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Flag cryptic3(888mod) September 11, 2017 2:33 PM BST

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Flag Paul C September 13, 2017 10:24 PM BST
These GRAPHICS are COOL & FUN although i really DUG the EGYPTIAN theme awhile ago, that was THE BEST yet.

Here's a CURIOUS one...Depositing players get a FREE SPIN each day.

There is ONLY 1 NO WIN section...So get this...

Since it showed up i have had 3 spins & the NO WIN section came up? you guessed it 3 times!!!

WHAT are the ODDS of this happening? after the first i thought, no worries, should get something tomorrow but NOPE, ok very unusual but 3rd time (today) surely i'll land something?


4th spin tomorrow...I WONDER, i suppose i am one of those careful & perhaps clever players, so i seem to win more than i i do find it curious that after 3 spins i have nothing to use or play yet?
Maybe i was just very unlucky with these first 3 spins & i'll win the next 3 but with only 1 NO WIN space & having cashed out a few times this year you do wonder.
Flag Paul C September 14, 2017 1:49 PM BST
SPIN Number 4 & yup

NOTHING! Hilarious! finding it a bit of a JOKE now!

So anyone else finding this happening to them?

There is ONLY 1 slot with the NO WIN on it...ODDS would clearly dictate that this should come around very rarely yet i have now hit it 4 times out of 4 & to be honest i expect it to do so again tomorrow.

Would be really interesting to hear from you folks out there...a random wheel with just 1 'NO WIN' space on it, should be a good chance you don't hit this at all in those 4 spins!
I have HIT it 4 out of 4.

Should be a PRIZE for THAT. Laughing
Flag Paul C September 14, 2017 4:24 PM BST
Let's be HONEST we don't always read the terms & conditions but as i had hit the NO WIN 4 times out of 4 i thought i'd pay a vist & read about this spinning game & found this...

7. The odds of winning the prizes offered in the Superhero Spinner game are NOT EQUAL.

So i forget how many segments are on this spinning game, probably 6 or 8? and 1 of them is a NO WIN but this above would probably explain WHY i haven't won.

Still, a bit silly, a spinning game with only one NO WIN and it gets hit 4 out of 4 times played!

No ODDS are given but based on this you'd say the ODDS of landing on this NO WIN Segment could be as HIGH as 80% which makes it a rather silly game if right?

Flag cryptic3(888mod) September 14, 2017 7:37 PM BST
A winner every time for me and I must be one of the most inactive accounts there is poker wise...
Flag John September 14, 2017 9:43 PM BST
3 out of 4 no win for me.  Im a low stakes and low volume player and got $1000 power up ticket.  It dont bother me really as the freerolls are all fast blinds and big climbs so little chance of applying a bit of strategy.  I prefer slower blind structures but I do understand why 888 do it in these promos as it helps the more inexperienced players and newbies who these games are aimed at.  I am however still gutted that the $1000-$4000 reward freerolls have the same structure.
Flag gino September 15, 2017 12:04 AM BST
the real joke for the spin wheel is the no win. so like that they choose who get one or not  like me no win day after they what a joke
Flag Paul C September 15, 2017 1:28 AM BST
FUN Reading the other NONE Winners!

Must be the BIGGEST JOKE SPin GAme EVER!!! (and i'm a fan & defender of 888 but this is now BEYOND a JOKE)

So to keep y'all updated...

Just done SPIN No 5 & you guessed it NO WIN, not even a ticket!

My guess is as mentioned by Gino they TARGET those that play these games well & then cash out! because nothing out of 5 is CRAZY!

John did no better 3 NO WINS but at least you got 1 John Laughing

I am now 5 for 5 NO WIN...playing it for LAIGHS Now wondering if they'll issue me ANY wins at ALL.

Someone must be winning these tickets as i see plenty of players on these tourny's (perhaps they are issuing them all to RUSSIAN Players?) Innocent

Flag Paul C September 16, 2017 2:38 PM BST


I ALMOST DID NOT SPIN THE "SUPERHERO SPINNER GAME" as i knew what was going to happen!


And sure enough i am now 6 for 6 (THAT'S 6 SPINS & HIT the 'NO WIN' section 6 TIMES!!!)

This time i counted how many segments there are...and it's 9....that's 9.

Even accounting for the so called not all segments are even odds! strange statement anyways there is NO WAY i should be hitting this thing 6 out of 6 times (100% NO WIN) now that must be some record.

