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2 years ago  ::  02 May 17 11:19 PM #41
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01 May 17 12:17 PM , cryptic3(888mod) wrote:

New update 

 Dear Chris,

Thank you for choosing us.

Please note that the feature you are referring to is being investigated further.

As soon as we have more information, we will contact you via email.

We thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

Should you require further assistance, please contact us again.

Kind regards,

Yep just had it confirmed from 888 rep on facebook that this is being looked into 

This is currently being looked at. Please contact for further assistance regarding this matter. Thanks

WHY ARE 888 unable to sort out their server issuses.
or are there other gremlins at work?
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2 years ago  ::  08 May 17 04:37 PM #42
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This version really doesn't work, if you don't have the chat option open, you can't see any information about the hand, the only display on the table is your own hand ranking, so if you miss the final hand in play, you have to open the re-play function to see the outcome, and if you want to see where you stand in the game you have to have the lobby open! So by the time you have the lobby and the chat open, there is barely room for the table, we don't all have 55 inches to play with you know? I can't believe anybody at 888 found this version acceptable and actually agreed to run it. I didn't even want to upgrade but had no choice, as I could not log in without installing it.

Disgruntled from Hampshire.


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