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5 days ago  ::  17 Jun 18 04:56 PM #3011
robertbh (888 Mod)
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The 3 winners from our Mod Hunt game on Sunday 10th June 2018 were

                    1. psion87
                    2. Gitaristus
                    3. winsont

There will be a $10 guest bounty on each of the those mentioned above in the game on Sunday 17th June 2018.  

If you are lucky enough to knock out any of the moderators who participate in the game, you will received $10 for each one where you succeed. 

Congratulations to psion87 on winning the game last Sunday.  Can he do the double by winning again on Sunday. As ususal I think he'll need all the the luck in the world to carry it off as I'm sure everyone will be trying to claim his bounty as they always do.

Remember the rules folks: NOTE RULE NO.2 please

To claim a bounty
  • You MUST be a forum member prior to the 'shuffle up and deal' time
  • You MUST have posted at least 5 forum posts in the month preceding your claim. These have to be significant posts NO HI, BYE OR THE LIKES WILL CLASS AS ACCEPTABLE
  • You MUST post the name of the bounty only (Please no lists of all your knockouts) you took out 
  • You MUST post your own 888 Poker username
  • You MUST post within 5 days of game completion to claim a bounty

Rule No2 came into effect 1st January 2018. This has come into play to get our members chatting & forum threads into conversation again. Some folk are coming in to the play the forum games only but not contributing to the forum. A lot and I mean a lot of members are falling foul of this rule whereby they do not have the required number of posts. Don't let this happen to you.

The bounties will be paid out in the week beginning Monday 18th June giving all those lucky bounty winners time to post. 

You only need to post once regarding a bounty but if you are a new member please give me time to check out whether you were actually a member prior to the game starting and you have posted 5 times in the month preceding your claim. No bounties will be paid if one of the above does not check out.

I will be unable to post any winnings to your accounts if I don't have or know your 888poker username so remember to post it - NO EXCEPTIONS

Look forward to seeing you all in our daily forum tournaments and to reading all your posts here on the forum especially tonights bounty winners 

Good Luck m888's
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