And i'm the guy DEFENDING 888 against others that are critical of about trying to TURN one of the BEST DEFENDERS Smile well they're doing a pretty good of turning me, what with this & a few other things i've noted of late you have to WONDER.

THE EGYPTIAN THEMED spin wheel was BRILLIANT...this (for me at least is the WORST EVER!!!) even gone to BIG LETTERS Smile

I am a careful & rather (if i don't say so myself) clever player but this rather looks like i've been TARGETED.

I am NOT hopeful, my GOD i may be careful but it's not as if i CASH OUT Plenty & i loose a good number of these games (mainly to poor chancer RUSSIAN players with nothing but LUCK on their side :) )

I will report back tomorrow with my PREDICTED 7th LOSS out of 7 my QUESTION is HOW FAR INTO this THING do i GO before i land on 1 winning section out of the 9 Laughing

Hey if i'm being TARGETED well done (one of the few DEFENDERS of 888 & they're on their way to turning me against them!)

NO WAY do you spin a wheel with 9 sections & get 6 NO WINS out of 6.

Flag John September 16, 2017 4:17 PM BST
Looks like you started this promo like Palace started the PL season.  Thats some record m8, go for 10 out of 10 and ask 888 for the jackpot.  Are the challenges and progress in challenges showing up in anyones account because there is nothing about this promo in mine. 
Flag Paul C September 16, 2017 11:06 PM BST
Just watched the PALACE game as i write this John Smile

I'm in a run worse than PALACE'S 5 LOSSES...i'll go as far as to say that there is NO ONE ELSE out here on 888 that has done worse than this 6 'NO WINS' out of 6 as that's the worst anyone could have done (only been 6 daily spins so far)

To me this cannot be right, it isn't right & i'll bet you i'll be 7 for 7 when i report back tomorrow (i'm an HONEST guy so if not i'll say so but i'll be SHOCKED if i finally land on one of the other segments)

Keep checking in FOLKS to smile at my mis-fortune.

Yes John they should HAND me a JACKPOT (no one has defended 888 more than i)

There are ONLY 2 things i can think of as to WHY this is happening...
A fault in the programme that brings me this superheroes spin wheel OR 888 have indeed TARGETED me (i'd be surprised if the latter were the case for it is surely illegal?)


I hate injustice & unfairness & that it seems to me is what's happening.

Flag Paul C September 17, 2017 1:16 AM BST


And if THAT isn't STRANGE than i don't know what is!

I get the feeling they ain't gonna let me WIN even 1 of these SPINS.


Probably won't be DEFENDING them ANYTIME SOON Again.
Flag slim September 17, 2017 9:44 AM BST
I been away last week so have missed this event, but just done a spin and won a Tourney ticket which will be a turbo crap shoot.

Flag Paul C September 17, 2017 3:28 PM BST
Way to STICK IT TO ME Slim Smile just joking.

But NOT surprised...You get back from HOLS or wherever? have your 1st SPIN = 1st WIN.

888 won't do anything for me with regards to this matter (we saw the news report a few weeks ago!)

Shame, i thought they were a GOOD & DECENT operataion & was even wondering & considering if i might get an online job with them somehow as i've enjoyed it so much,  maybe it's a glitch? but i get the feeling (as you would after having had 7 spins & landed on 7 NO WINS) that there is MORE to it.

LOVED the EGPTIAN version a month or two back...WON Decent MONEY (Nothing dramatic) but this SUPERHERO Spinning Game? i already HATE IT.

Will REPORT BACK soon with my 8th SPIN fully expecting an 8th LOSS.

If i could BET on this outcome i would.
Flag Paul C September 18, 2017 12:03 AM BST
Just turned MIDNIGHT.

Time to head over to 888.

What's your guess 8th NO WIN out of 8?

YES of course it will be.

Will CONFIRM later (Don't hold ya BREATH)
Flag Rhonda September 18, 2017 10:18 AM BST
sat by the pool on my sun lounger playing the snap tables at 5 10 cents as get disconnected and worried about losing my bank roll have made 60 dollars so far. but i have managed to win a ticket every spin. made 3 lots of 1 dollar scratch cards. cashed in most of the super hero tournaments. also made 9 dollars in last nights 10000 super hero game after winning the ticket in a scratch card. So am I being cynical thinking I get lucky because I am playing on a new device in another country? If so third holiday to be booked at xmas for the christmas promotion
Flag Paul C September 18, 2017 4:33 PM BST
THAT was a fun posting Rhonda (i do like your postings) clever comments with a bit of fun thrown in.
EVERY SPIN you've WON Laughing i can only DREAM of a WIN Innocent

With the previous (BRILLIANT) spin game featuring an EGYPTIAN Theme i too won plenty of tickets (so many i didn't get to play them all, even posted saying i wish there was a way of giving them away to folks) & i won OK money on them & cashed it out a few times.

