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4 months ago  ::  22 Oct 17 08:03 PM #1
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Playing more and more poker in the free time that I have, instead of so many games i tried and enjoyed. 888POKER became one of the more reliable sources for cash tables, fast tables; Snap they call them here, and tournements. As a side gig, sportbetting being a handy webpage with easy use even at the moment my most used providor for sports betting. Having started once online poker at PKR, with remarkable succes (read beginners luck). Next to chess, wich lost some of its magic, because of the computers superiority and in the end the limited surprise by the captured values of the pieces, personaly, playing poker became one of my top 5 favorites, maybe even number 1. Ofourse succes and achievement has some part in that, although I will not place me among the best players, nor at the very top, stil much to learn, but again next to chess, thats part of the attraction to.

Aside from being reliable source for playing poker, 888poker has its limits to, one of that the sheer number of tickets being offered with a "Happy announcement: You won a ticket", you can find it in your ticket etc, etc. Nothing against spinning the wheel or getting rewarded a ticket I can use, but my ticket counter now says 53 tickets, and its around 4 weeks now that I play here. Some may say I'm lucky to get them for free, well I hardly can complain, I do Happy play in the tournements, some of them, but getting a $1,000 casino Mix-Up with one day until it expires never reaching the next thursday *a, or Igoodies, on the wheel, 4 tickets expiring in 14 days(?) by now, on a once a month played tournament(?), I never played the last months Igoodies, but the price pool is interesting so probably will next chance I have, now though stil I wonder, they do count 4 times on my ticket counter, so I can re-enter 3 times if I lose the first 3 times?, in any case the expiration date only makes the tickets eligable for one date on that monthly event. 21 $3,000 Action Squad Tournament, not sure here, but hope they offer 21 tournaments in the 14 days they have until they expire. $500 Level up free tournament ticket, 23 times, probably play to much poker, leveling up so much, I do remember having used some tikets and 66/67 days until the first expires, and like all tikets above looks a little much against the number of tournament provided, and although I play a lot of poker, and did play one or two times all day, even nights, hardly likely that will be the case very often.

Ofcourse, before or likely rather after people reading this I do acknowledge its free tickets and its likely in many occasions outside 888poker that an offer cannot be met, one had to forgo having concert tickets to, but those I had some happy people telling me how great the concert was. I cannot give my 3 extra Igoodies tickets away, and I might be sour doing that, when they win the tournament and I actualy in a headson lose the first place to them *b
Most readers must understand I write this because I do like playing at 888poker or poker in general just its annoying to me that my wallet says 53 tickets as reward for logging in every single day but I get as much as ppl. logging in maybe 1 or 2 times a week and what sparked me writing this piece, the $1,000 casino Mix-Up, I got rewarded for playing in the casino on wednesday, never being able to play there, promotion gets AWRY *c. Making a fast count, a lot of wet fingers here, maybe I have actualy 15 tickets, going by the  $500 Level up free tournament ticket, maybe some more. 15 tickets wit stil that rich in ticket counter saying 53, whole weekend I had chance for 3 tours to play, maybe missed some while not logged on.

Anyway, rather possitive besides the ticket over the poker app. and te sport-betting site, do like the  cinema part, although the content is sripted as such that the more painfull thruths are hidden, lol. For the rest, its poker, and there we all have to do our best or get busted.

To spice the whole thing a bit, here the last movies, just copy/paste:

Only thing, kinda sad, unable to vieuw the earlier movies, links always go to the last movie made. And te first one referred to was far out the prettiest. *d.

*a (personaly I would say make this 8 days so you can actualy plan it in an agenda, instead of the only choice to play there right away after opening the mail on thursday, to hard to award it that way?)
*b Hihi, as if I'm tat good I make it to te final table.
*c Just hope ppl. understand that for it being promotion activity it becomes something that when never met the point of being able to use it, it gets counter productive as a means of attraction. ail seems happy enough, but on the return there is no gain, no tournament its eligable for, and here I mainly mean the $1,000 casino Mix-Up and Igoodies. Mix-up, to short a date, and I did play in the casino on wednesday, happen even again next wednesday. Never played the , but I do hope I an use the extra 3 tickets to re-enter, or even better to enter them all four same tournament all at the same time.
*d Cannot help it, always find a shady side Sealed.
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