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16 hours ago  ::  18 Jan 18 05:28 PM #81
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18 Jan 18 07:32 AM , cryptic3(888mod) wrote:

Played a bit more today, got a ticket and $1 cash.

Then I came across a challenge I can't be bothered with and this is what I meant earlier when I said "trying too hard" I will not complete this one and will wait for the next one to see if it suits me better. Smile

That's the good part about all this you can just ignore any you don't like Wink

Absolutely right, all of us have ignored some, as like John and I guess a lot of others there is no way they will make the final chest of 100.  I mostly have done two challenges a day, as the poker ones are not any issues.  I found the sports bets and the casino ones not something I would usually attempt.  But of course as I discovered in Live play if you bet the same amount on all three results, draw win or lose you would make the challenge and at worst maybe a dollar down.  The casino one is easy, because you put 1 dollar on red and 1 dollar on black, until you have played the required times or the required amount of money. This now sees me on level 63.  If I only now play 2 challenges per day going forward there is no reason I wont get to open chest 100.  And as I have mostly just been doing the challenges I have been fortunate enough to have increased my bank roll at the same time by over 150 dollars

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