This SUPERHERO Spin GAME...i think & believe my name has somehow been fed into this SO CALLED random game & i have been TARGETED because i can (as i thought would be the case) CONFIRM that i have now played this game EACH & EVERY DAY & won NOTHING.

8 Spins & i kid you not 8 LOSES.

When i see ALL the PLAYERS playing these games & some folks here saying they are winning regularly HOW CAN a player get 0 wins from 8 spins???



Will PLAY it upto 10 PLAYS & 10 LOSES just to confirm in my own mind 888 have (probably) targeted me for whatever reason? & take a rest from it all.


Kinda FUNNY in a WAY but ANNOYING.

Flag paulk963 September 18, 2017 5:09 PM BST

Reading this thread an thought I would log in to the poker to see about this spinny thingy and on first spin got a $3000 ticket to something or other Laughing Soz Paul !!

edit ..  second spin another $3000 action squad ticket.  you must have upset someone Paul.

Flag Paul C September 18, 2017 5:21 PM BST
It's OK Paul, i find it mildly amusing (hey your doing ok on the FANTASY FOOTBALL too) but NOT so amusing that i thought i would TRY SOMETHING.

It SHOULD make a difference IF IT'S a Technical Software Glitch because i've just DITCHED the 888 Programme & DOWNLOADED it again.

So now you would think IF nothing is going on i should win plenty of these tickets now Wink

I'll BELIEVE IT when i see it 888 download I SHOULD BE OK NOW Right?

IF for whatever reason? i have been TARGETED by 888 & frozen out of the games i find it strange as i'm one of their GREAT DEFENDERS against the bad rap they get & when i cash out it's for very small amounts $10 here, $15 there maybe a little more if i've had a good month or two.

There MUST BE plenty of folks that do FAR, FAR, Better than this! like RHONDA up there, a good player winning good amounts.

I can only think & hope it was a software glitch? we've read reports about these before but have ditched it & re-loaded i would HOPE i will now get some WINS under my belt.

IF NOT...TARGETED i have been & that would be (i think) rather SAD Cry

We'll see tomorrow but i ain't holding my breath...just seems UNFAIR hence the CAPTIALS!!! & exlamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing

Will i be 9 for 9 or has the new SOFTWARE corrected things...TUNE in TOMORROW (better than EASTENDERS this Ain't it?)

I do WISH you ALL GL on these Spin Games...i LOVE 'EM but i just ain't getting the CHANCE to PLAY any of them.

Keep your FINGERS crossed for me won't ya Innocent
Flag Paul C September 19, 2017 1:23 AM BST




THAT 888 CAN TARGET ONE OF THE PRIME DEFENDERS (I assume just because i did OK & cashed out a few times on the previous game! it's NOT like it was $50 or $100 we're talking $10-20 here & there)




I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM THOSE in CHARGE AS TO WHAT'S GOING ON HERE as IT FRANKLY MAKES 'EM LOOK REALLY RATHER PETTY & SILLY, if a software glitch? how come no one else is getting it? and it continues (even after re-loading the software)

ANNOYED? you BETCHA, frickin fuming right now...what with this & a few other things of late it makes you wonder why in the world you defended them in the first place!
Flag Paul C September 19, 2017 1:33 AM BST
Well the WORLD is GOING to HELL in a HAND BASKET so why not HERE TOO Laughing
Bit over-dramatic? well maybe but the injustice & unfairness of such a thing is clearly NOT ON.

This SPIN GAME is clearly NOT RANDOM for this 888 member.

LET's GET to 10 LOSES out of 10 tomorrow (for that is surely what will happen) & then we perhaps call it a DAY.

MORAL to this STORY i guess is don't CASH OUT with 888 & win more than you lose!

Flag Paul C September 19, 2017 11:35 PM BST
Not only am i being DONE on the SUPERHERO Spin Wheel but now in LEVEL UP GAMES!!!

Now i know this happens, especially on 888 thesedays but it's happened a few times recently now.

Just a few minutes ago i played the LEVEL 5 (low prize money) Tourney Game, i had AJ played it, followed through when the ACE flopped by going ALL IN & you guessed it...the other player also had an Ace but with a low 2 kicker...SURE ENOUGH on the RIVER the 2 showed! KO'd me Laughing

NIGHTMARE Week or Two on 888.

