the election from 2020.

We are going to read all sorts of, how shall I put this politely "promises" from all parties over the coming weeks.

Corbyn has already started it seems Laughing

Jeremy Corbyn said a Labour government would stop Mrs May from using Brexit to make the UK an "offshore tax haven".

Speaking in Croydon on his first campaign stop, the Labour leader said if elected, he would raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour and increase spending on the NHS, social care and council housing.  (yeah right and how would you do that? lol)

OK all the crap aside and regardless of who I think would make a better job of looking after me and mine as come on that's really all we are interested in isn't it? Is it worth changing what we have now for some other money grabbing idiot to mess up, even more, the mess we already have?

Love or hate the tories is there really anyone that could replace them and do a better job? If so would now be the time to change anyway?

What do you lot think??

Keep it clean, please Wink

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1 year ago  ::  20 Apr 17 05:10 PM #2
Paul C
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What's it they say in Government? oh yeah HERE HERE cryptic (Chris isn't it?)
Can't add much more to this really...but i'll try Laughing
I would normally vote Labour but NOT this time.
How that man became Labour Leader is anyone's guess (well Margaret Becket had something to do with it for putting him on the leadership ballot for BALANCE Smile yeah gotta keep those UNION Bosses HAPPY)
This man could not IMHO run a Fish&Chip shop so those folks wishing to vote for him & his party had better think long and hard (i don't think the British public are that stupid, everyone can see he is NOT Prime Minister material) hell, even Tom Watson knows he's not upto the job, so too most of his previous shadow cabinet that resigned leaving him with a sub stardard cabinet many of which would never have come close to such a position (people like Diane Abbott)

This guy (Corbyn) when asked what he would do regarding a terrorist attack stated "He would negotiate with them!!!" are you (Bleeping) kidding me!

He has also stated that he does not want a nuclear deterent (and to fair i can appreciate this stance) but in THIS WORLD with so many silly countries and it's risky but parts of the Labour Party want to keep them (sensible) and so he said he might keep the odd submarine & nuclear missle HOWEVER he's already said he would NOT USE THEM...idiot is a strong term but in this case it might well apply...yeah pay millions for weapons you know you will never give the go ahead (GOD FORBID) in needs be.
Prime Minister May has already said (straight as a dart) she WOULD.

Yup i too will be voting for the Tories Yell can't believe i actually wrote that but the needs of this WONDERFUL country come first & she / they will run & protect it better than he & Labour.

And who would you want dealing with the EU & Brexit? yup MAY as Corbyn would probably give WALES away to them Smile

At least if Labour do lose (and i think it will be a landslide win) he'll walk or at the very least be pushed aside & then prehaps we'll get the likes of DAN JARVIS? (then again they'll probably still want a union lover as the leader which simply won't work for most average voter, Labour are so stupid they haven't figured this out yet!)

I LOVE me a bit of POLITICS & it should prove very interesting, especially the debates, Q-Time & This Week with Andrew Neil (who takes NO PRISONERS)

I even think it's a wise move for Mrs May to not do the live Tv debates (although she should perhaps appear one time to show us what we'll be getting when compared to Corbyn)

Nicola Sturgen is a SUPER politican & talker but i just can't get my head around why she still wants to take Scotland out of the British Union only to switch them to another (worse) union (The EU) they will have to pay to become a member & they'll lose ALL the funding from the rest of Britain...of course they'll have tourism & as a LOVER of SCOTLAND & the Scots people (wonderful folks) i do hope this silly breakaway will never happen.

Thanks for posting a few things of my chest there.

Let's just hope the vast majority see sense & don't put that man in charge (if he does i may wonder if Putin had a hand in it Wink) i mean for goodness sake he couldn't even order the press & cameramen out awhile back when his cabinet were meeting up.
DO WE REALLY WANT SUCH A FELLA IN CHARGE OF OUR COUNTRY? Churchill would be turning in his grave!
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1 year ago  ::  20 Apr 17 05:46 PM #3
john (DENick}
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primeminister May wanta to make the election all about brexit, then so shold the lib dems , make it a one issue campaign to overturn brexit the initial result was so close, and i feel many would change their mind given the chance now that they know more. a battle bus with the slogan 'it'll cost more to leave than stay' wouldn't go amiss n would be less dishonest than the 350 million a week to the nhs. as a dutchman i feel really sad seeing the uk leave the eu a tragic mistake i feel. democracies are supposed to elect intelligentsia to make well informed decisions on behalf of the masses. camerons vanity allowed the ill informed masses to make descisions for the intelligentsia
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1 year ago  ::  20 Apr 17 11:37 PM #4
Paul C
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Hi John, i agree it is SAD that the UK is leaving the EU (it never should have come to this)

Although one of the main reasons for many voting out of the EU was control over free movement of people coming into this country & that THEY were taking up jobs, housing, benefits, nhs care & school places & i do have some sympathy with this view.

