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12 months ago  ::  11 Jul 17 11:05 PM #1
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signed up 2 weeks ago 2nd tournament in 55$ buy in came 4th out of 600 odd for $1300 very nice and very happy. 
Now ive played umpteen tourneys since and i know variance an bad play by myself plays a part but been noticing that in most of my bust outs the final hands have been draws getting there v my top pair two pair etc.
Now i play a lot of poker live and lately been getiing into online so know how it goes but what mirrors whats happening here is the same on another site where i won in only my 2nd tourney and these bust outs happened like they are hear.
i gave up on that site as really felt that no matter how i played nothing changed and tho im not a great player i feel im more than capable of holding my own and making good decisions.
Feeling already like deja vu and perhaps this is not the site for me.
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12 months ago  ::  13 Jul 17 04:33 PM #2
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I posted a while back about concerns with random cards and my observation that the odds seem to be favouring players with low chip count.

I am  now getting real concerned about how random the  cards are. I have now been tracking in sit and go games (current number of games is 77) and noticed that when the low chip count player goes all in they have won the pot  67% of the time. Those odds of winning don't seem right to me.
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12 months ago  ::  15 Jul 17 06:59 PM #3
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well my luck held with the random callers today. sat in with 23 dollars on the snap table 90 minutes later got off with 200 dollars!
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