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1 year ago  ::  19 Apr 17 09:06 PM #21
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19 Apr 17 12:57 PM , kkmerso wrote:

last wednesday during tonka's home game i ko travelenmama and was to get a 12$ bounty ticket. have not received it ever since. what is the holdup?

You need to ask support m8 we have no control over these games...

Will all my888poker members please ensure they have their 888poker player name in their profile.
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1 year ago  ::  19 Apr 17 10:56 PM #22
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thank you for reply cryptic. i have received the ticket a couple of hours ago, after making this post. tonka on his stream stated that it was not up to him, but to people from 888. that is wjy i posted it here. anyway, the issue is sorted out.
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3 weeks ago  ::  30 Mar 18 08:58 PM #23
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POker is the Card game which I love the most.You wrote a good post on poker and I really enjoyed your post because of my interest in the poker game. 

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