This is a small island with limited money to go around and many British folk were worried about such things, me? not so much, in an ideal world free movement would be fine but with the EU's ever expanding countries (countries that should NOT have been allowed in due to how they stand (currently) money wise (they're broke so would be a strain on these other EU countries) and their competely different way of looking at things in general.

My biggest problem with the EU apart from not having some control over how many people WE could allow in to Britain & the expansion of the EU which surely does put a drain on these other countries IS the EU itself....

And those in charge here (unelected) & making important policy relevant to our country (UK), taking easy money for doing very little except moan over Britain (especially when we stood up to them) it's the likes of Juncker who came across as a bullying (do it my way or else) type that the British public did not like as well as the misuse of monies & the general bad feeling that came from them when we tried to talk to them about changing things within the EU for the better.

THEY DID NOT LISTEN TO we left & we will be FINE we may even over time soar & become a truly GREAT country again.

It's no wonder the likes of Juncker are trying to squeeze 60 Billion out of us for leaving!!! Laughing they're gonna need it!

BTW i would like to see the part in any document that says we owe them money for leaving? for if it does then this clearly SHOULD have been mentioned in the Brexit debate, although i still doubt it wouldn't have stopped the win for LEAVE.

I feel sorry for the countries left in the EU as there are not too many well off countries now & they're going to lose many millions when we leave in 2 years time (who will make up that shortfall? Scotland paying in to join it? hope not (i LIKE Scotland) and if your very unlucky you may even lose France (LePen would surely favour leaving?) and if Merkel loses who's to say Germany might not leave? THEN WHAT for the EU? and ALL because they DID NOT LISTEN (BLAME JUNCKER not the British public)

If they PLAY nice over Brexit i'm sure we will...but BULLY us & just watch us PUSH BACK.

The EU got seriously POWER MAD with the likes of Juncker (the clips of him slapping everyone when he meets them & tapping them on their heads etc is hilarious! i've have give him one almighty HIT BACK had he done that to me) i DISLIKE this arrogant fella and this was my problem with the EU they had a number of A-Holes running it!

A little off subject there but as for the UK election whilst Brexit will be on the agenda (Corbyn rarely talks about it Undecided he has NO IDEA what to do about this) it will NOT simply be about Brexit & those thinking a Corbyn win would reverse such a thing are dreaming (we gave the EU a CHANCE and they ignored us so ADIOS i say) NO it will be about the usual things but as the poster here (cryptic) suggested the MAJOR FACTOR will be...


And it is NOT Jeremy Corbyn or is lacklustre 2nd rate shadow (shadow) cabinet.

Not happy about voting Tory but this is the way it's looking...sending a BIG MESSAGE i hope to the LABOUR Party to sort it out & get him OUT.
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1 year ago  ::  21 Apr 17 11:47 PM #5
Paul C
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And yet having said all this on DAY 2...

I would suggest it went Corbyn (Labour) 1

May (Conservatives) 0

And although i understand keeping the triple lock for pensions (and so pensioners) can be costly it is something they should try to keep (Corbyn said he would, so good points scoring there for him) and it's the pensioners remember that DO get out & vote in ALL WEATHER.
May has not said anything on it but she should consider keeping the penioners HAPPY (most deserve it)

Another own goal? if the papers are proven to be correct might be the tories decision to hit everyone (not just those that mght be able to afford it that's working but those on very low or virtually no income) by upping VAT...This will HIT EVERYONE in the POCKET (at a time when many are struggling & with Brexit may do so for sometime before it hopefully corrects itself in the future)

She'd be well advised (by me) to leave VAT alone, along with this triple lock for pensioners & to make sure she mentions no fees or privatization for the NHS.
Do this & i think she wins by a landslide.

This is the problems i have with the Tories...they do hit the worst off (and always have)

Corbyn 2 (as i'm fairly sure they won't increase VAT on stuff)
May 0

So after all that i said...NOT the best of Day's for the Tories & Corbyn was seen reading another book to the younger kids...Awww.

At this rate...who knows maybe by default he'll get back into the race, pehaps tomorrow May & Co will come out with news of higher charges for prescription medicines (again hitting the mainly older generation) or heaven forbid introducing charges to use the NHS (at doctors or hospitals) BEST NOT Mrs MAY.

Still not changed my mind on her being (presently, given the choices) the best for this country & although i understand this Tory Government has been put into a difficult posistion with regards to raising money...THEY SHOULD DO SO with PEOPLE THAT CAN AFFORD IT (loud enough for ya Prime Minister)

So, it's already getting interesting & as it is over the channel.
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