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Team888's Tag Team Strategy


On July 6, the 2016 World Series of Poker, which is officially sponsored by the Online poker giant- 888poker,
the 2nd biggest online poker room in the world, will host a tag team event for the first time in 33 years!!
Event #61: $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em will allow for 2-4 person teams, each required to play at
least one round of blinds.

The event, only appeared on the WSOP schedule for five years from 1979-1983. Past winners of the event
include Jim & Donna Doman (1983), David Sklansky & Dani Kelly (1982), Frank Cardone & Juanda Matthews
(1981), A.J. Myers & Lynn Harvey (1980), Doyle Brunson & Starla Brodie (1979)

The tournament will feature a 5,000-starting stack, 60-minute levels, and allow players to tag in a
teammate, anytime he or she is not in an active hand.


"This Team Event seems like really fun," says 888 ambassador Sofia Lövgren. "I usually like to swap with some friends and to celebrate together when we win.

a team event in WSOP is something I don’t want to miss”. Lövgren's fellow 888 ambassador, Nicolau Villa-Lobos,
seems to think he has the answer: “I would look for two players only," the Brazilian explains. "The less time outside the table
makes it easier to get in the zone."

We decided to dig a little deeper and ask some of the 888 ambassadors their strategy for the team event.
Here’s what they had to say…
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