They don't send out merchandise to you (NO CRITISICM of you KEN (if you read this) I KNOW YOU TRIED & hey maybe it'll arrive in TIME for XMAS? one can but hope), you get ZERO wins out of 9 spins (soon to be 10 i am sure) & now the cards are getting strange!

I think this player was RUSSIAN too (ain't it always Wink ) the majority are just NOT good players but are rather a new class of CHANCER Players.

Who OWNS 888 ? just wondering i hope it's not the RUSSIANS ? if so my predicament speaks volumes!

Tonight will be the LAST TIME i PLAY the SPIN the WHEEL (Why continue WHEN you know the OUTCOME before you SPIN?) I just want to get to this 10th LOSS out of 10 (YES i will RAISE a grim SMILE) and then CALL IT A DAY...tell you what would make me LOL a WIN on this DAMN CRAPPY WHEEL.

We shall find out SOON.

I wish ALL those other PLAYERS on 888 that win on this wheel (which will be MOST if not ALL of you) & gets to play these games VERY GOOD LUCK...i HOPE you WIN PLENTY & CASH IT OUT! although if you don't want to be BLACK LISTED for doing so i would RECOMMEND that you DON'T Innocent best throw it back to them.

ANGRY? Oh Yeah!
Flag Paul C September 20, 2017 1:19 AM BST
10 NO WINS out of 10

WICKED! and completely above BOARD & FAIR...Oh sure! THANKS 888.

I won't playing this crap & crooked game you can STICK IT.

JUST LET THE WOOKIE WIN (or rather the Russians) Innocent

Flag Dory September 21, 2017 10:12 AM BST

Sorry Paul your posts did make me laugh.  I've not been on the forum in a while and I'm playing very little at present for one reason or another but like you each spin comes up, not surprisingly, with a no win.

Knowing how little I am waging on here at present my theory is that it is set up in line with wager/deposit daily amounts.  The only time I won a power up ticket was when I had bet more than $5 in total the previous day.  Other than that I'm not betting enough and that is my theory.

Rhonda plays and I imagine wagers significant amounts and she does well.  She is also high up on levels so her rating would be higher in the spin league, lol.  As for Chris well as a mod he is at that top level end anyway and gets his invites to special games etc so they are hardly going to be penalising his spin wheel.  That sounds very painful, lol.

Am I bothered about a spin wheel and will not winning on it make me deposit.  Not on your nelly, lol.  I'll play what I want when I want and sod the silly gimmicks.

I'm not around for most of the next couple of weeks so will not get the chance to spin...Ah!

Hope you have some lucky spins;-)

Flag Rhonda September 21, 2017 1:18 PM BST
Nice post Dory.  back to good old cold Blighty, and today spun the wheel.  NO WIN !!!! First time no win and first time on my PC at home since the promotion started.  So what can I say?  Did get another 10,000 tournament ticket again from making the money in one of the super hero free rolls after getting a scratchcard.  Both times of getting the 10,000 from scratchcards I went out around 240th.  So possibly these are linked to the place you go
Flag Paul C September 21, 2017 6:28 PM BST
Hi you two lovelies, 
I'll start with DORV, i do realise i sound a bit bitter in these posts, in reality i'm a rather cheery type but as i say when you've defended 888 in many of your postings & on the tables themselves & look forward to these spin games (which i do) & then get 10 NO WINS out of 10 you know something is wrong (i even reloaded the software which i had read corrects things...YEAH RIGHT Yell same result!)

After those 10 LOSES from 10, i can honestly say i've NOT spun it again...WHAT's the POINT, the wheel is working & i know i'll get nothing, maybe i'll give it another go in a week or two's time but i won't be expecting anything different...maybe i did UPSET someone on 888 with one of my postings perhaps? (i have commented on HOW BAD RUSSIAN PLAYERS ARE but i'm only pointing out the TRUTH, the majority of them are truly BAD & LUCKY CHANCERS) if so THEY HAVE ThiN SKINS & lack CLASS to do this!

If not this? then it does make you wonder...WHAT have i done to warrant such TREATMENT?
YES i play these spin games rather well & YES i do make money from them but it's not hundreds & if NOT me then it would be SOMEONE else?

