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Switch to Forum Live View Bad news for our Aussie friends
2 years ago  ::  19 Jan 17 02:00 PM #11
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12 Jan 17 02:40 PM , uk197 wrote:

888 has decided to pull its online poker games from Australian markets with less than one week of notice to players! 

An official email was sent out to online poker players with 888 poker accounts registered in Australia today.  It was not good news.  Here is the main content of the email:

Following a business reevaluation, we’d like to inform you that 888poker’s services are not being offered to players residing in Australia and therefore your account will be closed as of 16/01/2017.

You’ll continue to be able to withdraw all funds from your bankroll using our web cashier.

If you’ve already registered to any of our tournaments starting from 16/01/2017 onwards, please unregister as you won’t be able to participate.

888poker team

So how come Aussies still playing today on cash tables?????

WHY ARE 888 unable to sort out their server issuses.
or are there other gremlins at work?
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2 years ago  ::  19 Jan 17 03:05 PM #12
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Not that I want to dob myself in.... But I'm from Australia an I haven't been booted off yet. I can still join an play all poker games as at 20/01/17. Although, weird thing is, I live with my brother and he's a member too but he was booted on the 16/01/17. Not sure why as I never received an email in the lead up to the change but he did. The only reason I could think, is that I've been a member since 2011 and I'm on level 52 and he only joined in the last 6 months an was on level 30.    
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2 years ago  ::  27 Jan 17 05:16 AM #13
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2 years ago  ::  28 Jan 17 01:13 PM #14
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Yep, I am still here...

Had no email informing me, and now even getting promotion emails.....

So what is the real story, yes / no / mabe is it happening....

I guess if they let me play they have to pay out...
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