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4 months ago  ::  29 Mar 18 07:20 PM #1
grumpy (got me vajazzle back)
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you are in the last 3 of a sit and go.

#Game No : 963420447
***** 888poker Hand History for Game 963420447 *****
$75/$150 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***
Tournament #120118116 Free 10 Max (Real Money)
Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 3
Seat 6: grump15 ( $2,933 )
Seat 9: gnomzlodey6 ( $3,477 )
Seat 10: sebifish72 ( $7,090 )
sebifish72 posts ante [$15]
gnomzlodey6 posts ante [$15]
grump15 posts ante [$15]
grump15 posts small blind [$75]
gnomzlodey6 posts big blind [$150]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to grump15 [ 2d, 2h ]
sebifish72 folds
grump15 raises [$247]
gnomzlodey6 raises [$3,312]
grump15 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????..."window.parent.tinyMCE.get('post_content').onLoad.dispatch();" spellcheck="false" dir="ltr" contenteditable="true" />

a pair of melons beats anything
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4 months ago  ::  29 Mar 18 07:51 PM #2
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Id fold u have plenty of chips and even if they are shoving light your best case scenario is they have a 2 in their hand limiting their outs.
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4 months ago  ::  30 Mar 18 10:02 AM #3
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Fold. At best you have a coin flip but could easily be crushed. In the BB and with your stats and you have raised me from SB i know you have a hand and your be playing it OP. So i would have to have a big hand to play back. With his actions shoving its either a small pair or some sort of broadway suited connectors as he is not looking for you to call. If he did have a big hand he would just reraise you playing the hand in postision or calling your jam if you did push it allin pre.
Even if he is getting funky with some crazy hand your still in a coin flip situation the best hand we could hope he had would be Ace 2.
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4 months ago  ::  30 Mar 18 11:07 PM #4
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Just throw it away

You asked him the question and got his reply, every flop you want to see has a 2 in it, anything he holds is over-cards to you with more outs than you have

3 handed from the sb ask the question with a smallish bet and be prepared to fold, or shove first and give him the decision, or you could just play online poker and call instead of raising and hope to check to the river or call minimum bets

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