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Switch to Forum Live View Why isn't this promo working for me?
3 years ago  ::  20 Apr 16 07:15 AM #1
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I saw this and thought it was pretty nice so went to cashier to deposit $10 with this promo code and it said this was not a valid promo.

Why isn't this promo code working for me? 
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3 years ago  ::  20 Apr 16 07:59 AM #2
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The promo is for first time depositors only
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2 years ago  ::  03 Jun 16 04:50 PM #3
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Are there ANY promotional codes for constant depositors. I mean ones that do NOT have $30+ to deposit each time? Or is it only the basic '$1000 Depositors' tournament tickets? I don't have $30 each time.
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2 years ago  ::  04 Jun 16 04:01 PM #4
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No,you'll never join another site as tight as this 1
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