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2 years ago  ::  23 Apr 17 01:09 PM #1
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An explosive $100,000 is on its way!

The $100,000 Meteor Tournament is destined for earth on 03/05/17 at 20:00 GMT! 
Our Meteorite Qualifiers are running around the clock, 12 times per day; so you’ve got a galaxy of 
chances to get in the game!

Get started with your 2 FREE Qualifier tickets waiting for you in your email inbox!

Play in our daily Meteorite Qualifier Tournaments

Make it to the top 300 players

Win a ticket to the $100,000 Meteor Tournament!

Need more Qualifier tickets?Get up to 8 EXTRA tickets EVERY DAY!

Simply complete our fun and easy challenges

BLAST off!

Make it to first place in any BLAST tournaments with a minimum buy-in of $1.

Cash in!

Win 15 hands or more in cash games including SNAP, with minimum stakes of 2¢-5¢.

* Players can win up to 8 tickets per day, 4 tickets per challenge *Days are counted between 00:00 - 23:59 GMT.

The countdown is ON…

Tournament Details

Meteorite Qualifier

When: Every day on even hours GMT (8:00, 10:00 etc.) between 24/04/17- 02/05/17.

$100,000 Meteor Tournament

When: Running on 03/05/17 at 20:00 GMT.

Terms & Conditions FAQ

Will all my888poker members please ensure they have their 888poker player name in their profile.
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2 years ago  ::  24 Apr 17 03:43 PM #2
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very explosive lol, nice 100k, but its just another crapshot game with 3minutes-blinds and high blindstructure. looks like a waste of time. up to 20k players btw.
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2 years ago  ::  24 Apr 17 10:00 PM #3
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Recieved my two free tickets, and managed to qualify with the first game I played, and it was,nt a crap shoot game, waited and let the donks go all in with nothing!

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2 years ago  ::  04 May 17 02:13 AM #4
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received ticket for 100.000 meteor ....dated today 3/5/17 at 20:00 hrs confirmed in email.... went to site and my account ticket was there but it said "currently no tournament available" never got a chance to play ....watched time for half hour took to screen shots could not register or sit in game if there was one at all. Guess I wasted my time to qualify in the top 250 (i was first place) ..lesson learned 
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