MAKES no SENSE...unless these players allowed to win the tickets are the types they know will flutter it away, that's NOT my WAY & perhaps that's WHY i've probably been TARGETED as i can think of no other reason myself? although your suggestion is a VERY INTERESTING ONE.

I visted the rules & read them & i spotted NO such clause saying you have to bet or play games with a set amount each day to have a better chance at winning these tickets (and it certainly did not happen on the EGYPTAIN one as i had tickets over to spare at the end of that one)

If (and i don't know for certain of course but it just doesn't smell right) i have been TARGETED i find it annoying but more SAD really...

I think these SPINNING GAMES are (normally Smile) gives we regulars a shout at playing & winning decent money but i know for a fact it also brings in NEW PLAYERS, it gives them a chance to try things out, i have even SUGGESTED some try it (I WON'T BE DOING SO ANYMORE!!!)

But if targeted for either rubbishing Russian Players (well a good majority of them anyway, i actually know of one who plays properly & well) OR for cashing out relatively small amounts every few months HOW PETTY is THAT!

As for you RHONDA...

Well you did bring up that idea & now your back in this WONDERFUL COUNTRY you loose (but only ONCE Laughing i'd settle for a win on a $1 touney with 1000 players playing it Laughing i just like playing but if they won't allow me to do do...well i might just have to have a re-think)

GL you two & everyone else reading this for you surely can't do ANY WORSE than i Yell.

A VERY BAD few weeks of late on 888...we ALL get them but these might be a changer for me.
Flag Paul C September 21, 2017 11:56 PM BST
TEMPTATION took a hold of ME.

The damn SPinner SHOWED UP & as i wanted a LAUGH i HIT IT....


LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughing Thought i'd have 11 LAUGH OUT LOUD's at 888.

IT's CLEAR NOW...THIS MUST HAVE BEEN RIGGED....even BETTING ON RED or BLACK on the ROULETTE WHEEL where sometimes you can get a RUN of say 6,7,8 oh what the hell let's even say 9 & 10 consecutive SAME COLOURED sectors.
11 ALL RED or ALL BLACK would be damn near IMPOSSIBLE so you can SEE...

11 NO WINS from 11 SPINS = well i know the words i would like to use but i will REFRAIN from doing so LET's JUST SAY they don't want reasonably intelligent folks playing these kind of GAMES (clearly) & yet i have no doubt they'll allow someone else to WIN 'BIG' MONEY on THEM & 'THEY WILL CASH OUT'

So as you can see...


ANY company or organization that TARGETS FOLKS are one's to BE WARY OF.


I, YOU & any NORMAL (reasonable) PERSON would UNDERSTAND THIS IS 'NOT RIGHT' & might even PROVIDE an APOLOGY? NOT a CHANCE! this is a BETTING PLATFORM (i knew this when i joined) but i didn't EXPECT THIS MOST UNFAIR Circumstance!

In MY EYES '888' was one of the BEST SITES i'd PLAYED, well laid out FUN Tables, a good selection of games, you can bet here also (When BIG Tourny's Turn UP I USE THEM & LOOSE HERE rather than at my local BOOKMAKERS) and generally just GREAT FUN.

NOW...Well you can clearly see what i think now.

Flag Paul C September 22, 2017 12:02 AM BST
Funnily Enough...i was perhaps VISITING HERE a bit too often (PLAYING & BETTING) so in a FUNNY SORT of WAY they might have actually (in the long run) DONE ME A FAVOUR.

As CLEARLY without ANY Tickets to PLAY (and at this point again it's clear they are NOT going to even allow me to WIN 1 Ticket never mind a handful) i SIMPLY will NOT be USING this PLACE as MUCH & at this POINT (i certainly will not be recommending them to anyone again)

Flag John September 22, 2017 2:26 AM BST

Well this promo isnt going down well lol.  Introducing a spin wheel with 9 equal segments and then say in their terms that odds on each prize is not equal=Bad Idea.  I wonder what would happen if a land based brick and mortar casino was to do that.  Just in case the most powerful man in Canada is reading I am not accusing 888 of rigging their poker software.  Simply pointing out the fact they dont help themselves with stuff like this.

I am not a high volume or high stakes player and so far 6 tickets(4x3000 and 2x1000) and 5 losses so pretty mixed.  If there is a way to transfer tickets Paul let me know because I have 2 and to be honest I couldnt be arsed playing in these crapshoots so I would pass them to ya m8. 

I have changed the flag beside my name to a Russian one and not lost a single allin since.  If the flag brings good luck must be dynamite to be RussianWink.

Flag chesh1981 September 22, 2017 12:55 PM BST
Wow i use to moan a fair bit when i was 1st starting here maybe 8 years ago but not about freerolls..

Your a grown man for f**k sake and its a freeroll promo and honestly if like you say in one of your brief essays that i chuckled over "i just wanna play" theres always play money..i cannot get over how much whining there is here in this thread from one guy and i cant believe im replying to it pffffft
Flag Paul C September 23, 2017 1:31 AM BST
Hi John, appreciate the offer (unfortunately 888 will not allow transfer of tickets, i offered to do the same towards the end of the last promo but it's a NO GO)

So 888 is owned by a CANADIAN ?
Interesting as i find Canadian Players (for the most part) to be GOOD PLAYERS & hard to CRACK...interesting to read about you changing to show a RUSSIAN Flag (won't work for me! they've already got me FLAGGED as someone that plays well & cashes out more than i loose, i read stories about such a thing over on POKERSTARS but never thought 888 would do it to me)

A HIT rate of just over 50% JOHN isn't great with just 1 NO WIN Segment but it's WAY BETTER than my HIT RATE of ZERO % Yup i spun again before reading these latest comments (i'll come to Chesh's in a moment & yeah i can't believe you replied either Laughing) & it was surprise, surprise ANOTHER NO WIN making it 12 NO WINS from 12 SPINS!

Hi chesh (i'm a polite guy so i won't drop to your level & thought i'd say Hi anyway) SADLY you just don't get it...

IT'S THE PRINCIPAL of THE THING...something you clearly don't care about!

It is supposed to be a FAIR SPIN for EVERYONE which it clearly is NOT & that i don't like UNFAIRNESS (hence my posts), chuckle all you want, come back & troll all you want (water off a ducks back to me mate) & YES i PLAY the PLAY MONEY GAMES too (a FUN training ground to TRY things OUT)

You don't like the whining? TOO BAD MATE i'm making it clear to folks that this GAME is NOT FAIR...grow up man Laughing is a typical belitting SAD comment.

LOVE playing POKER on 888 (or did) & LOVED winning small amounts of money too, making it competitive (funny that huh?) but if you cannot see the unfairness in NOT WINNING ONE SINGLE SPIN in 12 ATTEMPTS then perhaps you shouldn't be reading my LONG ESSAYS Smile
Flag John September 23, 2017 2:01 AM BST

Apologies Paul the Canadian reference was nothing to do with the ownership of 888.  That quote was aimed at an idiot from Canada that I had a dispute with on here b4.  The last time I used an example in a post to describe something I got accused of being an 888 employee, making a threat and implying that 888 employees played here.  He then went on to spout how he was all powerful and could shut down whatever company he wanted lol.

I should have explained that in last post. 

Flag chesh1981 September 23, 2017 1:29 PM BST
Capitals and continued moaning i thought id give you a bit more attension..
You are the same guy who moaned he had too many tickets last promo and wished not as many people were playing them or something along those lines anyway..surprise they did it!

One point if you had won 12 out of 12 i doubt you would be crying at such a length there is no obligation to give you f**k all so yes grow up no wonder this forum is dead if you are the main poster at the minute moan MOAN moan MOAN moan MOAN.
Flag cryptic3(888mod) September 23, 2017 5:42 PM BST
OK guys enough is enough please. Smile

This is a thread to inform you of the promo not to moan in.

Please take your complaints to the section of the community that has the threads you need, like feedback etc etc and start your own topic if needed.


Flag Paul C September 23, 2017 6:24 PM BST
Ok Chris, last post from me here...PROMISE.

First John, CHEERS MATE.

Second Chesh Laughing mate you are FUNNY (note the CAPITALS i like 'em)
Yes i was the one willing to give away my tickets but 888 forbids it & NO it wasn't a moan at how many people were able to play them (just a comment / an observation) your stirring it a bit me thinks.

Am i crying Cry emoji (especially for YOU Smile) i'm angry for sure & you STILL DON'T GET IT!

Your obviously correct in one statement...Had i won 12 out of 12 tickets...I WOULD NOT BE HERE NOW STATING HOW UNFAIR IT IS....i'll give you that GENIUS.

So, NO OBLIGATION to give me FA huh?

I'd say (unless 888 points out otherwise? YOU WANNA SHOW ME WHERE I SHOULD BE ANY DIFFERENT FROM ALL THOSE SPINNING THIS WHEEL?) that i have EVERY RIGHT to have the same chance at winning on this thing as ANYONE ELSE & that it is CLEARLY NOT HAPPENING & IT's UNFAIR & this was a good place to air my views on this.

And coming from someone who only MOANED a few weeks ago in a posting i find it RICH coming from you.

Had Chris (888 MOD) not appeared (like Mr BENN) & asked to end it i might have continued for you to read & no doubt ENJOY my unfortunate circumstance continue, which btw (& i'm sure you'll have something to say about this Laughing) i've contacted 888 asking WHY?

13 btw now...13 NO WINS Laughing yup THAT's FAIR!
GL Chesh i LOVE a good argument but you've put nothing up of interest...JUST moaning about some guy moaning who actually MOANS himself Innocent

See ya around John & i have a feeling i'll be reading more from Chesh in good time Laughing

OK MOD i'm outta here but this has not IMHO reflected well on 888.

I'll bet ya NO ONE has spun this thing & won NOTHING on ALL of THEM...that's ur cue Chesh.

Flag cryptic3(888mod) September 24, 2017 9:33 AM BST
Now moved so moan away. Tongue Out

If you are having issues with your wheel email support and ask them to investigate how you have lost every spin.
Flag Paul C September 24, 2017 4:47 PM BST
I had noticed you'd got another PROMO PAGE up for this...DON'T WORRY i won't post there Innocent

Yes i have done this very thing, even CHESH must see that spinning 13 times & winning NONE was very wrong & just damn curious so i have contacted 888 about it but i have not checked my e-mails yet.

But in FAIRNESS & because i am a HONEST type (yup will probably get a comeback on that comment?) Laughing i am HAPPY to report that my 14th is it now? spin  FINALLY won me a TICKET ($1,000 Game)

Is that because 888 felt sorry for & my posts here?
Is it because e-mailed them with regards to this matter? & they have put this right?
Is it because it was truly RANDOM? if so i guess i have been the MOST unluckiest player of it?
so maybe chesh predicted something? Wink & i'll now WIN the next 13?
OR might have something to do as suggested previously that it's because i made a Bet?

Any reply from 888 letting me know would be interesting but hey HAPPY to REPORT i won ONE.

Never expected to WIN 13 from 13 Laughing all i want is the SAME CHANCE as everyone else & hopefully this has now been put right.

And with that i'm outta here with my apologises to you Cryptic (chris?) for posting these fairly angry postings here (i just hate unfairness) & with thanks to all those that posted with BEST WISHES & yes i even wish you well Chesh on this promotion (should you vist here & read this)

I really do think 888 are still the BEST of it's type out there but this hit me as STRANGE.
Fingers crossed the ticket turns up & others do from time to time.
Flag Paul C September 24, 2017 7:06 PM BST
Got a reply from 888 & thought some of you might like to read it...

Thank you for contacting us.

We are definitely sorry to hear of your recent bad luck while spinning the Super Hero spinner.

Note that a review was done on your account and we were unable to locate any discrepancies which would prevent you from receiving prizes

To assure the integrity of our games, a trusted Random Number Generator (RNG) is always used to determine the outcome.

Whether it's a roll of a dice, a hand of cards, or a spin of the wheel, in each event the RNG is used to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, i appreciated the reply & it would seem i was simply VERY, VERY UNLUCKY.

It's funny really because i have DEFENDED 888 numerous times on Poker Tables when folks have chirped up saying it's unfair (well yes the cards can be unfair we ALL know this to be TRUE) but then these players added yeah & it's rigged.

Well NO that's when i try to explain they can't do that, it would be illegal too do so & could lead to the loss of the company.

This is at the CORE of such a company the gamble MUST BE SEEN to be FAIR for everyone.

IF the RANDOMNESS of CARDS, Roulette & Dice games etc as explained here in the repl is messed with this then in effect they would be cheating the odds (in their favour) & although i felt something was not right with this SPINNING GAME i have found NO EVIDENCE of such a thing on 888.

So i NEVER thought for one moment that 888 did this for clearly obvious reasons but i did think something was up?

My patience was clearly tested here with the 13 out of 13 spins turning up 'NO WINS' (especially when i enjoy these game) just seemed a bit more than UNLUCKY, some may say it was a MOAN (it was) but i felt it was almost impossible to achieve such a thing.

Hence my (i thought) understandable ANGER, it would be very unusual to HIT 13 Red or 13 Black segments on a Roulette Wheel in a row (although i have seen them get close to double figures) & it would be INCREDIBLY unlucky to do so even with odds of 1 in 2 (or 50/50)

BUT hitting 13 NO WINS out of 13 when there were 9 segments on the SPIN WHEEL well it just seemed very UNLIKELY to me with the odds of doing so probably equating to those that actually WIN the LOTTERY but in the opposite BAD WAY.

I'll take them (888) at their word, they've checked my account, found nothing wrong, i won one yesterday so hopefully (fingers crossed) things even up a little bit over the coming weeks.

What this means INCREDIBLY is that STRANGE THOUGH it MAY BE i was FANTASTICALLY UNLUCKY & i was not happy at sharing this almost unbelievable statistic with you folks.

Believe it or not i am not the moaning sort (usually) quiet the opposite but i don't like UNFAIRNESS especially when it seems like it's being targeted but i would appear that i had the kind of BAD RUN of LUCK Crystal Palace can ONLY DREAM ABOUT (they may get to 8 or 8 NO WINS but i'll bet ya they don't get to 13 Smile)


GL Folks!
Flag Rhonda September 24, 2017 9:47 PM BST
Played my scratchcard ticket for the 10,000 Super hero and made an amazing 30 dollars, not bad finishing position either. cashed in last weeks one as well, so thank you 888 for the freebie

Flag Paul C September 25, 2017 5:10 PM BST
Well Rhonda most of us that read your posts know your the GOOD sort of person (so 888 will do well to keep ya here) 
Nice Luck with the 30 dollars scratchcard & of course many of us out here know your a GOOD player (so not surprised you cashed again) although i don't recall ever having played you yet (if we do say Hi at the table ok?)

I did appreciate the 888 reply (unlike some company's they do get back to you)
Awaiting the ticket to land in my inbox, spun again yesterday & would you believe a NO WIN Laughing
Surely i can't go on another run like that again? THAT would be near on IMPOSSIBLE.

Expecting & Hoping my LUCK will change from here on in?
Flag Paul C October 5, 2017 11:55 PM BST
Last time i posted here i think i was on 13 Spins & 0 wins.
That changed on my next spin HURRAH so after this it read 14 & 1 win.

Being very curious i've been keeping count (this spin game is just funny to me now) & as it currently stands for anyone interested it's now...

26 spins & 4 wins (ALL $1000 single tickets)

I find this VERY interesting as if that ratio continued to up to 100 spins (not that i'll get to 100 of course as it ends next month) i would probably end up with around 15 wins? maybe? 
15 wins from 100 clearly equates to 15% of my spins winning something.

I don't know about you? but an approx win ratio of 1 in 7 spins with a wheel with 8 segments in which you could win something & ONLY 1 in which you could LOOSE seems very STRANGE to me!But at this point WHO CARES? even i don't i take it as RED now & the odds of winning on this spin game is far more than the previous one's.
Flag Paul C October 7, 2017 2:23 AM BST
Laughing my HEAD OFF

27 spins & 4 wins.

What's even funnier is that i won some play money Yell played the ROULETTE Wheel & after previously saying here it would be very unlucky to get say 10 spins turning up on the RED section or BLACK i actually got i think about 12 Spins ending up on RED (ok 50% chance but still very UNLUCKY especially when paired up with the above)

NOT a MOAN at this STAGE just a curious OBSERVATION.

One i think you folks can probably think what i am thinking right?

Is it POSSIBLE that the Random Generating Number Machine Programme they have favours RUSSIANS? who most of us know (for the most part) are out & out CHANCERS.
Well that's my experience anyway & it was again today with such a player MADLY going ALL IN each time with utter rubbish...and WINNING.

He better look out if he wins too much money Wink
Flag Rhonda November 5, 2017 11:42 AM GMT
Can anyone explain why you can still win scratch cards for the super hero tournaments, despite this promotion having finished?  I spun the wheel, got a tournament ticket, and completed a challenge this morning and got two more tickets!  There are no further games after the one that runs tonight just after midnight! I have won a further three to add to the 15 I still have!
Flag John November 5, 2017 11:22 PM GMT

05 Nov 17 05:42 AM , Rhonda wrote:

Can anyone explain why you can still win scratch cards for the super hero tournaments, despite this promotion having finished? I spun the wheel, got a tournament ticket, and completed a challenge this morning and got two more tickets! There are no further games after the one that runs tonight just after midnight! I have won a further three to add to the 15 I still have!

There are games now listed for Mon and another $10000 game next Sun so maybe they extended this promo.  I like the different formats of the games particularly the snap game. 

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